Love Tarot Reading between Major and Minor Arcana

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In a love Tarot reading, each suit of Tarot deck will have the main point to talk about love and things the querents want to know, which is the strong connection among love, the Major Arcana, and Minor Arcana.

  • The Wands usually refer to energy, creativity or emotional state.
  • The Cups suit often points directly to the relationship, how the questioner interacts with the object being asked. If a love Tarot reading belongs to The Cups suit or water feature, which is probably a positive signal.
  • The Swords suit talked about the endeavor of the querent in rationalizing the relationship. They may refer to a purposeful love.
  • The Pentacles suit does not necessarily mean love because of the material. It only implies that money is one of the influenced aspects of relationships.

For example, the querent and their lover belonging to the same social class (or there is a big difference in social status) and it is one of the factors to create feelings. Or, a relationship can help a querent whether to become richer or vice versa.

Note: For the reversed cards, use the WIND method for analysis (W: weakened energy; I: inverted meaning; N: negative meaning; D: delays before the projected outcome)

I. The connection between Love Tarot reading and the Major Arcana

The Fool Tarot: The beginning of new love emotions, you should be welcome, not naive. This may be a sign of a honeymoon, but be aware of querent about creating a solid foundation relationship if they are serious about it. If not, it warns the situation is not smooth, the querent is bogged down after a sweet period due to self-innocence.

The Magician Tarot: It shows that sentiment can help querent develop self-potential and ability. Strong potential, great attraction, same direction.

The High Priestess Tarot: Strong sexual attraction, which may prefer to secrets in relationships. Often only the attraction between opposites, complementary energy sources.

The Empress Tarot: Emotional expansion. It is possible to approach marriage as well as a long term relationship.

The Emperor Tarot: The symbol of a father, which shows power or dread. Or it may refer to a person trying to overwhelm the other person in a relationship- Stubborn passionate person.

The Hierophant Tarot: The relationship develops traditionally. In fact, respect moral values, financial stability.

The Lovers Tarot: It is a passionate but tempting relationship. You should not let the emotion of happiness make you lost. It is an unexpected development relationship. The first impression was strong, but it could be changed later.

The Chariot Tarot: The relationship grows fast but still retains sensitive emotions. The faithful and loving couple will embrace each other.

strength Tarot love

Strength Tarot: It is a strong, healthy love. This affection helps querent to develop its own strengths, lovers with open hearts, Optimistic, especially like to be noticed by others and warm heart.

The Hermit Tarot: It is not a good time to find relationships. Or it is a message to understand yourself before you learn about others. Never let it fall into the situation of “scrutinizing” the character of your partner. The tendency to criticize other people are excessive. Relationships do not have much dreaming, a pure heart.

The Wheel of Fortune Tarot: It is full of uncertainties, history is repeated. You should be careful. On the other hand, this is a great opportunity to take a strong step forward in the relationship between two people.

Justice Tarot Love: It is a logical love and good balance, but love is an emotion, not an idea to adjust. Maybe a person is trying too hard to please the other person. One of them has an artist’s soul or an attractive appearance.

The Hanged Man Tarot: The querent is sacrificing too much for the relationship, giving more than receiving. Do not dream about far away, it is possible for people with strong spiritual abilities.

Death Tarot: It is a signal for an emotional change. Maybe the relationship ends but a new horizon is wide open or just stressful relationships. A person is too sensitive while the other person requires too much, be careful. It refers to “dramas” that will happen in a relationship. (“Drama” is a type of conflict that those insiders are very fierce, but outsiders are very excited about it.)

Temperance Tarot: Querent and his/her lover are attracted to the partner but need more support and agreements to make the differences between the two people not in conflict. It is a good balanced between the two. A relationship is inspiring, but it seems that someone is more interested in appearance than the internal in relationships.

The Devil Tarot: It is materialism love. Turning yourself into a slave in a relationship will affect the querent’s health. You will be seduced by temptation and poisoned. It can be love pessimism. Putting the energy of will, morality, and understanding will make the relationship better.

The Tower Tarot: That is the conflict between their egos in the relationship. Stumbling or not is based on their balanced, which is the core of the problem at themselves. Maybe a person tries to take the initiative with the other person in the relationship.

The Star Tarot: It is an optimistic love and full of hope. A healthy, engaging relationship will need between two people.

The Moon Tarot: The way the querent shows outside of love is different from the inner feeling. Do not sacrifice yourself too much in a relationship, it is always the opposite attraction.

The Sun Tarot: It is love bursting, overflowing energy. The querent will feel energized by his/her lover. A mutual assistant creates success. There may be a tendency to be moderately selfish in emotion. Maybe this is a power couple.

The Judgment Tarot: It is spiritual love. Querent’s lovers help them to realize the priorities they enjoy. And it is an emotional purification. Probably, it is warning about the immediate challenges for the couple, but they will grow from those.

The World Tarot: Love is full. The lover helps querent better. It is the signals end with a wedding or a long-term commitment.

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II. The connection between Love Tarot reading and Minor Arcana

1. Love Tarot reading of the Wands suit

Ace of Wands: Starting a new relationship, attracting the original minutes because of the fire and energy of your lover.

2 of Wands: The requirements grow deeper in the relationship. Peace or stable status is still not enough to meet emotional needs.

3 of Wands: Querent has devoted much energy to the relationship. Now it is time to wait for your lover’s respondents.

4 of Wands: It is a signal about happiness. Marriage will be a good ending, complete family life. There is harmony in relationships.

5 of Wands: A competitive relationship. It could be the presence of a third person.

6 of Wands: Emotional pursuit will pay off. The querent will achieve what he/she wants.

