The Moon – Linestrider Tarot Deck

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I. Keyword by The Moon Linestrider

Intuition, deep instinct, lies, imagination, emotion, fear, illusion, fantasy, dream, genius, artistic breakthrough, confusion.

II. Meaning of The Moon Linestrider

The Moon Linestrider is a mysterious and iconic card related to the Pisces zodiac. This card represents illusion, intuition, and unconsciousness. Moon can appear in a spread when you are feeling uncertain or lost. There will be times when this card becomes quite dark, warning of what is against you, the dark intentions of others, or your own darkness enveloping, with fears and uncertainties. Security is impacting your way. However, Moon can be a harbinger of genius, artistic breakthroughs, unrivaled creativity, powerful magic, and intuition.

Meaning of The Moon Linestrider

The Moon’s dim light shines on the lake at the bottom of the card. The water surface represents the subconscious mind. The shrimp crawling out of the lake is a symbol of consciousness. The dog and the wolf onshore are two aspects of our nature which are wild and domesticated. The path leading between the two mysterious Spiers is here, but it is difficult to see under the dim light. You may think you have lost your way and you are wandering aimlessly in the dark. This is a wild Major Arcana card. It can lead to artistic, mental, or emotional breakthroughs if you let the light of your inner knowledge guide you. If darkness prevails, the Moon Linestrider warns of troubles – fear, addiction, even madness.

III. The Moon Linestrider in a Tarot spread

When spreading cards, this complex card is often very confusing, largely because the Moon Linestrider’s drawers are usually those who embrace suspicions, deception, hallucinations, or lack of concentration. Please note that everything in this card represents a choice between two things. Even when the imaginary scenes are dark and gloomy, you actually have clear choices – earth or water (reason and emotion), wolf or dog (instinct/intuition and civilization/reason). More often than not, this confusion and hesitation are caused by self-doubts rather than incompetence and lack of ideas. When combined with Strength, this is a powerful sign that you are holding the answers you need, if you believe in yourself and your inner strength.

Together the Hermit and the Moon Linestrider will urge you to seek solitude and silence all the voices and opinions of others; The best thing for you now is to focus on your vision. On the contrary, when appearing with the Hierophant, the Moon shows that you can find solace, advice, or support from an organization or a powerful person (such as a pastor, mentor, or lecturer). When accompanied by a strong female character like the Empress or Queen of Pentacles, maybe there is a woman in your life who can help you get through your current dilemma.

According to the author, if the Moon Linestrider appears in a spread, we should pay more attention to which cards appear in the “motivational” position, the card is about the reasons behind the question, as it can tell many things. For instance, he has seen the Moon card in the current position and the reversed Wheel of Fortune card at the dynamic position along with a superficial Pentacles card. The results showed that the querent went through an unlucky time with regard to money, which left him feeling confused and uncertain about all of his/her business decisions.

He goes to fortune-telling because he feels depressed and thinks that maybe he has some physical illness. By the time he admitted that bad luck was nothing more than bad luck and that his business sense was indeed always right, he was able to overcome the darkness of self-doubt and return to his usual happy self. It was not a groundbreaking revelation but simply a conversation with himself that he turned down. When he does that, everything improves dramatically.

It is worth noting that if the Moon appears with the Magician or Devil, there may be someone in your life actively confusing, exploiting, or deceiving you. Usually, this combination indicates that someone is controlling you in some way. Open your eyes wide and see what their malicious motives are.

The Moon Linestrider may be a miracle card when it comes to introspection and wonderfully creative power of the secret ego, but in its reversed position, it reveals disturbance, riot, deception and that everything is not what it seems. Maybe you have recently gone through a period of self-deception, fear, anxiety or maybe someone else is hurting you. You may need to focus on deep emotional issues.

As with the meaning in the upright position, the Moon Linestrider in reverse can show the difficulty in a relationship. Above all, don’t ignore your intuition; although it is difficult to read the message, the answer you need is in the realm of darkness. Perhaps this is a good time to take a break from a job or a relationship to reconnect you with your inner wisdom.

From east to west, the image of the moon is the inspiration for myths to literary works. Below the card is a dog and a wolf looking up at the moonlight representing the most primitive and instinctive parts of the human race. From the bottom of the water, the shrimp is slowly emerging which represents the oldest fears of mankind that only under the magical moonlight can we see it. The path on which the shrimp is crawling is one that stretches from a vague deep subconscious to a clear sense of reality, whose two towers represent the boundary between consciousness and the subconscious mind. The astrological element corresponding to the card is the Pisces.

