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Go down to the world below, the journey goes into the deep unconscious.
The strange path goes into the depths of the soul, confronts the night, with fears, understand yourself most profoundly.
The Light
Devotion to intuitive knowledge.
The Shadow
Illusions, hysteria, complexities of abuse, hallucinations, fear, abuse of drugs, avoidance of reality.
The mirror of the soul or the bridge between the inner and the outer world.

I. Background of the Moon Thoth Tarot card

The mysterious Moon, the connection between the unconscious (the Star Thoth) and the conscious effort (the Sun) faces us as an axis between the inner and the outer world. Spiritually, it is a storyteller who expresses the visual world of the soul. In the third part below the card, we see the murky waters of the underworld. In the middle, there is a sacred beetle as a symbol of revival. Clamping between its claws is the sun leading it to dawn. Its light connects with the beginning of the half-conscious world because we see the circle of light extending into the middle of the card as the beginning of the path is pushing into consciousness between weird guardians and dark towers. The sun symbolizes not only the unconscious desire (between births) on the threshold to light but also the symbol of rebirth and reincarnation.

In the design of the Moon Thoth card, the background is very interesting. The lower part of the card has two sizes, the upper part has the space structure, we find the “bringing into relationship” of the inner to the outside world; and on the road that glides out of the inner light (below the threshold) into the outer light of tolerance, we see the inner desire on the path to consciousness (the Sun) which is depicted in this card.

II. Analyze and describe the Moon Thoth Tarot

Analyze and describe the Moon Thoth Tarot

1. Motif (gatekeepers)

a. Tower

The two towers stood in the upper part of the Moon Thoth card as representatives of both extremes that a soul must walk on the path between them to advance to consciousness. On the other hand, it is also the soul who is experiencing spiritual tightening. They are the personification of fear emerging from the subconscious, the fear clinging to what is supposed to be fixed values, and is the extraordinary symbol of the self hidden behind such values because of the fear of being swallowed by the inner nonsense.

b. Between the two towers

Fear that arises from the subconscious so, it must go through the middle of itself, and it must find the path to itself through two columns of its own mask. Psychologically, this corresponds to the need to overcome the fear. Mythically, it is a narrow passage between two monsters, Scylla and Charybdis (Odyssey), in which Scylla is a looter and Charybdis is a swallow. These narrow paths are reminiscent of the experience of birth: out of safety and warmness through the narrow passage into the shimmer of the cold world outside.

c. Guardians

The biggest obstacle on the way home is ourselves. The search for truth is blocked by their fear of this very fact. That explains why we do not want to seek the truth, but instead, we look for the concept of our own truth for the sake of what seems safe. If not for the fear of haunting us like a nightmare in the night and teaching us the meaning of fear, nothing will force us to leave that tower and enter a profound truth.

d. Anubis

Anubis is a jackal dog that has retrieved the torn parts by Seth and scattered them throughout all the corners of the world in the myth of Osiris. Then, it brought those parts to Isis, Osiris’s suffering wife, and she gave them a new life with the power of her love. He is considered to be the power of integration (gathering) and a helpful guide for souls to go through the afterlife. In this dual function, he is an appropriate symbol of the soul’s decisive step on the path to integrity: He guides us through the threshold of fear into the lands of the underworld that its deep bottom (midnight sun) hides the foundations we are missing becoming integrity. Dogs (actually white with red ears) are offered to Anubis, however, chase after sinful spirits. Mythically, they correspond to the image of Scylla, the robber.

2. Underground (night)

Looking inside or staring at the deep bottom, there is the feminine path to truth. So, the soul places itself in the close-up of the lower part of the Moon Thoth card. The secrets of the inner emotional spaces are symbolized here because as soon as the rays of the soul touch the earth, it gets caught in the matter. To return to the sun, it must be born again from the water of life.

a. Sun

Beneath the threshold, in the feminine realm, we see the sun symbolizing masculinity, going down to its own source. Just as the sun rises above the horizon in the morning, goes to the zenith at noon, and dives again into the horizon in the evening, people also come from the source of life when they are born, climb to the top of their external goals throughout their lives and then go down after they have gone through the highest peak of life to finally rest in Mother Earth

b. Beetle

In the water below, we see Khephra, the sacred beetle holding the sun between its two claws. It quietly rolled towards the dawn. So, the beetle becomes a symbol of the energy that is born from itself (male), pulling the sun out of the realm of the greatest darkness to the new morning. New light was born from the darkest hours.

c. EEG

The bottom part of the Moon Thoth card has a diagram that runs through as vibrations, denoted by lines in the hibernation period (the elevated roads are reminiscences of REM in the dream). Dreams of Creator are the sources of life in the abdomen of femininity.

3. Background (light)

a. The road (upward)

The path through the tower is the path to the integrity (or the self). We see this in the “booming” path from the sun and thus, it creates an extension of the middle peaks from a lower third part of the card. The vibrations indicated by the straight lines of the diagram below (behind the sun) finding a shape in the rapid development of the road, a fascinating path by entering into space.

