Eight Of Cups – Linestrider Tarot Deck

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I. Keyword by Eight of Cups Linestrider

Travel, let go of old ideas, leave, move on, new thoughts, new boundaries, journeys and adventures.

II. Meaning of Eight of Cups Linestrider

The Eight of Cups Linestrider often foreshadows change, transformation, and leaving everything behind. This card can talk about traveling or taking a journey in real life or a metaphorical journey. The character in this card is turning his back on an old familiar place. His tired, exhausted posture proves that he tried his best, but did not achieve any results.

Meaning of Eight of Cups Linestrider

The card generally indicates that there are situations where dreams (work or love) are built in efforts without achieving the desired results. Sometimes, this card is also understood as a sincere, moral person who gives up benefits and fame without any problems. To some extent, he is wearing a travel cape, departing for a new, more challenging horizon. This journey could be started from unhappiness, discontent, insecurity, or it could basically be a time to take a big leap.

The Eight of Cups Linestrider often reflects the need to find a new way of surviving, to embark on a real journey spiritually or intellectually. This means it’s time to leave a job that isn’t making you live up to your full potential, or perhaps it’s time to leave some specific relationships that are preventing you from reaching the happiness and fulfillment you deserve. Sometimes, turning away from an old method, even if you have invested a lot of time and effort in it, is still the necessary beginning of a discovery journey. Sometimes, we have to let go of our burden of thought before we can move forward. Let go of the past and make the most of the future.

III. Eight of Cups Linestrider in a Tarot spread

In a Tarot spread, if the Eight of Cups Linestrider is accompanied by the Swords deck or the Five of Wands card, it represents controversy, competition, or struggles related to power that are taking all the fun out of your  jobs or relationships. If paired with other Cups cards, it represents emotional burdens or troubles. If appearing with the Hermit card, this is a time when loneliness, self-reflection, or self-development can be the best path forward. The crescent moon on the card is a symbol of new beginnings, leaving the old and moving towards the new. It can be especially accurate if it appears with the Death card.

In terms of work, your current job is no longer suitable for you. You may feel bored, or find your efforts are not being appreciated. Let’s think carefully about what is best and most suitable for you. Try to deal with your current situation, if it doesn’t work, then it’s time for you to leave. Either option will work for you. However, things won’t change for the better on their own. Therefore, if you’re not satisfied, consider the specific changes that will make you happier at work. If you really think it’s hard or unable to change those things, then find yourself a new job. You can absolutely do that.

In terms of love, you may find that a long term relationship will soon come to an end. If you’re sure about it, then don’t wait for the right time. There’s never a “good time” to tell someone that your relationship needs to end. Remember don’t jump right into a new relationship, but give yourself some time and space to reconsider things.

Regarding finance, if you are really tired of your current life and job, then don’t let money tie you to that job. However, you also need to think carefully before quitting your job. Health insurance is something to consider (if you work, your employer will cover this for you). On the other side, with a clear vision and plan, as well as attention to detail, you can really work for yourself. Just make sure your plan is well laid out and comprehensively prepared. Money is not everything.

In terms of friends, the card generally shows a lack of enthusiasm or a lack of confidants. It is clear that there is a lack of trust in friendship or colleagues. However, this card does not talk about colleagues’ weaknesses because your work is still smooth. It is just a lack of friends who share the same vision, big dream, or initial enthusiasm. Be careful if your partners, former shareholders, or strategic investors have different plans and perspectives from you.

Regarding family, this is not a bad card. It says that depression is not related to family and relatives. Unless you are working in a family business, or have a family element involved. On the contrary, it will show the boundless support of family if accompanied by other favorable cards in terms of affection. Even when accompanied by bad cards, it still mainly affects business matters rather than being involved in family matters.

In terms of health, stress can happen and cause many problems to your health. Make sure you’re paying enough attention to your diet, exercise, and sleep. Keep a positive and optimistic attitude.

In terms of spirituality, you may need some time alone. Let’s accept that time so you can see within yourself and find wisdom in that quiet space. Let’s listen to the voice from the heart.

The reversed Eight of Cups Linestrider shows that you may be confused and conflicted about the future. Disappointment and disillusionment can slow you down. Perhaps you feel unhappiness or dissatisfaction without being able to see the future clearly. Try to focus completely on yourself for one minute. Think about what you need and want carefully, and what might prevent it from happening. If your current job, relationships, or path are not helping you reach your full potential, think about how to change them. Postponing difficult decisions doesn’t make things easier in the long run.

The reversed Eight of Cups Linestrider also implies that it’s important to remind yourself that your good times are still ahead. If your “inner” tells you that you really need to step out of a relationship, a job, or some life-related preparation or arrangement, then trust yourself. However, think thoroughly and carefully. If possible, let’s consider before you make a decision, and evaluate all the possible benefits and losses you might receive from making that decision.

IV. Message of Eight of Cups Linestrider

Nothing is permanent in life. Sooner or later, everything goes or we lose it. The Eight of Cups Linestrider represents those moments when we realize – once and forever – the past is over. What was once true will no longer be true. Signs of change are appearing, and we must accept it. It’s time to leave.

The time for good changes is still waiting ahead. If your “inner-self” tells you that you really need to step out of a relationship, job, life-related preparation or arrangement, then trust yourself. This card always implies that if there is any separation, for example a sad event, someone or something is leaving you, it usually means that you are the one who made this decision to leave. In fact, you have to accept closing the door behind in order to step into the next door right in front of you.

Leaving could mean a change such as giving up a job, position or relationship. It can also mean an inner change – releasing old patterns, especially those that have dominated our minds and emotions. Sometimes taking new steps can mean searching for a deeper truth or reality. One day we wake up and realize that we have always been asleep in life – which means we are living in an illusion that no longer brings satisfaction or content.

Some changes can cause exhaustion or fatigue. Ending is not always easy. One of the leaving signs is a lack of energy. When you feel tired and depressed, you know something is wrong, and it’s time for a new direction. Take a look at your life and your priorities. You’ll find out what areas of your life you need to get involved in.

V. Corresponding Associations of Eight of Cups Linestrider

  • Arithmetic: 8, 48, 3;
  • Date of birth: October 2 to October 7;
  • Plant:  barberry.
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