Numerology Number 11 Meanings And Reading

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I. Number 11 meaning numerology

The number 11 is a special number in Numerology, often the owners of this ruling number have a high spiritual connection. Many people will often mistakenly take the two 1’s of this ruling number to become 2. In fact, this is a number that is considered an “angel” number with high intuition as if it is being led by a superior. In many cultures around the world you consider this to be the purest number on the planet. Let’s find out the special things that are only available in this key number!

What does the number 11 mean in numerology?

Have you ever noticed a lot of coincidences around numbers and raised a question in your mind that “How do these numbers affect you and your life?”. Those are the signs that this Universe sends you when it is possible to understand these meanings of the numbers. According to Numerology, also known as Numerology, each individual born and exists has been clearly marked with a “path” with a certain number – the ruling number. Being able to understand it will point you in a direction, your story is to listen and understand its frequency to be able to get to that finish line to the fullest. The ruling number will determine who you are, how you are and what you will become. Thanks to that, Numerology is not a superstition, it helps you determine the direction, the path that you should go, but does not predict anything. Sometimes you are born with a ruling number with a loss, but if you recognize your strengths and shortcomings to overcome, of course your path will be more favorable.

Are you the one with this “angel” key number?

Like other articles about key numbers, the way to calculate key numbers is very simple without the need for any experts. Your job is to add the numbers that appear on your date of birth. If the total you work out is greater than 11, keep adding two digits of that sum to get the final result.

Let’s say you were born on January 27, 1990

You take each number and add it up like this: 2+7+0+1+1+9+9+0 = 29

Since 29 is greater than 11, keep adding 2 and 9, we get 11.

In fact, only the sum of the digits of the date of birth equals 29, 38 and 47 will possess this master number. The case with a total of 47 is even more rare. Usually, this ruling number will be written as 11/2.

So if you have the same result, your ruling number is 11 already. Let’s find out the “magic” of this ruling number!

II. Immediately remember referring to the ruling number 11

The universe gives you very rich intuition, so you have the ability to connect with spiritual elements very well. Among the mainstream numbers, the number 2 is known to hold the most sharp and accurate intuition, but the number 11 also has this ability. Actually, if you add up the 2 digits of this number, the result will also be 2, but because the number 11 will give different characteristics, according to the Pythagorean school, we do not add like that. During the journey of self-understanding of this ruling number 10, you will see a lot of similarities with the number 2, so do not be too surprised.

The owner of this ruling number is usually someone who is ahead of a certain time or trend. This is also an advantage when you become a pioneer to discover new lands, but there will also be a disadvantage in that when what you are doing is so new, no one can think of the meaning. The whole world is very new to what you bring, people are not ready so it is understandable that you struggled a lot before succeeding.

You – those destined for the number 11 have a rather gentle and empathetic nature, which is considered the catalyst of all relationships, bringing harmony and peace. Once again, we see a mainstream number with high sensitivity, if you don’t know how to regulate emotions and thoughts in negative situations, number 11 is easy to fall into a state of anxiety and depression serious.

The number 11 is not only sensitive intuitively and mentally, but you are also very sensitive physically, so this dominant group of people needs to pay attention to health issues a lot.

1. Strengths of numerology number 11

a. About the numerology power 

Among the numbers, the number 11 has extremely good intuition and sensitivity, you should develop this ability to be able to make the most of your potential. Along with that, 11 is also the number with the best psychic ability, so try to use it to bring success in life.

According to numerology, people with the number 11 often have a very high sensitivity in work and life. Especially the ability to feel things. At the same time at work, this number is an extremely reliable person who will do well when assigned by his superiors.

If you hold a high position, you will be extremely fair in dealing with people and being honest with everyone. This is also a very compassionate and loving number. No matter the situation, always think of the best for others.

Strengths of numerology number 11

b. About the personality

11 is the number of love, this number is extremely loving to people, especially children. In a couple’s love, they are often the one who tends to make sacrifices for their partner to succeed. According to numerology number 11, the bearer of this number is very worthy to marry.