In ancient esoteric customs, we read that sacred illumination – when it comes – is like a stream of lightning, destroying all illusions in a single light, as well as the enlightenment of Buddha and Prophet Mohammed, St. Paul’s conversion to Christianity through Lord’s gaze, or during the Feast of the Tranquility poured down from the Holy Spirit. In another form, this iconic content is reflected in the image of Prometheus, who destroyed the old order by lighting the torch on the path of the sun on Mount Olympus, thereby, stealing fire from Gods and bring down to mankind.

b. Mountains

Behind the towers, there are two green mountains towering with the stream of life flowing down the valley floor. We can easily see in these two mountains the rising knees of a woman in labor, and her abdomen’s inside below the bottom. This turns the lower part of the Moon Thoth card into the body of the mother covering the fetus and the path to the reproductive channel. This reflects the Egyptian tradition, in which Nut, the Goddess of the sacred devoured the sun in the west every evening and gave birth to it in the east every morning. We see her blood lost in the process like a red sky in the morning.

c. Yod (drops of blood)

In front of the triangular section in the background, we see nine drops of blood in the form of Yod – the Hebrew writing falls on the top of the path (the opening of the uterus). Number nine is the wise number of the Moon, and Yod is the first word in the name of God written in Hebrew. It represents the kind of tolerance given to mankind on the path to light.

d. The Crescent

In the middle of the top edge of the Moon Thoth card, there is a crescent moon facing down. Beneath it, we recognize the underworld, pushing up to the full moon, from below to enter the moonballs. This is the world of the dreamer, who let themselves be dragged into dreams to the point where they disappear from this world.

What Crowley calls drug illusions or insanity is the goal of dreamer and magicians to disappear from the physical planet and wake up on the other side of the boundary of the known. The rising world in the moon’s secretion shows the desire to penetrate time and space which is repressed within ordinary people: “the old dies, the new is not born yet out, and from this interruption, there have been numerous syndromes of illness ”(Antonio Gramsci).

III. Interpretation of the Moon Thoth Tarot

1. Background of the Moon Thoth Tarot (in the womb of darkness)

At the end of each month, we can see the dim light from the crescent moon before the sun rises in the eastern sky. Then, there were three moonless nights before the new light from the crescent moon appeared for the first time when the sun was setting in the west. The moon dies in the east and stays three days in the underworld before it rises again from the west. So, it is a symbol of all heroes and messiahs who once went into the realm of death in three days.  

2. Overview of the Moon Thoth Tarot

The Moon Thoth card leads us into the endless depth of our inner world, and thus, enters the visual world of the soul. It allows us to have a vague idea behind the example through which we adjust our conscious world to adapt to the fear necessary for our safety. That idea leads us into the realm of the subconscious in which we face our longing and deep souls. Just as important as when we go down to the underworld is the return from there. Only when the sun cuts through the threshold described in this card is there a new development. Otherwise, the core of our personality is still swallowed up in the ocean of darkness, and the process of self-development will fail.

3. Awareness

In terms of consciousness, the Moon Thoth card shows a great opportunity to acquire, including related dangers. This is the deep down journey that myths refer to as a trip to Hades or a trip to the underworld. These stories vividly describe the frightening images of our souls as “the herd of darkness”. Coping and overcoming monsters is the hardest part of the hero’s journey and thus, the biggest challenge in life: all dragons, spiders, snakes, monsters, and demons are past patterns of experiences emerging from the depths of our memories.

They have been woven in a prototype way into consciousness and represent part of our psychological heritage. Evolution does not remove them but conceals them miraculously in a higher form of conscious acts. Just like when we discover and conquer the outside world like children (armed with a stick), it is time to explore the inner space. The most dangerous thing is being swallowed up by the darkness, peaceful form rather than withdrawing from the world and the extreme form rather than the mental disorder.

4. Career

In terms of career, the Moon Thoth card is fear and insecurity in work, and fear of deepening failure, not getting a job or finding a suitable career. Cheating, lying and deception are fears; the disorder, confusion, and irrationality are also counted. However, we also become accustomed to our intuition. It can guide us better than reason if we do not ignore it. Imagination, creativity and deep knowledge are awakened when we choose the path to go inside. Just like artists who focus on turning their deep desires into visible forms, this card urges us to create a way of expressing our inner life in the outside world.

5. Relationship

The moon, which appears in front of us in a shape that changes every night, even from ancient times, represents things that are easy to change and therefore, also unreliable, sullen and tempting. Its reflected light is considered a symbol of sensitive passivity and lack of will and therefore, all addictions (aspirations). Everything that is familiar and clear in the daylight can turn into a struggle with childish imagination and capable of pulling us down into sources of unconscious desires.

The Moon Thoth has a wide meaning, ranging from illusory dreams to insanity and representing relationships in which we must fight the hysteria, the vulnerability and the fear of being abandoned. This card may also mean that the relationship it describes is a dream. So, it shows its romantic and dreamy nature that has allowed desires, dreams, aerial castles to be created.

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