7 of Wands: The querent is in a defensive stance, possibly be in conflict with a lover or competing to win a lover.

8 of Wands: the querent is probably trying to push the pace of the relationship. The relationship is in the period of many activities occur. Think carefully before “burning the stage.”

9 of Wands: the querent puts himself/herself in a state of excessive self-defense or envy. Probably it is quite difficult to querent to reduce over-control and trust others.

10 of Wands: The relationship is becoming a burden for the querent. Maybe the querent is paying too much attention to detail in relationships without seeing the best way to develop it.

Page of Wands: A lover of Page’s personality, or a querent of Page personality, or about receiving the information about a job related to a relationship.

Knight of Wands: A Knight’s character, or a Knight’s querent character, or the land of the relationship is becoming fertile.

Queen of Wands: A Queen’s lover, or Queen’s querent, or the key to success in a relationship is your creativity.

King of Wands: A King’s personality, or King’s querent, or you have to prioritize more works.

2. Love Tarot reading of the Cups suit

Ace of Cups: It signs that a relationship that satisfies the spirit is about to begin. Divine powers will enlighten the heart.

2 of Cups: Love has many elements of friendship. Cooperation. Strong love, a true heart will bring a good ending.

3 of Cups: the querent and his/her lover are in a fun time together. There can be avoidance to bring the relationship in a really serious way.

4 of Cups: It’s not the right time for romance. You need to consider yourself at this moment.

5 of Cups: You have just broken up or in pain because of your lover, but your friends or a new relationship are still there to support you through difficulties.

6 of Cups: the querent and lover have an adjacent past or memorable things about each other. Nostalgia. Sweet love.

7 of Cups: Love is full of temptation. The querent should be careful. Maybe it is superficial, transient sentiments.

8 of Cups: You should leave behind the relationship that has been built up. Find out more deeply to develop more affection than what the current relationship has.

9 of Cups: Love wishes. Relation richness. It is possible that love brings comfort and better living conditions.

10 of Cups: Love is spiritually perfected. It is the signal of marriage, family. Happiness.

Page of Cups: A lover of a Page personality, or a querent of Page personality, or about receiving emotional information related to the relationship.

Knight of Cups: A Knight’s personality, or a querent character of Knight’s character, or a sign of rising emotions

Queen of Cups: A Queen’s lover, or Queen’s querent character, or signaling a relationship needs to be raised with love.

King of Cups: A King’s lover, or King’s querent character; or the reminder must show stronger affection.

3. Love Tarot reading of the Swords suit

Ace of Swords: The beginning of a new relationship, the reason is its origin.

2 of Swords: the querent is being torn between two emotional choices.

3 of Swords: It is a storm in the heart. Broken heart. Love brings pain, but it is also burning and passionate.

4 of Swords: In the recovery status from past emotions. It is time silently to rest.

5 of Swords: the querent has disadvantage emotions. Signs of deception.

6 of Swords: Leaving the old love behind, freeing old memories. The journey leaves old love or emotions remain.

7 of Swords: A love which outsiders cannot understand and easily criticize.

8 of Swords: The feeling of being imprisoned by a relationship.

9 of Swords: Obsessed with emotional pain. The moment of complaining, pain, guilt.

10 of Swords: Betrayal. Conquest. Resentment. Jealousy. The relationship ends.

Page of Swords: A lover of Page personality, or a querent of Page personality, or someone who brings bad rumors about a relationship.

Knight of Swords: A Knight-like lover, or querent of Knight’s character, or just mischievous actions.

Queen of Swords: A Queen’s lover, or querent of Queen’s character, or it warns to reduce the controversy in the relationship.

King of Swords: A King’s lover, or King’s querent; or reminders should be more decisive, those clever arguments will be attracted by your lover.

4. Love Tarot reading of the Pentacles suit:

Ace of Pentacles: Starting a new relationship, two people have a suitable social status.

2 of Pentacles: A balance between love and some agreements, or alluding to having two lovers.

3 of Pentacles: easily find a lover who has a common career or a professional field.

4 of Pentacles: Small heart. Painful because of others’ feelings. Need to open wide.

5 of Pentacles: The cold winter of love. Feeling loss and helplessness after feeling broken in the heart.

6 of Pentacles: Emotional generosity. Sharing with your lover. The personality of the person who does not wear your heart on the sleeve. Compassion with humanity.

7 of Pentacles: Love is blossoming. It is worthy to enjoy happiness after a long time together. Do not hesitate to hold on to love.

8 of Pentacles: The querent is trying to occupy his lover. Probably It warns for overdoing, perseverance is essential, but do not sacrifice yourself.

9 of Pentacles: Loneliness. Independent. It implies a person is enjoying the self results.

10 of Pentacles: Good news about the family. Marriage will help create a strong united.

Page of Pentacles: A lover of Page’s personality, or a querent of Page’s personality, or someone who brings news about money that affects relationships.

Knight of Pentacles: A Knight’s personality lover, or querent is Knight’s character or activities are about to be imminent.

Queen of Pentacles: A Queen’s lover, or a querent of Queen’s character, or it shows you to strongly develop financial for a strong relationship.

King of Pentacles: A lover of King’s character, or King’s querent, or a more aggressive warning in relationships, or his lover is attracted to the leadership of querent in the professional field.

Conclusion, the professional readers “revealed” that most of the questions belong to the subject of love Tarot reading. Obviously, love is one of the most intense emotions of humans. In this chapter, it briefly introduces how to use tarot to answer emotional questions. For those who already have a good understanding of the cards, you will be able to easily answer the problem when applying the following meanings. For new learners, this chapter is a good start for you.

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