The combination of Tarot Court cards in a Tarot spread

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The meaning of Tarot Court cards in a Tarot spread

Firstly, Tarot Court cards can be used to indicate:

  • The person and personalities or expressions of that person. It is possible the querent himself/herself or the surrounding person of the querent;
  • Events, situations, activities and their properties.

It is quite complicated to distinguish whether Court cards imply people or other things. Most of the time, reading is based on each reader’s own feelings. The advice here is to include the meaning of the person and the meaning of the event/situation so that reading can be more detailed and more informative.

The number of Tarot Court cards which have the same level appear in the same spread is worth to note for the querent, they often refer to a special relationship among those around querent (people with the same status or the main aspects of the querent). The pre-established meanings may only be melodramatic and not always applicable, so consider other possibilities that may complement your reading.

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For example, in the Tarot spread of a querent with the question of what his life will be in the age of 56-65, he draws the Knight of Swords, the Knight of Wands and Knight of Cups; the interpretation properly is that his life will still lively and vibrant, and he will also meet many people, especially the young/teenagers. Or in a Tarot spread of a man asking about his work, and he draws the Queen of Wands, the Two of Pentacles and the Queen of Cups; the explanation may be that there are two women (possibly bosses) are affecting his work and need him to choose.

However, the appearance of many Tarot Court cards can explain the diversity of a person’s personality, that is, in other words, there are many aspects of personality coexist or the level of maturity of a person in the passage of time or according to each skill and virtue.

The combination of Tarot Court cards in a Tarot spread

King cards

king cards

Many King cards: public recognition, publicity, honor, a business meeting, the absurdity, the conflict between “things to do” and “things that must be done”.

Two King cards: a partnership, a profitable contract or agreement, conflicting opinions.

Three King cards: unexpected encounters, great success, lots of power, lots of agreements.

Four King card: superpower, trouble with control, encountering complex things through excessive arrogance or insolence, have great and absolute limitations.

When there is no King card: lack of determination, strength, and power; it is not the time to take action.

Queen cards

Many Queen cards: rumors, gatherings to gossip, groups of all women, jealousy, possessiveness.

Two Queen cards: friends, acquaintances, opponents, conflicting needs.

Three Queen cards: strong and influential friends, sympathy, enmity, sinister.

Four Queen cards: power and influence, a great improvement and subtle selection, there are many complexities through introvert, too many caretakers.

When there is no Queen card: lack of introversion, nurturing, sensitivity or understanding.

Knight cards

Knight cards

Many Knight cards: moving a lot, abundant energy and lots of motivation, sports, military, training.

Two Knight cards: a case of legitimacy, protection, competition, conflicting tasks.

Three Knight cards: level and honor, outstanding struggles, development in different directions, fellow countrymen.

Four Knight cards: encounter great things, complicated things, uncontrolled situations, lots of testosterone, war.

When there is no Knight card: the situation progresses extremely slowly, without any action.

Page cards

Many Page cards: children, new ideas and plans, conflicting needs, playing, learning.

Two Page cards: friendship, sharing, exchange, competition, conflicting interests or concentration.

Three Page cards: the society of youth, allies.

Four Page cards: primary school, early stages, no longer having difficulty, too slow, too naive.

When there is no Page card: the absence of friends or children; lack of humility, freshness or fun.

The mutual combination of Tarot Court cards

The mutual combination of Court cards

King and Knight card: the mandate of responsibility, the training, the solution, the change of residence, the challenge, the attraction.

King or Queen and Page card: teaching, the interaction of parents and children, relationships with older people or differences in roles.

King and Queen card: attraction, a couple, a well-established relationship, parents.

Queen and Knight card: problems, romance, traditional courtesy love, matching each other, being assigned to a mission.

A Queen and many Knight cards or King cards or vice versa: a choice among many pursuers, competition for what you like, rival opponents, jealousy, there are many ways to indicate action or attitude to someone.

Many Knight cards and Page cards: school, brotherhood, academy, a group of friends, athletes.

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