How To Use Runes in Prophecy

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There are many methods to use the Runes in prophecy. Depending on the purpose of the question you will choose for yourself the appropriate method. However, keep in mind that mastering the knowledge of the  Rune symbols and how they are related to each other is essential before taking serious fortune telling.

These forces will be felt differently for each individual because our subconscious will receive feelings in many different ways. Each person must find a way to “feel” the Runes based on their own methods. Once you have mastered it, that feeling will be unmistakable.

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1. Methods to use one Rune symbol

The method of using a Rune symbol can be used when you need instructions and information about an unknown situation. Just ask, “What do I need to know in my life at this time?” The results you get will often make you feel comfortable and enlightened.

Methods to use one Rune symbol

If you draw a Rune symbol every morning to see what your day will look like, that’s not a bad idea. Try asking a big question like, “How will today be like?” Or “What do I need to know to make the right decision for today?”. Sometimes it is also helpful to repeat this process in the evening, it will show you how you used “morning Runes”, and in fact, this helped me to avoid many completely unpredictable situations. Perhaps, no one wants to pick up a reversed symbol or the ones which mean a delay on the first Monday morning, but if you are aware that today will be a difficult day, it will help you prepare yourself and the advice for you is to keep being optimistic. There have been so many bad days that I can make it more pleasant just by being aware of the problem coming and getting ready when they happen.

Another way to interpret this Rune symbol is to use it to understand the bottom line of your troubles. If you are having problems in your life or can’t see where the problem lies, this Runes will show you the roots of those things. For example, if the symbol is a GIFU, the problem is an emotion; with JIRA, those are legal or administrative matters; if it is RAIDHO or EHWAZ, it is a travel problem, and so on. Understanding what lies beneath the roots of your problems will help you a lot in finding solutions to them. This is also the purpose of the interpretation of the Runes.

Another way you can use this symbol is to explore a person’s status or even find a lost animal. Try focusing on your friend, put your hand in the bag and draw a Rune symbol. It will tell you the instant status of him or her. This is really convenient when your friend is away and you have no way to contact them through regular channels or when a relative who is living far away from you is ill.

2. Rune spreads with 3 Runes

This is one of the most widely used methods and also has many different names. Here I just call it simply the Rune spreads of 3 Runes. This is not a Rune spread for long-term prediction, but it is extremely useful in understanding what’s happening in the present and how you can deal with those problems. This is a very simple method that is effective, one can practice it in two ways.

First, release your soul and perform the ritual you like. When all thoughts are settled and you have a certain question in mind, randomly select three Runes and place them on the cloth in front of you in the order of illustration, from left to right.

The first and fastest method must be for “yes” and “no” questions. Many questions will match this category like “Should I quit my job?” Or “Should I marry the one I love?”, etc.

If this is the type of question you choose, flip all three Runes at once. If they mean positive, the answer is obviously “yes”. If they were in the opposite direction or meant to be delayed, the answer would be “No, not now”.

However, there will still be times when you get a mixed result of both positive and negative Runes. But because the number of symbols in the Rune spreads is odd, there will still be ones that prevail over the others. From that, you can explain whether that result is good or bad. If two of the three Runes have a positive meaning, it means “YES”, but don’t ignore the third symbol to see where the difficulty will appear, and keep that in mind. Two of the three which mean negatively will usually be “NO” but a positive Rune symbol will show you what you can do to change or calm down the negativity of the other two Runes.

Many people want more detailed information, so we will look at another method of using these Rune spreads. In this method, each time a symbol will be opened and analyzed independently before continuing on to other Runes.

The first symbol on the left indicates the problem you are having. If it is a reversed OTHEL or FEHU, the problem here must be money or things that are related to capital shortage; The GIFU or TIR will indicate relationship issues; Reversed URUZ is about the disease. This Rune symbol also often tells you what you know clearly if you are reading for yourself, and is also a good sign that the Rune spreads are in the right direction. If this Rune spread is for other people, this symbol will tell you what that person’s question is and guide the interpretation of the other two Runes.

The central symbol shows what you should do with your difficulties. For example, you have the first symbol as the reversed TIR, indicating a problem in the relationship. The next symbol will indicate what you need to do. If it’s RAIDHO downwards, you are advised to be more patient with your parents because it seems to be quite a stressful time for both parties. If it’s KENAZ, it shows that keeping a positive attitude will help you cope with difficulties. Consider this letter carefully, check your explanations and see if it adds anything to you, and try to relate it to the first Rune symbol.

