The Lovers – Linestrider Tarot Deck

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I. Keyword by The Lovers Linestrider

Commitment, partnership, friendship, attraction, marriage, unity, communication.

II. Meaning of The Lovers Linestrider

The Lovers Linestrider is one of the most complex Major Arcana cards. They represent communication, co-workers, and love in both a common sense and an alchemical/universal sense. The zodiac connected to Lovers is Gemini. They are portrayed by birds, especially because they are related to the Air element. Under their feet are fruits and plants symbolizing life, multiplication, and happiness.

Meaning of The Lovers Linestrider

The five fruits on the ground signify the five senses, indicating the importance of sex and its effect on the bond of the couple. The snake coiled around the tree warns of the world’s temptations and the danger of deception or the third person. The flames show passion.

The Lovers card often talks about strong relationships, harmony, and mutual attraction. This relationship based on mutual trust provides strength and confidence; The close bond between them protects and helps them during their journey around the world. The Lovers Linestrider card usually reflects a marriage, an emotional bond, or an extremely close and intimate relationship. They can also demonstrate a strong sexual bond.

III. The Lovers in a Tarot spread

In a Tarot spread, the Lovers Linestrider in the past position shows you have a loving relationship that serves as a fundamental part of what makes you who you are. This can be a strong bond with your parents, important friendships, or a marriage. In a futuristic position, this card can tell you it is time to look for a relationship that will redefine your life – marriage, co-workers, etc., that will help you reach your full potential.

However, the Loves Linestrider is not just about close relationships. It can appear at times when important decisions or changes are being made. It emphasizes the importance of the decisions and choices you make. It is crucial that you choose the right path. Look closely at your true desires, find your inner unity and balance, embrace your essence, and try to understand what you really need to be a more fulfilled person and a better colleague or a stronger individual. You may need to make some difficult choices to keep your journey on track.

The Lovers Linestrider in the reversed position may reveal internal inconsistencies, inner discrepancies, or choices you make that won’t get you on the best path. It evokes the toughness and troubles inside you or your close relationships. In questions about relationships, the reversed Lovers denotes imbalance, guilt, lack of mutual attraction or perception, or a “hypocrite” in the form of a dishonest or a third person in your relationship. Take a close look at your current situation; You may be making some unfavorable decisions.

In terms of work, if you are standing between two options, then you should analyze everything carefully and follow the option that you think drawn the best optimal result. If you want to start a business, maybe you will be supported by your lover or a lovely upperclassman. If you want to start a few new projects, be careful not to let your emotions interfere with your calculations and decisions. On the other hand, the card reminds you of dreams and passions that you sometimes forget in a chaotic life. They still exist as the stars in the midday sky. Don’t lose your passion.

 In terms of finance, you have money sent by others. The Lovers Linestrider signals your hard work so far will be well paid off. If you want to borrow, seek out people who have a good relationship with you who will help or advise you. Do not lend to others, as it can lead to emotional cracks. The card also warns you of an emotional financial imbalance caused by spending. In case you are thinking about financial matters or borrowing money, you should consider carefully, the card again reminds you not to let emotions influence your decisions.

Regarding friends and associates, the card indicates that you might make new friends or join a new group of friends. However, you should not get involved with money matters. In the other direction, you can get help from old friends from inspiring your creativity to emotional or financial counseling. Besides, you have a good relationship with your colleagues. However, you should still be careful not to listen to what they say but look at what they do. At the same time, don’t let work be delayed due to complaisance.

Regarding family, if controversy arises among family members, it will quickly pass away due to the arrangement of a reputable elderly. If you are away from home, the Lovers Linestrider reminds you to spend time with your family, perhaps with small gifts or phone calls. Sometimes, it also indicates that you are going to start your own family. According to some other conceptions, the card also signals a reunion.

IV. Message of The Lovers Linestrider

The older version of the Major 6th card is sometimes called the Choice, and in fortune-telling, it means the important choice between two desires. It can range from a basic choice to a major crisis in an individual’s life. In fact, the choice can last a person’s life. Even those who have never bothered to reach the moral boundaries of their middle class can plug into choices as a life offender. And there are a lot of people who live a dignified appearance but on the inside are endlessly tormented with desires, adulterous impulses, violence, or simply leaving home to become a wandering traveler.

The traditional version of the Lovers represents the “age of rebellion”. In this period there appeared not only sexuality but also intellectual and moral independence. The 3rd, 4th, and 5th cards have created a basic human frame through three forces: parents, nature, and social. The personal 6th card becomes more personal – a real personality with distinct ideals and goals that was able to make decisions based on personal desire and responsibility analysis instead of parental orders.

These meanings belong to the traditional structure of the card. In the design of the traditional Lovers, Waite aimed to be different. What role do sex and love play in one’s life? And what kind of great but profound tragic power can one find in the intercourse between hearts and bodies? Waite called his painting, the love card of mankind, to appear here as part of choice, truth, and life.

Sexual orientation helps us to escape isolation. It pushes us into vivid relationships with others, ultimately paving the way to love. Through love, we not only reach unity with someone, but we also touch a small piece of life’s profound great meaning. In love, we shake off the manipulative ego that separates us from community and life.

The divination meaning of the Lovers in Waite-Smith’s standard Tarot deck is quite straightforward. It mentions the importance of love in one’s life for a particular lover; usually refers to long-term marriages or relationships. The card implies that a particular relationship has and will prove to be of great value to a person, giving him or her new insights into life. If a particular issue is being considered while spreading the card, then the Lovers refers to support in a couple of ways – the lover’s support, both in terms of mental and how to handle it. But it is not always true. The Lovers, in its past positions, especially in relation to cards implying a refusal to face the present situation, can express unsettling nostalgia for a lost love.

The previous cards all represent the purest true things. When we reverse them, we add in the missing elements. But at this level, individuality takes the throne, and the reversed meaning shows weakness and deadlock. It is about love that has no way out and is destructive, especially bad marriages. It can also refer to a sexual issue or a romance that messes up a person’s life, in the sense that difficulties with a particular person.

V. Corresponding Associations of The Lovers Linestrider

  • Astrology: Taurus and Aries;
  • Arithmetic: 5;
  • Plants: mugwort, citron, violets.

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