Because in addition to their loving hearts, they also have tolerance and empathy for others, helping to make a couple’s life complete. In life, 11 is a number that does not have much ambition, does not like to compete and compete with others.

Therefore, it is loved by many people because of its gentleness and understanding of others. Along with that, the life path numbers in numerology 11 and 2 will amplify each other.

  • Being a man of love, tolerance, empathy;
  • Not an ambitious person who doesn’t like to lead;
  • The life path number of numerology 11 is the amplified 2.

2. Weaknesses of numerology number 11

People with numerology number 11 have a very good hidden spiritual capital to bring people into the period of awareness. However, very few people with the number 11 take advantage of this extremely special ability of theirs. They are often attracted by the material life of the world and then move away from their special mission.

There are very few people with the number 11 who can recognize and keep reason in their souls to reach the highest level of awareness of their true worth.

Being vulnerable to temptations is something that the number 11 needs to pay special attention to in life. Because a lavish life will cause the number 11 to get swept up in the sky and gradually forget its true mission. If you don’t stop, you will become more and more disoriented and confused in your own life. Therefore, number 11 needs to keep consciousness and awareness at the highest level to walk on his true path.

3. Development direction of theology number 11

11 is a loving number, extremely fond of beauty and the good values ​​of life. People with the number 11 often head to places that contain these values ​​to maximize their abilities. Therefore, if you are number 11, you should live and think positively every day to best promote your spiritual mission. If you get carried away with negative things, your life will be extremely difficult and difficult, so avoid it.

With the number 11, the best working and developing environment is the professions related to feng shui and spirituality. Therefore, these people have extremely good abilities in these areas and these are also the areas that help them maximize their abilities.

To be able to maximize their potential, number 11 also needs to constantly learn and cultivate an increasingly rich spiritual capital. Because this will help people with numerology 11 majors get closer to fulfilling their life’s mission.

III. The “miracle” only in the ruling number 11

1. Sharp intuition with strong connection to spirituality

The owners of this ruling number, as mentioned, this is considered one of the elements that you are gifted with by the Universe. Possessing such extraordinary spiritual abilities, each person number 11 is very conscious and desires to spread and urge everyone around or even this humanity to enter the spiritual world. This is also considered as one of your responsible living ideals. Theoretically yes, but in reality it is a completely different story because many people cannot ignore the temptation of material values ​​that go against the mission prescribed by the Universe.

2. Sincere and tolerant to those around

People with the leading number 11 are inherently very sensitive, easily in tune with their souls and emotions with others, so you will feel that you are sincere in such human-to-human relationships. any. Similar to number 2, group 10 is also full of compassion, tending not to sit still if it comes to anyone who needs help. Especially for you, someone who is geared towards close and close relationships, you may be willing to do what is in your power to help someone you love and care about.

3. Careful and reliable in work

In the eyes of everyone around, the number 11 is very careful in seeing and solving problems or situations. You show yourself as a responsible person, when given a task, the number 11 uses wholeheartedly to analyze, learn and solve the most smooth and complete solution. That way, the number 11 can have a good night’s sleep. Thanks to such a high sense of responsibility and enthusiasm, you always receive love and support from your teammates in the team or in the company.

IV. Weaknesses of the person with the ruling number 11

1. Spiritual sensitivity becomes a double-edged sword

Not everyone with the destiny of this special number can keep themselves a simple mind, especially following the great ideal of spreading and bringing people to the spiritual world – a world of awareness. awake. You are a person with strong intuition, you know it well and also love to share unexpected stories about this acumen with others. Dreams are one of the means by which you can connect with the psyche or, in other words, the Universe. You too will be surprised by these prophetic dreams. If you are not careful to be taken advantage of by others thanks to the compassion in the number 11, or the number 11 itself cannot overcome the temptations, you will easily fall into the path of material pursuits. Once you have gone against the path that fate has told you, there is a high chance that the life of the number 11 may not go as planned, but slip away in the dreams of money and fame.

2. Sensitive and prone to anxiety and depression

Sensitivity and easy vibration before things and events make number 11 difficult to control emotions. You pay close attention to what others say about you, critical and critical comments are what can kill the positive energy of the person with this ruling number fastest. Number 11 is very easy to break down, worry and even fall into a serious depression if someone insults you.

