Five Of Wands – Linestrider Tarot Deck

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I. Keyword of Five of Wands Linestrider

Conflict, hostility, fight for dominance, fight for work, tension, quarrel

II. Meaning of Five of Wands Linestrider

The Five of Wands Linestrider often predicts conflict, tension, or change. This card shows that you are about to face conflict, competition or upheaval. Even though things aren’t always easy, having clear goals will help you navigate your way through interpersonal difficulties. Knowing exactly what you want will help you figure out where to compromise and where to draw the battle line. Perhaps impending conflicts can be avoided if you consider what you want and need in a particular situation. Remember that if competition is approached with concentration and dignity, it can sometimes bring out the best in humans.

Meaning of Five of Wands Linestrider

III. Five of Wands Linestrider in a Tarot spread

In a Tarot spread, The Five of Wands Linestrider shows an internal struggle or a time when you feel uncertain about different turns. It also represents a period of time when circumstances in life seem to fight against you. Nothing in your life is going smoothly in your direction.

If accompanied by the Seven of Cups or the Moon, conflicts may arise within your mind. It’s easy to compare yourself to others, but this act rarely brings greatness to yourself. Focus on who you are and what you are good at. Let’s chase your own star. If it accompanies Death or Judgment, it could be a time to say goodbye with people or organizations that are sabotaging you instead of helping you grow.

This card also represents competition. In the right circumstances, competition is necessary. It pushes people to work harder, creates a sense of excitement and encourages people to do their best. Notice competitive factors around you, you may join a contest or a game soon. You may also be about to discover some competitors who are opposing you or threatening your position. You may even feel discouraged (or energised!) by the fiercely competitive environment in which you are an insider. The key point of the competition is disagreement. Make sure it helps you and others around you achieve your real goals. If not, consider working together to move forward.

The Five of Wands Linestrider carries many reversed meanings. It may indicate that you are not able to handle a conflict well or in an upcoming conflict you will allow others to step on your path to success passively. This is not the time to be passive! This card also gives a serious warning about the forces that are working against you.

For example, in terms of love, an ex or a third person may secretly sabotage your happiness.

In terms of friendship, be careful with arguments with your close friends at this moment. This relationship is not only deep, but also stubborn. Advice for you, these are inevitable conflicts so you need to speak your mind. Remember, argue with each other, but don’t insult each other. Because it will cause hidden wounds in each other’s heart.

In terms of work, there can be many obstacles that bring a feeling of overwhelming or aversion that you could not understand. You should be careful with those who act friendly, always support you. Because they may have a willing speech but an unwilling heart. What you need to do is behave properly, respect them. This will improve their attitudes in the long run.

In terms of family, this time you need to avoid controversial things that come suddenly or while you are angry. This can cause emotional rift within the family, as well as the relationship between you and your loved ones. Advice for you, this controversy starts from disagreements as well as improper care, but you need to avoid confrontation and find a way to clarify, these disagreements will quickly be resolved.

The reversed Five of Wands Linestrider also implies a conflict or competition between many people, usually related to your job / career. Know that you don’t have to and shouldn’t face these struggles alone, as there are great mentors by your side when things get tough. Solve your problems one by one and think carefully before doing or saying anything.

In terms of work, some work controversies are about to happen if you are currently employed. Stay calm, think carefully, and do your best to avoid arguments and conflicts. Make sure you have prepared your defenses appropriately, such as keeping track of your actions, taking notes, and having witnesses during the argument. If you are looking for a job, don’t be discouraged by the challenging competition that you are facing. Be confident that you have your own outstanding strengths to show. Be positive!

In terms of love, the card says that if you are in a committed relationship, some conflict on the surface may actually benefit your relationship (as long as both sides “fight” fairly). Because you’ll learn a lot about yourself, about your partner, and remove the tension. If you’re looking for love or you are interested in someone who just doesn’t seem to care about you, know that their “closed-heart” is mostly due to their personal problems, not yours. If you really want to be with this person, you’ll need to learn to be patient.

In terms of finance, if you have problems with money right now, it’s time to carefully question post-assumptions. You may have thought that you couldn’t cut your spending, or haven’t known how to make more money or achieve higher returns on investment. Think about it carefully! Try looking at your situation but from an outsider’s point of view. What advice would you give?

In terms of health, the reversed Five of Wands Linestrider means that you are trying to deal with physical pains (applicable in case you have experienced these pains before this spread). If you are injured, you should not ignore any signs and make sure your healthcare provider pays attention to every detail, even if there is no clear clarification for it yet. Because these pains will affect your quality of life if they are not relieved. Ask for help seriously and do what it takes to ease your symptoms. Diet changes, heat, and massage are useful therapies that can benefit your health.

In terms of spirituality, know that spiritual growth is not a struggle. People may try to convince you that you need to grow in a certain direction, with a certain speed, etc. You should also know that spiritual growth can also involve resolving and accepting some glaring contradictions. Train yourself to be comfortable with inconsistency.

IV. Message of Five of Wands Linestrider

This card encourages you to embrace change, and let conflict propel you towards new horizons and bigger goals. Be alert with those who might cause unnecessary tension, division, or even sabotage. The way to overcome this situation is to seek truth, be sincere to yourself and others. If you handle it perfectly, it will open new paths towards success and prosperity.

This card can signal current (or upcoming) conflicts that are likely to spoil your future. You must focus relentlessly on your goals and aspirations. Do not allow yourself to be forced or intimidated by people who don’t really care for your interests.

Be prepared for challenging journeys ahead. You will need more patience to get everything done. The Five of Wands Linestrider does not mention great obstacles, but just many small difficulties and annoyances.

You need to strongly believe in yourself. If something or someone makes you doubt yourself at the moment, trust your instincts. However, no matter what happens, think twice when you want to make things more serious or make decisions that you can not take back. Don’t rush, no matter how angry you may be in the next few weeks.

V. Corresponding Associations of Five of Wands Linestrider

  • Arithmetic: 5, 31, 4;
  • Date of birth: April 15 to  April 21;
  • Plant: fennel, marigold, turmeric.
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