Numerology Number 33 Meanings And Reading

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I. What is numerology and how does it affect our lives?

Every being that comes to this world is sent a mission as well as a certain destination. The important thing is that you need to know who you are and how you should go to get there. On the journey to find the answer to the question “who am I and the purpose of my coming to this world” you will receive signals that the Universe sends. Through a discipline called Numerology – the study of the vibrational frequencies of numbers around a person’s life discovered by the famous mathematician Pythagoras. The mystery of your life will gradually become clearer through the numbers, representing the “hints” to solve this difficult problem.

The leading number is one of the most important numbers of every person, it can be said that it defines who you are, what you are and what you will be. Most of the things and events that happen to you have their starting point, so the ruling number will help you read yourself.

In Pythagorean Numerology, the ruling numbers include the natural numbers 2 to 11, but there will be case numbers 22 numerology (special 4) and finally 33. This article will provide general information about the number 33 and what makes it one of the three important numbers in numerology.

How to know if your ruling number is 33 or not?

The way to calculate the ruling number is very simple, based on the numbers that appear on your date of birth and then add them together. If the sum of the numbers is between 2 and 11, then that number is the ruling number. Conversely, if outside this range, you continue to add the digits of the sum you just calculated, then you have calculated the ruling number for yourself.

For example:

Your date of birth is 04/04/1987

Then you take each digit of your date of birth and add them together.

Take 4+4+1+9+8+7=33 (ignore zeros)

As a rule of thumb, if your total date of birth is not between 2 and 11, you continue to add the two digits of this sum to get the final ruling number. However, similar to the case where the sum is 22 (does not add up to 4), the number 33 does not add up to equal 6.

Let’s try to add to see if you are the ruling number 33! If you have similar results, then congratulations, you are the people with the destiny line of number 3 already.

If you do not belong to this key number, refer to other key numbers at:

II. Number 33 meaning numerology

Dubbed the “master” number, one of the three important numbers in Numerology (besides Number 11 and 22), although not as rare as the leading number 22, the mission that the bearer has This number 33 numerology is healing and enlightenment.

1. Desire towards the ideal of helping others heal their wounds

With a person’s heart always aiming for “truth – beauty – goodness”, the life ideal of number 33 is very noble and intense. The belief of this ruling number 33 is to always aspire to help people in healing their spiritual wounds, helping them get through the dark times in their lives. Therefore, in the face of great help from this dominant figure, this group of people is also known as the “savior of the world”. Compassion motivates the number 33 numerology to constantly help others, not only that the number 33 group has the ability to inspire that same good energy to everyone around.

If you have the ruling number 33, then you must be very popular among your friends, always the one that others come to when they want to confide or express their feelings. You are the “fulcrum” of others, even if you are very willing to do this, you are not afraid of trouble. Moreover, you are very good at empathizing, sincerely empathizing, so you also know how to give words of encouragement.

2. Warm heart always puts family in an important position

Because of the vibration of the number 6 (because when adding two 3s, it makes 6), this group of people with this ruling number is very family-oriented. The situation in their behavior will always focus on those around them, especially “blood and blood?”, their thoughts revolve around how to protect the happiness of the family and a relative. Perhaps that’s why the number 33 makes an ideal model for marriage. You know how to nurture your home and take it very seriously, not just because of the responsibility, but it really comes from your heart.

In the case of a trade-off between family and career, not 100% but the majority of people with a ruling number of 33 will choose family. For your family is the beautiful ideal that you always aspire to.

3. Know how to speak and good at communication

Owners of a “master” number like 33 have very good intuition, so you are very good at seizing opportunities. In the chart of numbers in Numerology, the number 3 represents intelligence and sensitivity, so the thinking of the person whose ruling number is 33 is very logical, so the argument that the number 33 gives is also very reasonable. sharp and tight. If other mainstream numbers argue with you, you’ll be wary of how you approach the issue.

number 3 numerology good at communication

At the same time, it is also thanks to the fact that the group of people number 33 is very good at talking, attractive to the people you talk to. That is the reason for the number 33 to master the conversation, to inspire others.

4. Tremendous creativity

The strength that can be seen clearly in the number 33 is creativity. You are so good at suddenly coming up with new thoughts that when you first hear them, many people think it is quite strange, even illogical. But don’t think that this is just a useless and impractical fleeting idea. Give number 33 a little more time, you will be able to change and convince right away. This is why the number 33 is suitable for creative jobs such as art. The number 33 especially does not like to think of many things in a standard way, distinguishing right from wrong in every detail. You love the freedom of thought, the freedom to create, you crave the freedom to do things your own way. That’s right, just in your own way. Sometimes friends or colleagues around are also very “cautious” of that strangeness, but you don’t care much or want to convince others to recognize your work because the number 33 knows that it only needs to be acknowledged by yourself. Okay.

