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I. Keyword by Page of Swords Linestrider

Prudence, diplomacy, tactics, intellectual ability, talent, youth, messenger.

II. Meaning of Page of Swords Linestrider

The Page of Swords Linestrider Tarot represents truth, honesty, integrity, and fresh perspective. This is a card of “words and ideas” rather than a card of feelings and intuition. It depicts a young fellow standing on a windy hillside with his sword pointed forward. The sword represents truth, clarity, and the mind’s ability to dig into the heart of a problem or situation. The location on the hill gives you a better view of the land below.

Meaning of Page of Swords Linestrider

The other Page cards in this deck all depict a young girl while this Page depicts someone who is more hermaphrodite. And this particular Page has a more gender-neutral outfit and style.

III. Page of Swords Linestrider in a Tarot spread

In a Tarot spread, this card often signals a message or a message-bearer is coming. It may indicate that a young person or an adult who is young at heart has entered or will enter your life, or that you yourself are the source of youthful energy in a new situation. Page of Swords Linestrider Tarot usually appears when you are starting a new phase in your life or when a new opportunity is emerging. This card can encourage you to talk openly about something at work or in a relationship, even if you feel that what you are about to say seems naive and ingenuous or will not be well received. Page of Swords has a strong connection to messages and message bearers, and that’s why the author drew the envelopes blowing in the wind around the character. When interpreting with some cards from the Cups suit, the card’s honesty factor will be emphasized. Is there a difficult or straightforward argument that you know needs to happen but you hold back or delay it? According to the author, he once saw this card appear with two Court cards and the Seven of Swords when interpreting cards for a friend. This signs that the querent is hiding an important truth regarding the people around her life. The cards baffled him a bit because he thought this spread was about her upcoming decision to (or not) go to college. After interpreting the cards, the querent confessed: she knew her brother-in-law was having an affair but didn’t know how to tell her sister.

When in reverse, Page of Swords Linestrider Tarot shows that some sly or cunning person is taking advantage of you or that the actions of some self-centered daredevil may be affecting your life. Or, as in the above case, you may have been summoned to receive the transmission of an unhappy or unpleasant message. Since the Page of Swords often represents a message or a message bearer, this card can indicate that bad news is coming your way. A warning from this card is to beware of petty, malicious, and talkative people.

The Page of Swords Linestrider Tarot in reverse can sometimes represent a real person in your life. This could be someone younger than you, who tends to stick their nose in other people’s businesses that have nothing to do with them. If so, don’t be afraid to draw boundaries. Also, it tells you that you simply cannot plan for everything. Unexpected happenings are a part of life and you shouldn’t beat yourself up about them. Slow things down and fix each problem one by one.

Carrying the two elements of earth and air, the Page of Swords Linestrider Tarot will often describe people with quite contradictory personalities, sometimes they even show extremely different personality sides. In them, the main highlight is inward thinking, using their own senses to perceive events that are happening, they handle things with reason, as well as from the point of view they deem to be reasonable. Normally, the people represented by this card show a passive and introverted appearance, but when they find things that interest them, they immediately move into a dynamic state and the energy accumulated within them begins to sparkle.

Page always shows people who have a lot of stubborn personalities inside, but with Page of Swords, this level is much reduced. But in many cases, they are less willing to change in their private lives and have quite a few principles. This leads them to explode with anger if someone influences or breaks their rules. On the other hand, since these are people who are not very good at expressing their emotions, if you have to deal with their anger, watch out for their cynical words.

They are adventurous people who yearn for exploring new things. However, they are extremely consistent with their beliefs. They like to gather knowledge from others and then slowly contemplate the meaning of things, which leads to them often prefer to spend time alone rather than other people. These are intelligent people, so they are suitable for many professions in society. The difficult pressures in work as well as in life are just the fire of challenges to forge them. Their talents are best expressed in seemingly dead-end situations. They are independent individuals who love freedom and travel everywhere. Binding them is quite challenging. They are always active at work. However, they are often impatient in challenges that require too long a waiting period.