Fear of hurt and betrayal makes you often follow the opinions of others because you think that, if you do so, the people around you will have no reason to change their minds. In fact, it is not so, being absorbed in what others ask and throwing away your own feelings and thoughts only makes you more dependent on them, then the level of damage of That person is even worse. Sometimes the number 11 feels tired of the very relationships that he tries to build and cultivate. As a result, the deeper it sinks, the more fragile it becomes.

3. Weakness and indecisiveness

As a result of being too sensitive and avoiding having to deal with difficult situations, the number 11 will gradually become an indecisive person, doing everything requires the opinion of one person after another. Number 11 wants to hide his fear by consulting a lot of people around and forgetting that he has a very strong intuitive potential. Indecisiveness makes people with the number 11 destiny lose themselves, withdraw and cut off their development paths. In addition, the number 11 is mostly impatient and critical, especially criticizing himself to cover up his inferiority and indecisiveness.

V. How does number 11 develop itself in the best direction?

Referring to the source of numerology expert Le Do Quynh Huong, the first thing that the key number 11 needs to learn is the balance between material and spiritual values. Possessing sharp intuition and communicating with the voice of the Universe, the message that number 11 receives is with the purpose of bringing people closer to the world of perception. Spiritual values, no matter how good and noble, but cannot be applied to the reality of life, also seem to be meaningless.

Those who own the ruling number 11 need to cultivate in how to express the beauty and beauty of those somewhat abstract spiritual values ​​in order to fully exploit their spiritual potential. Remember “exploit” here does not mean “take advantage”, the miracles that intuition brings, number 11 cannot be brought into commercial or profitable fields, that is contrary to nature. Learning to control your own needs will help the number 11 learn to avoid temptations from material values. If you are really awake, you – the people with this ruling number will realize your true worth and the mission that the Universe has assigned you to come to this world.

Stay positive, optimistic, keep a healthy mind to cope with the negative. Don’t let negative energy surround you, confront and deal with those extremes, don’t try to avoid or push anyone. Use sensitivity at the right time and in the right place, use it as a means to understand people, not make it a fatal weakness of your best friend and easily get out of your orbit.

VI. Occupations suitably match the ruling number 11

The most suitable careers for number 11 people are counselors or psychotherapists, social activists, motivational speakers, politicians, personal development coaches, etc. Or they can be. is a teacher of cultural subjects, professional performances, actors, artists, people working in the entertainment industry..

Note that, if the 11 wants to use his intuitive acumen, then these areas should not bring commercial value because it is very easy to become a trap that makes the 11 person corrupt. Careers that are suitable for the number 11 are also quite diverse, focusing mainly on places where you are most powerful such as inspirational speaker, psychotherapist, healer, etc. can be related to the field of religion so that you can spread beautiful spiritual values ​​close to human life. In particular, with that strong intuition, the number 11 is also suitable for becoming a psychic, a coach,…

VII. Relationships around the destiny bearer of the number 11

In a couple’s love story, you truly and deeply love each other. Very dedicated to building a strong relationship between the two and looking forward to reaching a fulfilling ending with them. If you have feminine energy, you are very fond of nurturing the home, taking care of the smallest things for family members. If you have masculine energy, your tendency is to love your partner, be gentle, delicate and give your family a stable life.

With other relationships, the number 11 will be compatible with the number 2 – the number that is most compatible with you for both love and career. In addition, you are also compatible with the number 4 and number 8 as these two numbers can assist you in the shortcomings on your career path. The ruling number 4 will help the number 11 make up for the lack of finances as well as ambition. While the number 8 is independent, assertiveness will promote the number 11 to increase assertiveness.

VIII. Soul Stat of Numerology Number 11

If you have a soul number of 11, you need to trust your inner voice and express this to the world with confidence. You have a deep and sensitive soul and are capable of transmitting high frequency information. You may also have other psychic gifts. This is challenging because you may feel anxious, overly perceptive, or unaware of other people’s feelings.

