The Justice – Linestrider Tarot Deck

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I. Keyword by Justice Linestrider

Cause and effect, fairness, justice, honesty, balance, reason.

II. Meaning of Justice Linestrider

Justice Linestrider reflects your search for truth and represents the results of your actions and the consequences of your decisions. Justice in a Tarot spread shows how long it takes to make a decision. Something in your life needs attention, meditation, or needs a solution. The sword in this picture has two blades, one signifies fairness and the upward blade symbolizes victory. The sword demonstrates that rational, orderly thinking is essential to making fair and right decisions; The two scales show that logic needs to be balanced by intuition. On the two scales, there are the symbol of Libra and the number of the card – number 11.

Meaning of Justice Linestrider

In this version, the hilt is very pointed, representing the card’s ability to cut through situations and reach the truth. People with high intuition are often linked to this most ruthless aspect of the Justice Linestrider, the ability to see through human nature and situations. This card can tell that someone or something in your life doesn’t seem like how you see him/her. Use the combination of your intuition and reason to find the truth.

II. Justice Linestrider in a Tarot spread

When spreading cards, the Justice Linestrider can exhibit many interesting and subtle combinations. When pairing with the High Priestess Linestrider, maybe someone in your life will give you the advice and information you need to make an important decision. When you see Justice with the Cups cards or the Lovers, be cautious because the decisions you make in your love life are significant at this point and will shape your future path.

In the reversed position, Justice Linestrider points out that the lies or injustice can come from yourself or in relation to others. It shows a reluctance to discover the truth underlying a circumstance or a need to take responsibility for the actions of you or others. Remember, inner honesty and accountability is the best way to understand and control outside situations.

Regarding work, if you are looking for a job or a start-up, you should rely on your own abilities and experiences. On the other hand, you should pay attention to your documents and records. If you are in a job, you should pay attention to the legal documents, in the case of signing a contract, you need to carefully consider them before signing. If you are preparing for a new project, you should be aware of legal issues.

In terms of finance, your hard work will be rewarded. If you are involved in illegal money affairs, you will get yourself in many troubles. In case you want to borrow, this is a good time, but you need to carefully examine terms and interest rates. If you want to lend to others, then you should reconsider your capital sources before making any decisions. According to some other ways of interpretation, Justice Linestrider also refers to unexpected money that can come to you, perhaps from the inheritance of an asset taken down by the person above.

Regarding friends and associates, you should treat your friends fairly. Any bias can hurt one of your best friends. Besides, you should have a balance between reason and emotions, this will be better. As for your colleagues, if they have problems, you should give them a hand as much as you can, your kindness will be remembered. If you have problems with your colleagues, you should stay calm and not quibble, maybe there are many aspects that you are not clear about to be handled fairly.

Regarding your family and relatives, issues such as inheritance or your name on the certification document should be discussed thoroughly so that everyone in the family feels fair and to avoid possible disputes and conflicts. If someone close to you wants to borrow, you should advise that person to be careful about legal matters, the best way is to seek advice from someone with financial expertise. On the other hand, you should treat everyone in your family reasonably, sometimes even a slight bias can cause big disagreements.

III. Message of Justice Linestrider

At the microscopic level of personal psychology, the Wheel of Fortune represents the vision of human life, events, who you are, what you turn yourself into. Justice shows that insight into that vision. Empathy is in responsibility. As long as we believe that our past life has just taken place, that we do not push the ego into existence in every thing we do, the past will forever be a mystery, and the future is a meaningless, endless revolving wheel. But when we accept that every event in our life has created our personality and that in the future we will continue to construct ego through our actions, the sword of wisdom will dissolve the mystery.

Further, through accepting responsibility for ourselves, we free ourselves from the past. As the Buddha recalls all of our lives, we can only get rid of the bondage of the past when we are aware of it. Otherwise, we will just repeat the old manners. This is why Justice stands in the middle of our lives. The ego may be just a trait, a mask, but that mask can control us as long as we do not admit that we have impersonated it in the ego.

The view of self-responsibility about one’s life does not imply any kind of intangible control over the world. It doesn’t mean, for example, that if an earthquake destroys your home, you would somehow want it to happen, for any hidden personal reason. Understanding includes accepting the limitations of physical existence. The universe is vast and strange, and there is no individual who controls what happens in it.

Responsibility also does not imply morality. It simply means that whether you like it or not, whatever you do and experience contributes to your personality development. Life forces you to react to all events. Not a moral claim but a reality of existence.

In this era, the emphasis on individualism led to thinking only about individual death and rebirth. Great rituals, on the contrary, aim not only to transform a particular person but also to connect him/her to the greater secrets of the universe. In this direction, we can see another reason why Justice belongs to the central position of Predestination.

We have spoken of the world under reciprocal opposites, a wheel that spins infinitely between light and darkness, life and death. We also said that the center of the wheel is the stationary point, around which opposites rotate endlessly. Justice’s balance was once again reminiscent of that stationary point. When all the opposites, including past and future, come to an equilibrium, we can be free from within.

Many people wonder what Tarot, I Ching, or astrology tells us about free will. If the cards can predict what we will do, does that mean that free will doesn’t exist? This question arises from a misunderstanding of the nature of “free will”; we think of a free will as something simple and independent from the past. We think we are free to do whatever we want at any time. But our choices that are supposed to be free are guided by past actions. If we do not understand ourselves, how can we expect a free decision? Only when we see and accept the past will we not be bound by it.

In Tarot spreading, the reader must always pay close attention to Justice Linestrider. If it does appear, then the first meaning it shows is that events have happened in the true sense that they should be; and that, what is happening to you comes from past situations and decisions. You get what you deserve. Secondly, it shows a need and a possibility of being able to see the truth in the outcome. It means absolute honesty. At the same time, it demonstrates the possibility that your actions in the future could be altered by a lesson from the present situation.

We cannot be true to ourselves if we cannot be true to others. In this sense, Justice Linestrider has the obvious literal meaning of Justice: honesty, fairness, the right actions, of course in law and in other matters, a decision – even though the decision-maker does not necessarily enjoy that decision.

Reversed Justice points out being dishonest with yourself and others. It implies an unwillingness to perceive the meaning of events, and especially a reminder that you are missing out on some opportunities to gain great empathy about yourself and life. On the external level, it refers to actions or decisions that are unfair and unjustified. the reversed meanings also refer to unfair decisions under the law or being treated badly by someone.

On the other hand, we must not accept unfair proposals as an excuse to deny personal responsibility for what happens to us. Reversed Justice Linestrider sometimes reflects the attitude, “That’s not fair. See how people treat me.” And there are more. Whether upright or reversed, Justice’s clear eyes send a powerful message – in Ralph Waldo Emerson’s words, “Nobody can bring you peace but yourself”.

IV. Corresponding Associations of Justice Linestrider

  • Astrology: Libra, Capricorn;
  • Arithmetic: 11, 2, 8;
  • Plant: banana tree, leaves, garlic, violets.

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