In relationships, these are people who belong to existentialism, so they are less likely to talk about long-term promises and dreamy commitments. They are principled to the point of stubbornness. Not good at expressing their feelings to others and often quite heartless, they often hurt others unintentionally. They tend to be withdrawn and live discreetly. They like to be alone but hate being isolated, so they will often take actions that are different from others to attract their attention, however, sometimes things don’t go the way they want.

In terms of work, Page of Swords Linestrider Tarot signals changes in a positive direction. In case your work is being delayed, you need to keep your strength and prepare to seize the opportunity of change coming in the future. On the other hand, you should find a new, creative, and more engaging direction in your projects or plans. At the same time, you may need to collect information about your competitors to have timely countermeasures against new competitive strategies.

In terms of finance, the card talks about events that need to be spent in the future, it will make you have a hard time managing your capital. With controversial issues related to money in the future, you should be careful because things may turn out against your will. In case you want to invest or spend large purchases, then you should consult knowledgeable people as well as need to calculate carefully. You should not borrow too much during this time as well.

In terms of friends and associates, you should not insist that you are always right about everything and use every argument you can think of to win. This will make your friendships become much worse. This is the time when you should limit your debates which will help you avoid unnecessary conflicts. With colleagues, you need to be humble, as well as communicate more delicately. These things will help you to create goodwill in the work environment.

In terms of family and relatives, the Page of Swords Linestrider Tarot represents the positive aspects of the sibling relationship in the family. However, for parents, the card reflects conflicts that are tough to reconcile between them and their children. The reason is due to disagreements as well as the imposition from them. The card also warns about verbal quarrels with relatives in the future. On the other hand, it shows unnecessary interference by relatives in your personal life. The advice is just to keep quiet and stay neutral, these effects will be greatly mitigated.

In terms of spirituality, you may be ignoring this side. Even the most rational anthropologist in the world must realize that there are mysteries that are not necessarily immediately visible or logically discernible. Explore mental knowledge systems that you enjoy, even if you don’t believe in them. Open your mind. If you think you’re ready to open up, look deeper even more.

IV. Message of Page of Swords Linestrider

Page of Swords Linestrider Tarot is a messenger, he brings you challenges. He assumes that you will have an opportunity to develop in the form of a problem or a dilemma. These challenges may not be your thing. In fact, you’ll probably want to say, “Thanks, but I don’t need them.”

He wants you to be resilient in the face of these difficult circumstances. Think of them as challenges to test your mettle. If you accept and overcome those challenges, you will become stronger and more elastic. You are encouraged to use the characteristics of the Swords suit – honesty, reason, integrity, and resilience.

The Page of Swords Linestrider Tarot can also represent a child or a young-at-heart adult, whose interactions with you involve honesty, moral action, lack of courage, or problems of reason. This relationship is likely to have problems or difficulties in remaining mentally resilient to the challenges of the Swords suit.

Sometimes this Page implies that your entire situation is filled with the spirit of learning, discovery, and mental activity. In times like these, use reason and enjoy the enlightenment of wisdom.

The Page of Swords, like all Court cards, can sometimes represent a real person in real life. In this case, Page will represent someone younger than the person asking the question (querent). The Page cards also usually indicate an incoming message. In the case of the Page of Swords, that message may not be what you were expecting.

In general, the Page of Swords Linestrider Tarot tells us that the querent may be trying too hard, pushing things too quickly, or being angry with someone. You may need to learn other people’s body language and consider how well you can (or cannot) accept constructive criticism from others. Right now it seems like you are feeling full of physical and mental energy. Use it wisely.

V. Corresponding Associations of Page of Swords Linestrider

  • Arithmetic: 54, 9;
  • Date of birth: February 20 to February 28;
  • Plant: fennel, anise, benzoin.
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