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Overcoming the crisis, gaining material.
Harmony and abundance (full of prosperity).
The Light
Charity, brotherly love, patronage.
The Shadow
Dissipate (golden goose in the fairy tale).
Happiness and prosperity (heavenly conditions).
Success - The power of affluence

Success – The power of affluence

I. Analyze and describe 6 of Disks Thoth Tarot

On the card, we see 6 disks in the form of a six-pointed star, grouping around a circle of light. The six-pointed star and hexagon are symbols of mutual infiltration and inseparable fusion. The 6 circles here are symbols of 6 planets: Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn, illuminated by the Sun in the center.

Therefore, the card shows a balanced and harmonious consensus of these principles. The entire interior glowed by the Sun, represented by the rose in the cross, radiating aura and transforming the spirit. Usually, there is only meditation and contemplation, when our minds are completely introverted and towards the Upper self, leading to such experiences. In this aspect, this is the card of the inner sun that grows vigorously from the East of the interior and in the optimistic dawn of self-awareness because, in the center of the image, there is flashed pink light of dawn.

II. Interpretation of 6 of Disks Thoth Tarot

1. Energy

This card corresponds to the formation of a harmonious atmosphere between the soul and the body (Moon in Taurus). After the disaster of the previous card showing the destruction of order, this card brings light into the center of the heart through a positive attitude toward life, as well as abundance and richness through the effort to ensure material.

2. Inner

The card continues to show the way we must realize there is only a balanced relationship between opposing principles (war and peace = Mars-Venus; abundance and deprivation = Jupiter-Saturn; doubts and beliefs = Mercury-Jupiter, etc) will help us improve. If we ignore, despise, or try to prevent a principle, the whole structure will become unbalanced and the natural development process will be inhibited.

3. Career

6 disks form a six-pointed star shape, implying a favorable constellation, a harmonious interplay of opposing elements, ensuring a successful time ahead. It also offers solutions to old problems and opportunities for all new beginnings.

4. Sentiment

The card represents a stage of growth that satisfies us, in which some of our wishes will be met. It implies the beginning of a new and long-term relationship, as well as continuing to expand and reinforce a familiar and mature partnership.

IV. Similar correlations of 6 of Disks Thoth Tarot

  • Astrology – Moon in Taurus.
  • Tree of life – Tiphareth (midpoint) through Earth: material happiness.
  • I Ching – 42nd hexagram (Yì) – “Growth”; 55th hexagram (Fēng) – “Rich, Prosperous”.
  • Similar objects – The legendary wealth of King Solomon; seven years of seasons in Egypt (Pharaoh’s dream of seven years of seasons and seven years of crop failure, Genesis 41.1-36).
  • Image – Sugar porridge pot.
  • Keywords – Generosity, understanding, tolerance.

IV. 6 of Disks Thoth Tarot symbolism

INRI = The acronym INRI (Latin: Iēsus Nazarēnus, Rēx Iūdaeōrum) represents the Latin inscription which in English reads as “Jesus the Nazarene, King of the Jews”.

Central Rose = has 49 petals (interplay of 7×7).

Planets = arranged in their usual order of ruling their respective sephiroth (with Kether and Chockmah omitted as things only give birth out of Binah perhaps).

Planets associated with the individual Sephira reveal the qualities we need for success:

(I) Saturn =  success through discipline and working step by step.

(II) Jupiter = being open and flexible to new opportunities.

(III) Venus =  success through following what is in our heart and what has meaning for us.

(IV) Mercury = success through good communication with self and others.

(V) Moon = success through nurturing ourselves and staying true to what we believe in.

(VI) Mars = putting energy consistently into the right areas of our life.

3 circles in background = the harmony Tiphareth established on earth = harmony and success in our life materially.

V. 6 of Disks Thoth card in the upright and reverse

1. Upright 6 of Disks Thoth card

Material success and financial prosperity.

An opportunity to participate in a profitable adventure.

A summary of what it takes to succeed.

A reminder for you to remember the successes in your life at this time and based on those things.

2. Reversed 6 of Disks Thoth card

Careless spending.

Not sharing your success with others, for example, partners, families, etc.

Debt, financial struggles.

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