In terms of work, this is not a good omen. If you are preparing to find a job in life, you need to be clear about what you want and your abilities. Having delusions about yourself can lead to deep disappointments. If something goes wrong with your boss or coworker at work, now is the time to calm down, avoid conflicts when angry, and gently communicate in order to understand each other better. If your job is stable, then you should prepare yourself for the problems you are about to face. if you are about to embark on a new job, be careful because the Moon Linestrider refers to hidden things that you have not clearly seen or “blinded to”. Sometimes, this card points to the “boundary of an important change”, you need to keep your mind at peace because this change will still depend on how you respond to it.

In terms of finance, unlike cards like the Devil or the Tower, this card alludes to things that come slowly and gently, but when we know it, the grass has grown under our feet and we are unable to escape. If you are financially dependent on your family and are looking for more money from this source, then you will be quite disappointed. Your family’s financial support is also not a bottomless bank, get rid of the illusion that everything must be in your way. The advice that this card gives you is to have the courage to walk with your own strength to make money. Growing up is about letting others worry less about you. If you are still not old enough to earn money, you should practice how to spend it properly from now on. In case you are planning a business or market development, this is not the right time. Do not borrow or lend to others during this time. And when making a decision, you need to look at reality from many different perspectives, limiting others from influencing you.

On the matter of friends and associates, the Moon Linestrider wants to send you the message of beware. Maybe the person you trust will hurt you the most. You cannot fully understand the nature of a person from the outside. Jealousy stirs up the deepest dark parts of them which will ruin a profound relationship. Once people have sold you out, they are no longer qualified to be your friends. Regarding coworkers, you should keep quiet with them during this time or just say innocuous words, as well as avoid expressing or expressing your opinion. Just focus on your own work, the story of other people does not really benefit you, they even rely on that to put bad labels on you.

About family and relatives, you and everyone care deeply about each other. However, if you have an argument or conflict with a loved one, it is best to avoid engaging in anger. On the other hand, because family and relatives make you different from who you are, this makes you more prone to restlessness, distraction, and at times it is easy to lose your temper and feel stifled. The Moon Linestrider says release yourself slowly and gently day by day so they get used to it. The outer masks from time to time, one way or another, have to die.

IV. Message of The Moon Linestrider

The Star does not show the way back. It represents the moment when we are immersed in a glorious moment when darkness turns into light. To use that light, we must overcome events and fears. The experience of the Star is beyond the descriptive range of language, even of form, although it implies that forms blend with the flow. In the Moon we can see that this process takes place in the form of images, falling into illusion. The Moon is the card of imagination because it molds the energy of the Star into the form grasped by perception.

Myths have always been misrepresented. They can never say what they want, but only expect the inner to recognize the core meaning deep within them or not. The Star stirred the water; When we return to external consciousness, water exposes the creatures hidden within it. Recall that the Star and the Sun have “righteous” light, while the Moon is only reflecting the light hidden in the Sun. Imagination is distorted because it reflects the inner experience of the external mind.

The strange flicker of the Moon always evokes a sense of singularity for both humans and animals. The word “lunacy” is synonymous with “madness”, derived from the word “luna” (the Latin word for “moon”). There was something about the moon that ignited fear and unusual “things”; while the sun, on the contrary, makes us relax and soothe. The Sun in Tarot is right after the Moon; the simplicity of the Sun is only appreciated after having gone through the mysterious or strange journey of the Moon.

The dog and the wolf represent the part “animal” called by The Moon, like the phenomenon of animals like howling on a full moon night. The Emperor has taught us the norm in a “standard” society that they become “automated”. With the last line in the Major Arcana, we are beyond suppressing that “super-self”; In the process, instinctive impulses surfaced. How the wolf howls on a full-moon night is the most vivid metaphor that describes the unconscious power to evoke something primitive and wild in even the most venerable sages.

The number 18 of the Moon refers to the number 8. Strength sees the nature of the tamed beast and leads it through the Hermit. No indication is given here; upon its way back from the Star, the beast returned to its frantic wild nature. Only when the energy of the Star is pumped into the World will the animal ego transform completely. Notice that in Strength, the woman – the “human” part – controls the lion. Even in the Devil, the demons are humanoid. But there is no ghost in card 18. In the “shady” light of the Moon, the sense of self as a “person” is broken.

