Six Of Wands – Linestrider Tarot Deck

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I. Keyword by Six of Wands Linestrider

Achievement, recognition, acknowledgement, praise, pride, reward.

II. Meaning of Six of Wands Linestrider

The Six of Wands Linestrider is a card that congratulates you and your achievements. Head up, be proud of what you’ve done and who you are now. You may soon get a promotion, reward, or public recognition for your work or achievements.

Meaning of Six of Wands Linestrider

This card shows that you have accomplished your goals with strength, perseverance, and focus, which make people interested. It’s time to build your “personal brand” and recognize the fact that the world is noticing you in a very positive way. Achievements and praise will give you hope for a promising future. Get ready to put extra effort in your work and take things to the next level.

III. Six of Wands Linestrider in a Tarot spread

In a Six of Wands Tarot spread, this card means your efforts and expertise are soon recognized. When people are conscious of your achievements, success and prosperity will come to you. Take time to figure out how to tactfully make your progress known – update your resume and make sure your degrees, awards and medals are on the front page or the center of your website.

Six of Wands Linestrider is a warning of self-doubt and lack of confidence. You have to believe in your abilities and worth so people can trust you. Realize that negative thinking and defeat will get you nowhere. This card may show that someone is stealing your credit or people may not realize your contribution to a situation or project. Sometimes, you have to praise yourself. On the other hand, this card also implies that you are too sure about yourself and arrogance can make failure come faster.

In terms of love, Six of Wands Linestrider shows that attraction is your achievements as a partner. It is one of the most important factors that make you appreciated by others, become seductive and respected by your partner. On the other hand, it also implies that your committed relationship is going well. You may suddenly find yourself being closer and happier with your partner than ever before. If you are single now this card could mean that you are about to enter a relationship with someone you are looking forward to.

In terms of work, if you are looking for a new position. You will soon find something better than what you are looking for. If you are currently working in a desirable position, things are going to be even better than you ever expected. Your efforts are being appreciated. Keep up your good work!

In terms of finance, things will get a lot better financially. No matter what is happening around you, things will always go right to you. However, be careful with any financial snip. Especially these days, it is important to prepare yourself with provisions in advance to prevent difficult times. However, you can expect continuous growth in your financial situation.

In terms of health, if you are worried about your health then relax. Just try to maintain latent mental strength. Be faithful! There are many things you can do to protect your health. Are you too strict in your diet? Do you drink enough water? Are your thoughts positive? All of these “normal and boring” things, especially when dealing with fatigue, can make a huge positive difference. If you are receiving conflicting information about your health from professionals, don’t ever hesitate to ask and seek for a second or third party’s opinion, if necessary.

In terms of spirituality, the Six of Wands Linestrider encourages you to   enjoy joy from the bottom of your soul and love your life. You’re on the right track. Let’s enjoy the happiness spreading inside of you, and share it with others. The world needs gifts that only you can give.

The Six of Wands Linestrider is also a warning of self-doubt and lack of confidence. You have to believe in your abilities and worth in order to help people trust you. Realize that negative thinking and defeat will get you nowhere. This card may show that someone is stealing your credit or people may not realize your contribution to a situation or project. Sometimes, you have to praise yourself.

In a Tarot spread, the Six of Wands Linestrider appears when you are working hard to achieve your goal, and success is the ultimate goal. The recognition from others that you’ve been looking for so long has now come true. You can now receive the applause, respect, and reward you deserve. If you don’t feel like you’re close to winning right now, be assured that all the conditions that make it happen are still working in your favor. The victory of this card is not necessarily related to defeating others. You can overcome yourself, your circumstances, or conflicts.

The Six of Wands Linestrider also shows a good confidence in your personality. Satisfy with your accomplishments is an important part of success, but being too proud can lead to arrogance and complacency. When you see this card, take a look at yourself to make sure you don’t feel like you’re above others. It is easy to forget the fact that personal achievement is not always achieved by one individual. Our talents begin with our Creator, grow with the love and support of others, and eventually manifest through us. Therefore, how could we allow ourselves to be over proud?

The reversed meaning of this card is arrogance, overconfidence and simply abomination. It’s great to be proud of what you’ve done, but bragging won’t bring you many friends or keep you on track. Tactfully adjust the balance between self-assertion and bragging. Be proud and candid about the value of things you mention, but don’t let your laurels shadow other people, shadow what they possess and shadow things which can contribute to their work or relationships.

Be cautious about who you are trusting. There may be people who look like they’re trying to support you on the surface, but are actually jealous or have negative thoughts about you in some way. Trust your instincts when it comes to judging people and don’t hesitate to defend yourself when necessary.

In terms of work, if you are currently employed, even though your work is being appreciated, there may be at least one person with bad intentions being dishonest with you or against you. Any conflict at this point will not bring any benefit, it is better to defeat them silently by “being nice”. If you’re looking for a job, don’t believe in everything you hear. However, your job hunt is likely to be more successful and faster than you expect

In terms of love, if you are already in a committed relationship, then you may feel yourself being so afraid. Reconsider things independently, what makes you afraid? Was there something in particular that your partner said or did that led to your fear? Sometimes two sides need to sit together, commit and re-promise. If you are in the process of finding love, then you may be afraid that you will never find your other half. Remember that you couldn’t make it unless you believe that you are worthy of being loved.

In terms of spirituality, this card implies that for some reason you are expecting nature to give you answers or guidance without any self effort. Of course, this happens from time to time, but you are expected to ask specific questions, and act on your own efforts, rather than waiting for things to be done in a perfect way. Be open to all sources of knowledge that you receive from others, at least scrutinize their explanations even if you will eventually dismiss them.

IV. Message of Six of Wands Linestrider

The Six of Wands Linestrider is a card of happiness and praise. You will notice some positive results for your efforts. Give yourself a break or treat yourself well in some way. You totally deserve it.

This is a very positive sign. It implies that despite the delays and challenges that you are facing, everything that you are hoping for is ultimately achievable.You will soon overcome them and achieve good results, victory in the end.

This is not the time to let fear and anxiety hold you back. Steps forward both literally and figuratively, everything is changing for the better. Enjoy the victory, feel good about yourself, don’t be cocky.

V. Corresponding Associations of Six of Wands Linestrider

  • Arithmetic: 6, 32, 5;
  • Date of birth: August 1 to  August 11;
  • Plant: laurel, hawthorn, witch hazel.
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