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I. Keyword by Seven of Cups Linestrider

Illusion, fantasy, unreal hopes.

II. Meaning of Seven of Cups Linestrider

The Seven of Cups Linestrider is a card of illusion, dream, transition and mystery. It usually depicts a person facing many cups full of mysterious things. Broken glasses in the card represent the breaking of illusion to regain freedom. This card shows that you have to push yourself out of the land of illusions and aspirations, then get back to the real world. You should be aware of delusional thinking. Let’s focus on real-world accomplishments, goals, and plans.

Meaning of Seven of Cups Linestrider

This card celebrates a dreamer who can see possibilities and excitement as well as difficulties in the future, but it is also a warning against getting too caught up in fantasies. A savings account will take you further than a lottery ticket. It also talks about the dangers of illusion related to temptation. You may have a lot of choices ahead but remember not all of them will lead you to happiness or good things. Especially, be aware of sexual or emotional temptations.

III. Seven of Cups Linestrider in a Tarot spread

In a Tarot spread, the Seven of Cups Linestrider often warns of behaviors that put you off the track. You may want to find a life partner but don’t want to take the necessary steps to open your heart and change your life. You may wish to be healthier, but you’d rather take an elixir that promises quick results than get out of your chair and take action. Be aware of the things in your life that need more action and less illusions. If this card is accompanied by the Sun card or the Six of Pentacles card, it is likely that you are letting someone carry the burden for you while you are busy playing around without achieving good results.

When the Seven of Cups appears in a Tarot spread, it’s important to consider your current situation carefully, how chaotic and disorganized you are? Are things getting too controlled? You may need to let go a little bit. The moment an old, rigid system collapses is also the moment when an extraordinary creativity emerges.

In terms of work, if you have a business opportunity or deal that is too good to be true, chances are it is too good to be real. Take a look at where you are investing your money and your trust. If you are working or wanting to work in creative environments, this is a positive sign of good progress. However,if your job requires accuracy, calculation, or business, this card is a warning that you are spending too much time wandering around, and you will need to stay awake, stay focused.

In terms of love, you are letting your daydreams shadow your faults and shortcomings. You may have many options in your hands. However, be clear and specific about what you want in a relationship, evaluate those options thoroughly and carefully, be honest with everyone involved (including yourself). Remember that a fling happens only in the early stages of a relationship. No relationship remains that “flash” feeling forever. Good relationships will reach a quieter and less impulsive stage at some point. However, this does not mean that you will feel bored with your love.

Regarding finance, this is not a good time to invest. However, if you must invest, you need to consult a professor and practice gradually first. Your business may be too fragmented (this is especially true if you are self-employed). For maximum profit, be more focused.

In terms of friendship, the card gives you advice, there are sensitive times when you should ignore things to keep friendship. No one is perfect, there are times when your friends will hurt you as you will hurt them. However, ask yourself  if the hurt is important or the friendship is. Regarding colleagues, this is the time when you should not judge others no matter what they show on the outside. You need to intellectually look deep inside to see what their purposes are.

In terms of health, any symptoms you are experiencing can be partly caused by a lack of concern and sensitivity about yourself. It is essential to consult a doctor. Let’s take note of the symptoms you experience along with your thoughts about them. Let’s do exercise since it will increase your sensitivity about your health.

Regarding spirituality, let’s visualize important goals and desires that have been fulfilled. Use positive statements like “I am confident, I can do it” to help you make your dreams come true. Keep a positive attitude. If you need help, let’s ask. There are many positive influences around you, you just have to know where to find them.

The reversed Seven of Cups Linestrider is a card of choice. It means it’s time to make the necessary decisions and make the important moves involved afterwards. Believe in your own courage. You probably already know where you should start. Just do it, and you will succeed.

In terms of work, you may need to pay close attention to whether someone in your work environment is prone to taking avoidable risks, someone who can be dishonest. Believe in yourself, if you feel that something is wrong, it is most likely wrong.

Regarding love, the reversed card implies that you finally understand what you want and need from love, and you are ready to do what it takes to make it happen. Listen to your instincts. There’s nothing wrong with clarifying your feelings for someone you care about. You might be surprised by their pleasant reaction. It’s better to take real action sometimes rather than just let your life go by thinking “what if?” Believe in your instinct. If you think (and have strong evidence) that someone is cheating you or not treating you well, then you are right.

In terms of finance, it indicates that this is a time when you need to be careful with money, not reckless. There are several options for what you can do with your money, but at this point you need to be cautious. Safety should come first. You have or will soon have to make some important financial decisions. Let’s act accordingly.

Regarding health, it seems like you have begun to realize what you need to do in order to support your health better. You must have at least one or a few clear ideas. Stop overthinking, it is time to act.

In terms of spirituality, you may be in a recovering process after some spiritual experiments. This is a time to do things you have to, whether it’s forgiving yourself, forgiving others, or meditating. The answers you are seeking are within yourself. Let’s find them, and do what is necessary.

IV. Message of Seven of Cups Linestrider

The Seven of Cups Linestrider indicates that you need to narrow down your goals. It is likely that you are working too much, and what you do is not very effective. Only choose what’s most important and do each thing carefully. You may be overwhelmed but remember that you can always control at least some aspects as well as the level of work you choose.

If you are in certain troubles, corrective measures may be necessary for you. No one can be happy and be productive in an environment that drives them crazy. Rules help people create structure for life. Sometimes laziness appears in your thoughts or dreams. It is easy to wish for something, but it is not easy at all to make that wish come true. When you see this card, make sure that you always work hard to get what you’ve planned. Get your life back on track and commit to yourself that you’ll do what it takes to achieve your goals, even if it is just cleaning the house.

In the most negative sense, this card shows a lack of goodwill towards reality. You may be trapped in delusions, fantasies, paranoia, or perhaps you are avoiding some inner problems that need to be solved. This card can represent a gambler or someone who is trying to find the secret of “get rich quick”. Beware, there are no shortcuts to find your best self?

V. Corresponding Associations of Seven of Cups Linestrider

  • Arithmetic:  7, 47, 11;
  • Date of birth: September 28 to October 8;
  • Plant: lilac, lotus, wormwood.
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