The last Rune symbol will show how this is likely to end IF YOU GO BY DIRECTIONS OF THE SECOND symbol. Suppose that you have reversed OTHEL in the first position, and FEHU is in second place, and finally, ING, showing a good result. We can read these Runes as follows: The reversed OTHEL tells me that you are short of money and are very worried about the current financial situation. FEHU shows that if you want something you must work hard to achieve. If you listen to FEHU’s instructions and actively work to save enough money, then you will go to ING, a lucky and good result.

fehu rune

However, if you continue to be lazy and ignore FEHU’s advice, no matter how long you wait, you will not get the desired results. In this case, you cannot blame the Runes that they are cheating on you. Your own procrastination has dispelled the fortunes that you can inherently have, and you cannot blame anyone but yourself for that.

This example is also a reaffirmation of viewing fortune-telling in ancient Runes as a prediction to help you help yourself, rather than an absolute signal for a future event that cannot be changed.

3. Rune spreads with 5 Runes

Again, practice the rituals that you like. Select five Runes at a time and place them upturned on the cloth. The first three Rune symbols will show your past, present, and future. In these Rune spreads, it is best to flip the central symbol first, which is in position number 2. This is the current Rune symbol that shows your present and the problems you are facing at the moment. It can also show your worrying state. A negative Runes is in this position and it seems unrelated to the question that often indicates that you (or the querent) are in a very vague and confused state of mind.

The Rune symbol which is in the first place is talking about the past and shows what has happened that makes you be in the current situation.

Next, take a look at the 4th position. It shows the help you can expect to have when confronting your problem. This help may come from another person, either your inner strength inside of you, or possibly the Universe’s power (in case WYRD or PEDRO comes along). If this is a negative symbol, it refers to an unwillingness to take the advice of Runes or of another person, or it may refer to a delay or a small problem that can slow down the problem-solving process.

The 5th position shows you the aspects of the problem that you must accept and cannot change. Positive Runes will show that there are no problems or confrontations that affect the problem, and negative Runes will show obstacles that hinder your success. When the Rune symbol in this position is WYRD, it indicates that the predicted problem has to occur. This is one of those times when you can hardly do anything – the problem itself must find its own path. In this situation, check the Runes in the 3rd and 4th position. If either of these Runes or symbols are positive, WYRD can guarantee you a happy ending and success. If the symbol in the 3rd place is negative, WYRD shows an almost certain failure. If this seems bad, the only thing you can do is to open the 4th position to know what you need to do to cope with this situation.

The letter located at the 3rd position shows the final result, from the factors that appear in these Rune spreads. Whether a situation is negative or positive, you must always recognize the implications in it with a profound understanding. Even when the Runes seem gloomy, through smoothness and proper action, you can still minimize negative aspects or even turn the situation around so that they become better.

This Rune spread shows events taking place in the near future, usually within three months.

4. Rune spreads with 7 Runes

These Rune spreads will give you a more detailed look along with information on how you can deal with problems and things that have led to such dilemmas right now. It often represents events that occur within the next three months and the last three months.

Rune spreads with 7 Runes

If you want to use this Rune spread but still want to know what happens in more than 3 months, focus on your time frame at the same time as focusing on the question in your mind.

The questions you can use these Rune spreads to answer may be larger than the questions in the previous spreads. Now, instead of asking “yes” – “no” questions or “how are my relationships?” type of question, you can ask something like “How will my career be improved if I take this business training course” or “If I am looking for a new partner, will he or she wants to be my boyfriend/ girlfriend?” Through such questions, you can gather enough information to solve everything, even the more complex problems.

Practice your own rituals and pick out seven Runes. This is not really simple but it is easy to understand once you are familiar with the meaning of each symbol. Even two Runes that do not look like each other at all may still be related to each other, and usually, more and more different Runes in the spread, the more useful information and meaning you will get.

You may need to practice this method many times before mastering it, but the amount of information you will receive is going to be worth the effort.

Turn up the first 2 Runes. This will be your problem. For example, if the two Rune symbols are GIFU and reversed WUNJO then the problem will be with the relationship (GIFU) and make you very upset (WUNJO downwards).

Next is position 3 and number 4. They show you something in the past that leads to the current difficult situation. Sometimes they are positive, sometimes negative, but they will help you understand the underlying cause of your problem. Through it, you can gather more useful information to find solutions to your troubles.

Positions 5 and 6 are the two most important positions in these Rune spreads. They represent the advice that Runes bring to you, so you need to be careful when interpreting their meaning and correlation with other Rune symbols. They may indicate the necessity of immobilizing or acting immediately. They may also point out a problem which is completely different from those mentioned in your question, in other words, the idea is “Don’t focus on the problem, instead, you should do this”.

The final position is, of course, the result position. Keep in mind that a Rune symbol meaning positive here (or negatively) is only really good (or bad) when the previous Runes show it.

These are pretty hard Rune spreads but they are worthy to spend time practicing until you master it.

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