We feel the wildness of the Moon after we wake up from a nightmare when we feel in us a strangeness that cannot be expressed in words. Crazy emotion doesn’t come from nightmares; otherwise, it is more correct. We said before that dreaming is an unconscious energy that manifests itself in the form of images. The explosive energy that goes beyond your tolerance makes your dreams turn into nightmares, and the wild energy that follows the momentum of nightmares clings to you even when you wake up.

The craze is a free-to-return bonus with dark feelings in the body. The phenomenon of psychosis that makes people turn into beasts appears in abundance. The sudden release of unconscious energy causes the personality to disintegrate. In Tarot, this “sensitive” moment occurs only after a long period of preparation, and the problems of the ego are left behind. Remember that the number 1 and 8 of the Moon add up to 9, which is the number of the Hermit. The instructor of that card does not exist here, and we have to deal with the Moon alone, but the instructions we received earlier will help us determine how.

If the animal is a symbol of man’s savage, that shrimp is something different. In one of the most vivid descriptions, Waite called it something deeper than a savage monster. It represents the most objective fears in the collective unconscious, the nameless type of devil. The resurgence of that kind of terror often happens to people who manifest a frenetic part of their ego through deep meditation or dope. Those horrors are also regarded as monsters that magicians must encounter each time they trance. This surge of fears can cause unjustified panic attacks. Yet these images belong to our inner world; we cannot touch the Sun without surpassing them.

The deepest crises are those that do not take shape. We feel something inside, but we never see what it is. At the same time the half-rise of the shrimp implies that in the journey of returning to the will, the deep perception of Star will gradually disperse because we cannot bring it back completely. It was also for this reason that the Moon was in turmoil because a part of Star’s peace and thought was destroyed and scattered.

However, in spite of the wildness and terror, the distant light also had a calming effect. The Moon is considered capable of increasing tolerance, referring to the “column of tolerance” on the Tree of Life in the Qabalah tradition. To be more specific, the spots of light falling on the heads of the animals (again) are YOD – the first letter in the name of God and a symbol of tolerance. If we accept the wildest things from the depths of our delusions through mere preparation and courage, the Moon will bring calm, horrors will subside, and then imagination – now becomes more abundant – will lead us back to its miracles. The road is still there.

The path leads us through two Spiers, indicating the entrance to the senseless area. The entrance is a very common symbol among mystics and magicians, as well as among other types of mythology. Sometimes, a circular figure, like Mandarava, or a few objects – like a cave (the cave is often compared to the vagina), the portal allows us to leave the everyday world into the magical world of the mind.

The twin towers in Tarot have another meaning, the perfect image of the pair of opposing columns in the temple of the High Priestess. If the Tower’s revelation was inconsistent with everyday life, new and more intense pairs of opposites would emerge. At the same time, it is hearing God’s word before that completely changes our relationship with the question of opposites. Back then, duality was considered the foundation of life, but now we know that, in fact, the present is a mixture of everything; We have reached the place where we were previously covered by a veil between the two poles that separates us from that place. We are looking at the twin pyramid of consciousness on the “other side”. It is now a question of bringing back inner truth, not piercing it.

In a spread, the Moon Linestrider denotes the excitement of the unconscious. We begin to experience strange emotions, dreams, events, even delusions. If the card is drawn, the querent will allow this to happen. When accepted, a sublimated imagination enriches life. But if the card is reversed, it shows a struggle against that experience. The struggle led to fear and often stirred emotions that did not accept the stillness of the Moon.

Like the High Priestess, the Moon Linestrider alludes to turning away from foreign concerns and being introspective. It may imply the cessation of certain activities, or simply the time of retreat. However, while the Priestess is a symbol of tranquil intuition, the Moon provokes images from within. In addition, the reversed Moon also means chaos. This person does not expect to turn his back on the light, trying to fight the Moon with a number of activities. But the Moon still happens as a matter of fact, and the more you struggle, the stronger your fears will become. Psychology, moving on its own by its rules, has already surrendered to the Moon. If you allow yourself to experience it, the fears will turn into miracles and open gates of adventure.

V. Corresponding Associations of The Moon Linestrider

  • Astrology: Cancer, Pisces;
  • Arithmetic: 18;
  • Plants: valerian, stinking passion flower, lilac, Datura metel, camomile, sandalwood.

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