You have a calming influence on others. You are so creative. People may be attracted to you because they perceive your high frequencies around you. You may feel as though you are searching for spiritual truths and trying to see these in others. Your challenge is to go within yourself and find the peace you desire.

IX. Character stat of number 11 in numerology

Person number 11 has the following special personality: Firstly, live modestly, without ambition, without competition, without wanting to attract attention, so they will not be hated in any organization. Secondly, they are sincere, tolerant, and live emotionally with friends and family members. Ready to help when others are in trouble and let go of mistakes for a better life. Thirdly, in their work they are careful, see the problem and solve it in the most round way. They are very humble when achieving good results and often do not receive benefits on their side, so people like to cooperate and work in groups with them.

In everyday life, people with the ruling number 11 are often sensitive people with a deep love for family and friends. They are honest, trustworthy, and compassionate towards life. They are charismatic, cooperative but also independent, they tend to reject the support of others, they need to recognize the meaning of sharing and learn to receive more from each other’s help. Possessing extraordinary spiritual potential, number 11 people often have extremely sharp intuition, as well as a sense of high moral value, they always have a very clear motivation. rang – bringing people into a new age of awareness – this can be said to be a life full of responsibility for the meaning and purpose of their life. 

However, unfortunately, many of them are seduced by material life and then move away from their inherent purpose. They also love the subtleties, beauty and cultural values ​​of life, and number 11 are also easily attracted to such environments, because it gives them the freedom to express their natural beauty. soul. In Pitago numerology, the ruling number 11 people live in a positive way, know how to utilize their superior spiritual power to help their lives, completely different from the negative 11 people with a positive attitude. Life seems so hard and boring.

X. Future notes for number 11 in numerology

For the number 11 who has spiritual ability, to maximize the recognition of people, you should choose a career related to the spiritual field. However, you need to study issues in a positive way to maximize your sensitivity and avoid negativity affecting your future destiny.

In addition, in order to work more smoothly, they should learn to listen to others and intuitively, not make hasty decisions. In the end, don’t be too concerned with the scrutiny of others, you just need to live with yourself, confidence and effort will surely overcome all difficulties.


This key number is special and also a gift that the Universe favors for you. Highly intuitive and spiritually strong, most become pioneers and pioneers in many new fields. The number 11 has a deep and sensitive soul, so it makes you often feel anxious and easily fall into depression before criticism from others. The majority of number 11 do not make full use of their strengths due to following the temptations of materialism, losing and contrary to the noble mission of bringing people to the world of perception, so many number 11 people are negative and full of suffering. This ruling number needs to be aware of which path they should take to avoid wasting their potential and energy.

An interesting fact about the number 11 that you may not know, many famous and talented people also carry this mainstream number, such as: Coco Chanel, Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, …

The ruling number 11 in Numerology is a special number because they have great spiritual potential. If they stay positive, they will be trustworthy. They love cultural values but are easily tempted by materialism.

1. Highlights

According to Numerology, people with the ruling number 11 are very special, they have extraordinary potential to develop awareness in the Surreal Body. But unfortunately, the majority of Number 11 are not capable of realizing that potential.

In everyday life, Number 11 people are often sensitive, trustworthy, honest and fair, with a deep love for family and friends, and compassion for life. They tend to reject the support of others, which makes them not realize the benefits and meaning of sharing and accompanying each other in life.

Compared to other mainstream numbers, Number 11 is not very popular. In fact, there are only two sums of the date of birth that give the ruling number 11 that is 29 and 38, in rare cases, the total number is 47.

The following characteristics distinguish a person with a ruling number of 11:

  • There will be a significant difference between people who can live actively, use their spiritual abilities to their lives, and serve those around them and those who are unaware of their potential. These people will have a hard, unpleasant, and hazy existence.
  • In spiritual concerns, there is a high level of indulgence.
  • The need to find spiritual foundations is constantly there in the psyche.
  • Individual number 11 is a sensitive, honest, fair, and trustworthy person in a typical living situation.
  • Have a genuine love for family and friends, as well as a genuine love for life.

Number 11 people are sensitive, emotional and caring people. They are also honest and compassionate, and love the beauty associated with cultural values. They are not strong in business and do not manage money well.

