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Remove the boundary between dream and reality (motivation to overcome barriers and eliminate limitations).
Inner knowledge, inner intellect ("advancing into nothingness").
The Light
Intuitive understanding, depth of experience (visionary, inner light).
The Shadow
Vague, dreamy, unreasonable.
The wisdom of femininity (the vastness of collective unconsciousness).
Analyze and describe the Queen of Cups Thoth Tarot

The mother of roots and inner mysteries

I. Analyze and describe the Queen of Cups Thoth Tarot

1. Image

On the card, we see a mysterious figure sitting on the water, bathing in spherical blue light shone in elliptical arches from the roots, focusing on the spiral on the top of the head, leaving it to become smaller than the rest of the surroundings. Her head loomed behind the magical curtain. Instead of looking outside, we should feel it with our inner eyes because it is in the mysteries hidden behind the shape of the outside world.

Peaceful seawater is a symbol of unconsciousness, and in the reflection of the water, we realize that not only collective dreams arise from the unconscious, but also a field of power reflected around the woman’s head. She is a prophetess, living with an instant connection with inner images, to be inspired by the depths of her own soul and guided by them. Her right heron is a symbol of vigilance and caution. Similar to stork and crane, it is related to the principle of the Sun. However, because it is in the world of water, it is a symbol of reincarnation.

Seashells and holy cups – is the conch shell – embodying for women, moisture principle, nutrient-rich soil. The Celts loved to bury the dead and snail shells because it resembles a vulva image, a symbol of rebirth. The crab (the Cancer) crawls out of the shell, which in terms of astrology, considered the Moon and its body is the embodiment of feminine archetype – motherhood. The blooming lotus represents beauty rising from mud and reaching out to light by itself.

2. Myth

Just like when we see the distinct but hard-to-reach feminine traits of Undine, Daughter of Cups, we recognize right in the Queen or the Mother “anima mundi”, the soul (female in the male calculation) of the world. She is the one who dominates the power of our unconscious soul, the good fairy, the wise woman within us, the intelligent interpreter for our dreams and the prophet that can lift up the curtains of the mystery.

In myth, she is also described as Erda, an exemplary Mother, or Walda, so in this card, it emphasizes less on the maternal nature (Earth), which focuses on inner instinct (intellect). She was described as a secretive and mysterious person because her intellectual stream flowed quietly, and she always avoided admitting her understanding of scientific theory. She was always mysterious, only manifesting knowledge through discreet images and prophetic aphorisms that we know from Sphinx, the Cassandra prophet, Pythia, and the Sibyl sisters to the Three witches in the play “Macbeth”.

II. Interpretation of the Queen of Cups Thoth Tarot

This card can represent people, in any field of life, but it can also be an experience in the field that corresponds in question.

1. Human

The card represents an affectionate partner, a kind woman, an artist, a clairvoyant, a healer, an emotional mother, or an unpredictable hypnotic magician, who entered our life as a tempting witch and unleashed emotions hidden deep in our hearts. She fascinated and made us emotionally confused.

2. Overview of the Queen of Cups Thoth Tarot

The Mother of Cups embodies the feminine part of the water element and represents acumen, intuitive comprehension, internal force, and over-willingness to devote. She is the help, the healing power, as well as the inner aspect, and shows that we are open to unconscious images, pursuing our dreams and intuition, but also evil dream and fear. She expresses inner exploration and represents deep emotions and visionary experiences.

She can be a constant source of inspiration, which becomes a blessing for our artwork and brings us to other horizons; however, she may also be a sign that we are approaching the dark side on the road to perfection, or are following vague directions from the unconscious abyss without knowing the reason why.

3. Awareness

This is the card of the water fairy, depicting the shock and confusion, on the other hand, showing the path to the source, to the spirit of the bottom of the soul, and the roots of dreaming below the threshold of consciousness. The process of water purifying and distilling the soul, and through it, requires intermediate capacities, instinctual certainty, and a subtle consciousness in all situations of life.

4. Career

In terms of the outside life, the card means that we find ourselves at a quiet stage, waiting and considering, listening from within to realize the desires and further career paths. Or, we allow internal forces to become our careers in esoteric, discreet, aid and healing fields.

5. Sentiment

In the field of affection and partnership, the card signals the time of sensitive closeness and love, the desire to be affectionately offering and sharing with each other this marvelous state. Those who are affected by her signs will feel drawn to mysterious things and feel an almost extinguishing desire to combine and become one with others. There is also a potential danger of failure in impossible ideals. Rather than developing spirit, it also means repeated suffering because each side must be disappointed with excessive desires.

III. Similar correlations of the Queen of Cups Thoth Tarot

  • Astrology – from 21⚬ Gemini to 20⚬ Cancer.
  • Element – Water aspect of Water.
  • I Ching – 2nd hexagram (Kūn) – “Receive”.
  • Human – The emotional woman, hard to guess and sometimes difficult to understand.
  • Similar objects – Ancient wisdom women (Goddess of Fate Moiras, three Goddesses of Destiny, three sisters of Norn) or archetypes of the Medieval Virgin Mary.
  • Sacred place – Avalon is the religious center of worship for wise women or places where Saint Virgin, Lourdes (France) and Fatima (Portugal) appear.
  • Sacred color – Light green, smoke blue.
  • Sacred Stone – Jade, emerald, opal.
  • Scent – Amber, poppy.

IV. Queen of Cups Thoth card in the upright and reverse

1. Upright Queen of Cups Thoth card

Intuition, emotional maturity.

Being able to get along with others and communicate with her friends deeply.

Meditation, able to go inside and get along with yourself, nature and spirit.

Being practical and able to convey her feelings and awareness.

The need to communicate with inner feelings and be able to express it to others.

The need to develop intuition and affection and also emotionally related to others.

2. Reversed Queen of Cups Thoth card

Past traumas distort her psychic qualities.

Being lost in the spiritual realm without grounding.

Having difficulties related to others.

Being very affected by her environment and lost herself to those who are negative and sometimes destructive.

Dismay, emotions in a bad place, depression may become worse.

It is impossible to find your own identity because you feel so out of place in the influence of others.

V. Queen of Cups Thoth card in Celtic Cross spread

Card 1: Central Theme of the Spread – connect with your spiritual intuition and emotions and express them in the world.

Card 2: Crossing Influences – not connect with your intuition, intellect is too dominant, unable to express your feelings.

Card 3: Subconscious Influences – more intuitive, emotional openness.

Card 4: Recent Past Affecting the Situation – too influenced by others, emotionally imbalanced.

Card 5: Hopes and Goals – Emotionally happy, there are friends that you can relate to, inner fullness, spiritually calm.

Card 6: Immediate Future – Trying to release old injuries can be painful but a process will free you to be more emotionally open afterward.

Card 7: How you are affecting your situation – We are or want to be more in touch with our inner and intuitive aspect.

Card 8: How others are affecting your situation – spirit, go with the flow, richness of love and friendship.

Card 9: Guidance or Warning – The need to let go of the past to allow you to express yourself fully in the present.

Card 10: Overall outcome – You will connect more with your emotions, be able to communicate better to others, spiritually communicate with yourself and reflect on this in the world.

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