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Abandon, self-denial, suffer.
Seek purpose and meaning in seclusion (spiritualization).
The Light
giving control to others, transformation.
The Shadow
Sorrow, suicide, self-pity.
Abandoned the values; break down form.
Analyze and describe 8 of Cups Thoth Tarot

Slothful – Resigned water flow

I. Analyze and describe 8 of Cups Thoth Tarot

This card is the result of the toxic 7 of Cups Thoth card (“malaria swamp”), showing the rotten sea that the last water is rotting in the mud pit. In the air, the stench of malaria swamp is the hiding place of the infectious virus; toxic steam evaporates up heaven, and on the horizon, pale light containing sulfur is pouring down. The lotus had withered away, only two of the flowers leaned on the cracked cup with the chipped handle. Although the water still flows into the bowl and fills the cup below, the soil that had long been turned into unclean, and fresh water was invaded by the swamp.

II. Interpretation of 8 of Cups Thoth Tarot

1. Energy

We find ourselves in the dark night of the soul where there is no sign, even the slightest one, showing that the dawn will appear. This is a desperate situation at the end of a battle of attrition, where this person resists the superiority of the other. The crisis is the true focus of this card. It is aimed at complete failure. Only when we fail can we understand that we need to lower the ego and create a new person with the joy of “letting things happen”.

2. Inner

The card warns us of a rotten swamp that we are approaching or losing direction in. It shows the view of the world and our attitude towards life has become old and is thirsting for fresh water. It does not matter if we are threatened by decadent laziness or being trapped in sectarianism: it shows that changing our path is an urgent requirement.

3. Career

This card shows that we are in the swamp, either inside or outside; and we have done something rotten or our inner attitude towards what we have done is rotten. For this aspect, the card often foretells the need to change careers and describes leaving the workplace. Although it may signal less general changes, in all cases, it implies a need for fresh water to escape from air pollution.

4. Sentiment

The card warns us of the suffocating swamp of false and fake emotions, which have become malicious. It shows that the previous relationship has turned into an unclean cellar or a warning of a similar collapse. It implies the urgency to overcome the path of death and indolence in mind to bring new motivation for the relationship.

III. Similar correlations of 8 of Cups Thoth Tarot

  • Astrology – Saturn at Pisces.
  • Tree of life – Hod (Structure) through the water: shattered hope (the period of collapse).
  • I Ching – 36th hexagram (Míng Yí) – “Light fades away (Wisdom is hurt)”.
  • Similar objects – The collapse of Sodom and Gomorrah.
  • Image – The stuffy room in concentration camps or Hiroshima atomic bombs.
  • Keywords – The spirit of melancholy and low, contagious, swamp, deadlock, or torture.

IV. 8 of Cups Thoth Tarot symbolism

Poisoned soil: our lives are not “fertile” at present, and we suffer from a lack of creativity. Nothing can be cultivated as Crowley claims.

Drooping lotuses: without sunlight, the energy from Ace is lost quickly. We felt as if we had the life sucked out of us.

Broken Cup Handles/Cups: We do not accept joy and happiness. We need time to heal ourselves and feel integrity again.

Unfilled lower cups: lack of emotional nourishment in our life.

Yellowish light in background: it is our clear vista, where we need to be seeing the light and feeling warm in our lives again, currently, it seems a long way; the light of Tiphareth.

V. 8 of Cups Thoth card in the upright and reverse

1. Upright 8 of Cups Thoth card

Many people explain that this card is an excessive representation of themselves and not setting limits and giving too much to the point of exhaustion, but this is not what indolence means and is clearly not what Crowley intended for the card.

Stagnation in our lives that is not interested in friends or personal projects. This affects us emotionally and mentally.

Do not want to participate in any pleasure, and we are intentionally or refusing to be in this regard.

Lack of effort that may be due to personal issues from our past and/or the fact that we cannot see a point for our lives at this time. Like a debauchery card, it can be a reaction to feeling empty in our lives about anything that really meets our needs.

2. Reversed 8 of Cups Thoth card

Depression, emotional problems over a period of time, suicidal thoughts.

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