5. Kindness, forgiveness and sincerity

It is because the number 33 has a warm heart that is always in pain because of the people around, so your behavior is always sincere. Although very subtle, unwise, but not deceitful. People with the number 33 value each relationship because with people with this ruling number, each person comes to life for the same reason and is worthy of respect. Number 33 helps people around become strong to rise to the difficulties they are facing. But it should also be noted that other numbers should not lose this respect because once the number 33 does not want to be cared for and not valued, it means 33 wants balance in a relationship.

6. Live quite emotional and easily distracted from the goal

No matter who you are, even if you own the ruling numbers known as the king of numbers, there will still be your limitations because basically no one will be perfect. Those with the ruling number 33 live with emotions in every moment, you are more a listener to your heart than to your head, and you know it. Your words and arguments may be sharp, but your heart is also full of emotions. A common drawback with emotional people, not only the number 33 group, is that it is easy to lose focus on the goal they have set out earlier. You have passion and enthusiasm, but don’t let impatience and distraction discourage you from giving up on what you’re trying.

Furthermore, although you are good at healing others, you sometimes forget your own feelings. That is also the reason why you sometimes feel life is so frustrating even though many people receive healing from you. Due to being so absorbed in giving, receiving a lot of complaints, dissatisfaction about the fate and stories of others, you forget that before you want to heal someone, you yourself must be an overflowing being. love from yourself.

III. The advice for number 33 numerology

If the number 11 represents people with keen intuition, the number 22 is the person who connects and communicates, the group with the ruling number 33 numerology is known to have a healing mission. With this destiny, you need to learn how to balance giving and receiving, don’t be in a hurry to make blind sacrifices and you will lose yourself. Once the number 33 falls into a state of resentment without being released, it will gradually become negative and eventually the negativity will swallow up your healing mission. Living in favor of emotions and valuing spiritual values, most people with this ruling number are quite difficult to control themselves, the words of the heart almost defeat reason.

Therefore, the personal development plan of this group of people needs to be accompanied by discipline and maintenance. The best way is to set goals that you want in the future to use as a motivation for yourself to work harder. But don’t be too hard on yourself. The important keyword and those with the ruling number 33 should remember is “balance”, which is inherently the number 33 has a close relationship with the number 6 numerology (when adding two digits of 33 will equal 6) – The number represents balance.

The number 33 also needs to challenge himself in many areas to unlock his potential. A rather big weakness that people in this mainstream number often have is that they do not fully understand the possibilities and do not really take advantage of the capacity, which leads to the results that the number 33 can not do. your body is satisfied. Being willing to try new areas, getting out of your comfort zone to see how far you can go is a journey that some 33s need to think about. Your mission as the healer of these worlds is not just filled with conflicts, struggles and hurt. There are a lot of interesting things out there, people with this mainstream number should be bolder.

As one of the three special numbers in numerology, the number 33 group is also sharp in mind, with sharp intuition, you should take advantage of this to better grasp the opportunities that come to your life. . This strength can help you – people with the ruling number 33 easier in many situations and fields, such as in communication, you can easily grasp the other person’s thoughts and know how to create connections in conversations, even capture their feelings. Promoting this strength is not difficult, you need to learn to “trust” your intuition, be careful not to confuse the voice of your intuition with your fear, but miss the valuable opportunities that bring you back to life. turning point.

The exercises that the number 33 needs to practice every day is an exercise in gratitude and nurturing the soul. Every day of your existence, take a few moments to feel grateful for your life, your soul is somewhat purer. Learning to give and forgive is also a way for the number 33 to nourish his soul. Your core is the healer so you need to be a positive energy self before you can really be on track with your mission. Numerology is the means to help you get to the right path, if indeed you find and really walk on this fateful path, a successful and fulfilling life is not far away.

People with this ruling number often suffer “instead” of other people’s pain, you care a lot about the spiritual life of the people around you, especially those you care about, your family, your loved ones. and friend. Not only do you actively want to listen to their stories, but you’re willing to be there, empathizing with them, comforting and accompanying them through difficult times. But remember, you should not put too much weight on this mission, just relax and be honest, gradually things will get better.

The group of people with the ruling number 33 can rely on personality traits, strengths and the path to go through numerology to choose for themselves a suitable career. As for the number 33, you are suitable for careers that need to show your mind – a big heart such as nursing staff, psychotherapists, social activists,… Professions with Artistic inclinations are also quite suitable such as artists, writers, churches, fashion designers, …

In short, the ruling number 33 is somewhat special but also not special. Especially because it is one of the three “master” numbers of numerology, the intersection of the vibrational frequencies of many numbers. Carrying a noble mission as a healer, of course, with infinite possibilities similar to the other two special numbers. But it is also very normal because not because of that you will easily succeed or your life will be flat and full of roses, you also need to be aware of yourself, will also stumble and also need to work hard. if you want to be successful.

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