King Of Wands – Linestrider Tarot Deck

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I. Keyword by King of Wands Linestrider

Power, fire, warmth, charisma, grace, strength, control, hysteria

II. Meaning of King of Wands Linestrider

The Wands suit represents the element of Fire, it is most clearly stated in the King of Wands Linestrider. The energy of this card is very strong, very “masculine” in both positive and negative sides (fatherly, protective, charismatic, but also glacial, abuse power, or manipulative). The king is a visionary leader who can unite creators and make projects succeed. He is attractive, and able to inspire people to follow his point of view.

Meaning of King of Wands Linestrider

This card has the stamina and energy to create and accomplish long lasting projects, it urges you to consider your long-term potential ideas. Each variation of this card features a lion and a fire salamander, which are symbols of power and fire.

III. King of Wands Linestrider in a Tarot spread

In a Tarot spread, the King of Wands Linestrider asks you to do things within your ability. For example, creating masterpieces, being a leader, facing risks, or generating attention. It could represent a man or woman with features mentioned above, or it could depict an atmosphere of excitement, boldness and drama. The King’s energy is very helpful to you right now. Let yourself be inspired by the King in whatever form he appears.

In a Tarot spread, this card talks about a time when your charisma is at its peak and people will be drawn to you and interested in following your vision. It can also indicate that someone with qualities mentioned above is about to appear in your life. If accompanied by other strong Royal cards, watch out for competitors among powerful people around you. If accompanied by the Chariot, you are on the right path to your goal but be aware of the cost of ambition.

In terms of work, this card implies that if you want to work productively, you must know how to share benefits with others, and your gracious help will benefit you later. If you are starting a new job or a new project, this card indicates that you will encounter problems related to interests, or you will meet someone who is quite practical. Advice for you when dealing with others, don’t be too impulsive, but state the actual benefits clearly. On the other hand, it can refer to a man who is capable of mentoring you. This man is someone you can trust, although his interpersonal skills are not too tactful. Let’s learn as much as you can from him, but focus on your own direction at the same time. If you are looking for a job, this will be a very positive sign. You are about to get a new position that you are looking for. Which could make you satisfied.

In terms of finance, this card signals a great financial upheaval in the near future. It will depend on the particular circumstances to consider this upheaval as good or bad. However, you should be prepared in case bad scenarios could affect your money. To some extent, this is a completely positive sign. You may discover an ability you didn’t know you had (and that ability could make a lot of money for you). If you’ve been thinking about starting your own business, then this could be a great time to start. Don’t jump into an area or investment if you haven’t experienced it before. Let’s read, research, and talk to others about your intention. If you want to succeed, you should ask for help, also you need to calculate carefully and act properly. Today, you get benefits from others, the next day you need to return the favor so that your success will last long. Remember, don’t be afraid of big dreams. Courage itself is always powerful.

In terms of friends, there are many types of friendships in the world. With business partners, you should only talk about benefits. With normal friends, you should only share about partying. With true friends, you don’t have to talk too much but they still understand everything. Remember, don’t give your sincerity to friends who only care about benefits, because you will get hurt. Regarding colleagues, you should behave in moderation, be modest but not cowardly. You should distinguish clearly between emotion and work in order to avoid personal disadvantages.

In terms of family and relatives, the King of Wands Linestrider foretells that you will receive gifts or benefits from long distance relatives. In addition, this is a sensitive time, so avoid arguing with family members on issues related to property and interests. Because there are still many hidden things that neither you nor your family members can’t see. You need to stay calm and use your mind to handle everything.

In terms of love, this card can either represent your attractive energy or an attractive person in your life. It could be someone you are interested in, he/she also cares about you, wants to protect you, and tries their best to develop a relationship with you. Currently, you are focusing on your work/career more than ever. However, you should spend more time for love, otherwise work will be the only company in your life.

In terms of health, this card  carries a lively message, but a warning at the same time. Don’t overuse your body beyond it actual capacity, you should take some rest in order to recover your physique. Let’s take some time to check on your feelings, and ask yourself whether you are on the right track. Anger and negative emotions may not be good for your health. Let’s allow yourself to feel your emotion, but only in a positive way.

In terms of spirituality, it is a sign that you are ready on the path of discovering your mental and spiritual side. However, these are also warnings of a possible neglecting tendency. Spiritual development is a process that cannot be achieved instantly. Let’s allow yourself time and space to do that. If sitting still and thinking is too difficult for you, then you need to put more time and effort into doing those things. All you need to do is focus, let’s start with 30 seconds. Walking can also be very effective meditation. In short, do whatever works for you.

The reversed King of Wands Linestrider can represent a man who has been through many things in his life, and therefore he is generally a warm, kind and understanding person. He has a great source of energy. However, as an experienced person, he understands that not everyone can match him in some aspects. If this card does not refer to a real person in your life, it can represent intense feelings and tolerant tendencies for others. If this card reminds you of your children, think carefully whether tolerance is the best answer for them.

The negative side of this card can be arrogance, contempt for others, and abuse of power. If this card appears in reverse, it can warn you of negative destructive qualities associated with fire – hunger, greed, selfishness. If you’re the leader, you should watch out for this and restrain the fire which could destroy you and everything you want to build. If this card represents autocratic power in your life, find a way to get away from it before you get burned.

IV. Message of King of Wands Linestrider

King of Wands Linestrider usually presents promotion, rewards, and leadership opportunities. If you are looking for personal achievement, let’s focus on the King’s energy, take this card as a center, and drink a large cup of cinnamon tea. Let’s attract success and fame for yourself, because power is about ways you use it.

The people around you seem to be kind, tolerant and understanding. You will need more energy than you think in order to accomplish your goals. In addition, this card can imply that an elderly man will play an important and beneficial role in your life.

In general, the King of Wands Linestrider is a positive sign. Even if the card does not represent a specific person in your life, it still implies that a certain man around you always wants to help you and give you good intentions. You’ll feel ambitious and goal-oriented. You will have enough financial resources to accomplish what you are thinking. Think positively.

V. Corresponding Associations of King of Wands Linestrider

  • Arithmetic: 23, 5
  • Date of birth: December 11 to December 17
  • Plant: Cinnamon, cayenne pepper, ginger, Jamaican pepper
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