Reversed Tarot cards and reading methods

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The overview of reversed Tarot cards

The reversed cards will partly support the range of meanings for each card. Besides, it can provide more sophisticated and accurate information because there will be more ideas about these alluding.

If you have chosen to read the reversed Tarot cards, firstly you should describe the card’s upright meanings, including the attitude, feeling, and situation of the character. Then you should apply your knowledge about the pros and cons of the cards and listen to unusual things, that is, things show different aspects or come from norms. For example, the character in the Nine of Pentacles (which usually shows the successful finance) is unhappy and worried, the main point of this reverse card. If the querent insists on the details of the bird’s head cap or gloves, he or she is probably anxious to escape the velvet prison in his/her comfortable garden. When the querent feels satisfied and peaceful in the card but does not link it to himself or herself, he or she can refuse to tell himself/herself about his/her property. (The rich concern more about money and safe than the poor).

That helps us think of the reversed Tarot cards as the “pennant”, reminding you to pay special attention to them as they will not function as usual. The upright meaning is usually cognitive, external, automatic, in progress, and available. But it is the point where you need to be especially careful, more energetic, or do something different. It is like a car will roll to the right or die, you can be nervous or make adjustments to it. Instead, the cards may be the point where you should stop your efforts or move forward, instead of resting or completely giving up expectations.

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If there are reversed cards in a spread, you should consider whether it has a common theme, such as delaying or denying, then solving those cards in a positive way with that view. Those cards will show great support or leverage which can provide a head or obviously reinforce for action.

The explanation of reversed Tarot cards

Tarot cards reversed

There are many ways to perform reversed Tarot cards. The list below will give you some important techniques to see how a card adjusts the meaning of the forward direction. Although you will use a few ways, you can try at least one way to find out which method works well for you. Even if you just want to choose ways like your reading style and worldview.

  • Prevention: The normal energy, is described in the card, is prevented, pressed, refused, or prohibited.
  • Transformation: The card’s features (positive or negative) are not considered by the person but unconsciously transmitted out to another person or object.
  • Procrastination, difficulties, unavailable: There may be some hesitation, uncertainty, unavailability or an external delay. With many reversed cards, the general change will take longer time than expected. The flow of energy no longer flows automatically and smoothly as usual.
  • Inner, subconscious, self: The energy source can be unconscious, from inside and personal rather than consciousness, outside, and community. Notice whether the energy source is really unconscious and the querent is not receiving it.
  • New moon or Moon (or different versions of Gorgon’s Tarot): It usually uses for the round cards like Motherpeace Tarot. The reverse image represents the new, deadly cycle of the moon: unconscious, instinctive, hidden. This is the moment of self-pregnancy and re-forming.
  • Breakthrough, suffering, turn: The querent will be able to turn themselves, out of the deadlock, or escape, refuse, and turn away from a depicted situation. It can show the end or disappearance of a problem, a relaxation or a change of direction.
  • No or not (upright meaning), omission: Basically, you will start a standard meaning in a “no” or “not”. Or it will add the prefixes like no- or not-yet to consensus. Note that it does not lead to a sense of judgment, an excess or a negative attitude.
  • Excessive, over or insufficiency: The reversed meaning can enhance or reduce the meaning of the reversed Tarot cards, making it too excessive or insatiable: Too little or too much, not to come or overgrown, immature or mature. In the psychology aspect, it can refer to the redundant or insufficient, a tendency to swap between extremes. You can consider the extremes of the scope you discovered previously.
  • Using the irrelevant energy or wrong way: Misuse or misleading refers to an incorrect time or something that has been used improperly.
  • “Re-” (Re-start, re-draw, re-estimate, re-read):  (Re-versals) immediately means “again” (re-) above. The”re-” prefix refers to the reversal, retraction, opposition, extreme movement, or remake. Then, those previous actions will be reviewed.
  • Correction– illness treatments: The reverse meaning can be considered the illness (or at least stress leads to illness) and healing: “What cannot kill you will cure you.” Sometimes, by digging to the meaning to look for causes, it is not only conclusions and experiencing over-things, but you also break into the other direction.
  • Unique, miracle, hilarity: If the upright meaning describes normal wisdom, the reversed Tarot cards refer to the unique intellect. It always wonders at all assumptions and demands to see things from a different perspective.
  • Reversion: The energy of the card is still very new and cannot be manifested due to unresolved issues including the previous card in the series or the main hide (the reversed Five of Wands leaves the Four of Wands; Pages and Ace into Ten, etc.). Return and re-visit previous lessons or experiences.

Sometimes, the reversed Tarot cards bring a new photo or picture. For example, a person looking the parallel lines of the swords in the Nine of Swords card as staircases to the basement. The window in the Five of Pentacles card turns back to the main door. The swords in the Three and Ten of Swords cards look like they are falling from their hearts and backs.

You should not be afraid to try out possible explanations with the querent and ask them which is the most suitable. For example, some people think they feel the reverse king shows the accuracy character of their mother rather than their father.

To sum up, the reversed Tarot cards often show the existence features within the entire meaning range of a card. You should always consider the full possibility, find claims from other cards, get feedback from guests, and think of many possible options at the same time to profoundly read cards.

How to read Reversed Tarot Cards

There are many things to discuss this topic (reversed cards), but here are some main things you should consider:

  • Reverse meaning can be interpreted as a negative or diminished effect of a card, a delay, stagnation or an internal process; something that you have not discussed with others, or something that is still seeping into your subconscious.
  • Sometimes, the reversed Tarot cards appear to draw your attention, “Hey, look at me! I’m very important! ”
  • Many people also do not use reverse cards, they prefer to use their intuition to judge the correct interpretation of the card’s meaning. (This is also the way you can access the card in a “strange” position, such as a card that is horizontal in the Celtic Cross spread.)
  • You can decide whether to use those reverse cards before spreading them. Believe in your judgment and follow it.
  • You can also try new and daring methods such as using a blended-phase approach. In one spreading card, you must look at each card in separate bases and decide if you solve them in the opposite direction!
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