2. Purpose of life

Most persons with the number 11 as their primary number have more or less exceptional psychic talents than ordinary people. As a result, the number 11 frequently mentally travels to spiritual realms to de-stress and expand their talents. As a result, those with the number 11 have been prepared to have extraordinarily plentiful spiritual capital when they reach this world. The number 11 is not shining and advantageous for the spiritual path, according to Dr. David A. Phillips, since they are often subjected to material traps that cause them to lose their objective when they come to this life. Those of you with the number 11 will, for example, be preoccupied with gaining money, pursuing material pleasures, worrying about love or finding happiness… and will suffer as a result. This pain causes people to question why they are suffering so much in this life, and it serves as a catalyst for them to return to their spiritual roots.

3. Forte and short

Person number 11 is drawn to delicate objects, as well as the cultural and spiritual beauty of life. However, the number 11 can quickly become engulfed in the spiral of love, swept up in life’s fury, and suffer much from love.

As people with special gifts, they are easily seduced by the temptations of material life and then move away from their life purpose. They need to keep a high level of awareness and alertness, know when to stop at the right time to keep them from getting lost on the path they need to go, about their true worth. Learning to balance material things with the ideals they seek, they will realize that the highest spiritual values are of little value if they do not bring beautiful things to improve their lives. this.

4. Improvements

Number 11 is equipped with the best potential “spiritual capital” to bring people into the age of awareness. But the reason that few people can use this natural ability is because they are seduced by the temptations of material life and then move away from their noble purpose. Only those who know how to stop at the right time and stay rational can reach a high level of awareness of their true worth.

According to expert Le Do Quynh Huong, people of Number 11 need to learn to balance their material life with the ideals they seek within in order to realize that the noblest spiritual values ​​are of little value if they are not. they are not used to improve quality of life. There is no more beautiful expression than dedicating oneself to the service of life, according to each person’s ability.

“Easy to be tempted” is what numerology experts note for number 11 people. The prosperous material life presented in front of the eyes will make the number 11 people be attracted and gradually forget their righteous way of life. . The more they go astray, the more confused and disoriented they become. They must keep a high level of awareness and awareness to stay firmly on their righteous path.

There will be more and more traps exposed as material life progresses. These traps will bind many people with the number 11 and cause them to forget who they are. If they had known more, their lives would have been considerably easier. They do, however, frequently pray for a variety of things, so if they do not receive what they desire, they are likely to feel enraged and even go wrong. At moments like these, a person with ruling number 11 should trust their acute intuition, which will guide them back to the main axis and maybe lead to mental and spiritual evolution.

5. Developments

Number 11 people love the subtleties, beauty and cultural values ​​of life. They often turn to environments that contain those values ​​because it brings them closer to their spiritual life. Therefore, the number 11 who knows how to live positively will promote spiritual strength; On the contrary, negative people will find themselves struggling and pale with life.

The most suitable environment for the Number 11 to develop are the professions that can create conditions for them to develop spiritual awareness and exercise their acumen. For them, the spiritual realms cannot be mixed with commercial values.

To unleash their spiritual potential, Number 11 people not only need to learn to express their spiritual or spiritual values ​​in the most realistic way, but also learn to listen to their intuition, not being pushed by mere desires.

Spiritual qualities cannot be blended with economic values for individuals number 11, thus discussion of money should be kept to a minimum. They can only use their profession to make money, which will subsequently be used to serve others rather than benefiting themselves.

To avoid falling into material traps, people with ruling number 11 must learn to listen to their extremely honest instincts.

Furthermore, the number 11 should learn more about the virtue of acceptance and how to live simply, rather than resenting the life that has brought them so much pain.

6. Career suggestions

Educators, social activists, religious leaders, personal trainers, cultural discipline teachers, and other jobs with a strong human value will be especially ideal for people number 11.

In a nutshell, the lesson of the number 11 is that understanding how much spiritual power you have means you can’t live like a normal person and pursue financial or emotional excess. You can radiate a spiritual force that ordinary people do not have if you live at a higher level like that.

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