The Fool – Linestrider Tarot Deck

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I. Keyword by The Fool Linestrider

Journey, Idealism, New adventures, Innocence, Decisions, Spontaneity, Recklessness, Openness to unique experiences

II. Meaning of The Fool Linestrider

The typical image of the card is usually a young man wandering on the road, holding a rose in one hand and a cloth bag in the other hand. His gait is leisurely, playful, and aimless. This card usually refers to an indecisive in-the-middle state or a state that changes indefinitely, even though sometimes unconscious. It includes the starting state of unconsciousness, disorientation, negligence, and danger. It also means a state of extreme indulgence, sometimes being hysterical.

Meaning of The Fool Linestrider

The Fool Linestrider is the card of potential new beginnings and innocence. The author draws him with an incomplete face and body because this card is about a person who is embarking on an experience or process of formation; who he will become remains a mystery. This card shows all the adventures and new opportunities that await. The Fool is very carefree, carrying no burden of fear or anxiety even when he is taking a foolish step with one foot resting on the ledge of the cliff. He does not look quite concerned that he himself does not really know what is ahead.

In most Tarot decks, the Fool is drawn with a companion animal, usually a dog, but here he accompanies a Kookaburra kingfisher – the teddy bear of the sky. Kookaburra birds are also famous for their laughter and humor, perfect to accompany The Fool Linestrider, symbolizing their cheerful and innocent nature. This pair completely follow their instincts.

If the card is in the reversed position, beware of irresponsibility, reckless projects, and haste. Depending on the other cards in the spread, the message can be as light as a reminder to let go of anxiety or as a warning of your recklessness or mental instability or of others.

On the negative side, The Fool Linestrider warns unfinished or abandoned projects, insecurity, and suspicion, or that you have (or will) make unstudied or neglectful decisions. In some extreme situations, The Fool can talk about madness, mental illness, or dementia. Be careful when you see The Devil co-occuring with The Fool while reading cards. Happy-to-lucky and carefree-looking things can suddenly turn into distrust, addiction, and ruined relationships.

III. The Fool Linestrider in a Tarot spread

In a Tarot spread, The Fool is the card that represents the querent the most; The Tarot is basically Fool’s journey. Sometimes, Fool will represent someone else. When The Fool Linestrider appears in the future position in a spread about relationship, it can point to a partner as young, carefree, cheerful, or irresponsible.

The Magician and Fool are great together, as they are the seed of a time when the resources in life help you achieve great things without making you lose your comfortable and gentle personality. When The Fool associates with a travel card – for instance, the Eight of Wands or Two of Wands – it indicates how long you should embark on the unknown and embrace new journeys.

In terms of work, if you are starting to build a new company or project, The Fool Linestrider corresponds to a loss of direction and full of business risks. If the project is already in progress, the card describes the saturation or helplessness of the way it is run or a kind of authoritarian and pressured governance. If drawing this card, you should review the way you manage your project or company, examine the direction, avoid an out-of-band orientation without a specific spearhead.

In terms of finance, The Fool Linestrider represents a situation of inadvertent extravagance or impulsive spending without the initiative of purpose. The negativity reduces when you follow your passion and decide to spend on it. In this case, the card alludes to the undue wastage of passion, but on the other hand, that passion culminates and as such, is not necessarily bad. Oftentimes, you should evaluate your budget and your spending goals.

About friends and colleagues, The Fool Linestrider refers to a group of friends or you are too indifferent to people around. This lethargy happens unconsciously yet affects relationships in the surroundings. The card also warns of the risks of betrayal of friendship and other associated betrayals such as money and status. It also warns of your excessive grace towards others, which can create many issues of jealousy or self-pity for those around you. It would be wiser to look back on your relationships and properly adjust your attention to those who truly deserve it.

About family and relatives, The Fool Linestrider alerts insensitivity towards your family and vice versa. This may be due to your own manners. It also signals that negligent actions can harm a family’s sentiments. You need to look at the situation and put everything in its place. Apologies can completely destroy the disadvantages of this card. Be more careful about words as well as actions because this card also includes carelessness in human behavior.

IV. Message of The Fool Linestrider

The Fool Linestrider represents an important chapter in our life that about to begin – a chapter full of risks we need to deal with. It speaks of choices and comprehension, and the desire to acquire new knowledge and experiences because without them, we would become superficial and boring. By symbols, The Fool also began his journey to the land of knowledge and spiritual enlightenment, ready to learn and develop because he believed that everything is possible. The possibility of failure is something that never comes to mind, and he does not understand the meaning of fear because he has never experienced it.

Life’s change and challenges can take us anywhere, but we all need the challenges to sharpen our creativity and willpower to revive all of our potentials. Without them, we lose our motivation and become stagnant. Obviously, the outcome is unpredictable, but we need to have confidence in ourselves to overcome the obstacles and challenges in life. After all, it is necessary to remove outdated habits, practices, and methods, and learn to create our own unique ways. Therefore, we need to listen to our inner call and not let ourselves be influenced by external single-sided words.

The Fool is card number 0 and as the wheel of life which is the symbol of samsara. Number 0 is the symbol of potential, representing the echo of the infinite from which life arises and returns. The Mayans symbolize number 0 in the form of a swirl, inspired by the womb: the place that makes life for a fetus. Number 0 is also considered to signify the beginning of a spiritual journey.

The Fool is influenced by Uranus, which is the planet of impulses, change of independence, self-confidence, decision-making, originality, and freedom. Uranus stimulates uniqueness and the ability to function with explosive creativity of independent will. It defines literary ideas, upbringing, hopes, and wishes. It also signifies potential spirituality and vitality, as well as the ability to seize opportunities, to innovate, to create, and interest in science.

V. Corresponding Associations of The Fool Linestrider

  • Astrology: Not available;
  • Arithmetic: 0, 22, 33;
  • Plants: ginseng, cedar, rose, geranium.

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