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Order (unifying, perfecting and overcoming the opposites).
Control (principle of power).
The Light
Complete, inner perfection, spiritual ideals.
The Shadow
Overestimating yourself; blasphemy, insensitivity.
Overestimating yourself; blasphemy, insensitivity.
Analyze and describe 4 of Wands Thoth Tarot

Complete – The flames of burning things

I. Analyze and describe 4 of Wands Thoth Tarot

On the card, all eight heads of four sticks (made up of two crosses) touch the circle, so they represent the level of accomplishment as well as equal creative behavior limits. This statement is emphasized by eight tongues of fire around the center of the axis. Eight sparks are considered to be the connection between the earthly quadrant and the divine circle.

Therefore, it represents the ultimate human will that attempts from the earth (quadrant) to reach the divine (circle). Each head of a stick is decorated with a sheep’s head showing the power of Mars, while at the other end is a dove, a symbol of Venus. This explains the balance between the two genders and the harmony of the energy sources.

II. Interpretation of 4 of Wands Thoth Tarot

1. Energy

This card represents the idea of the cosmic order (deeper: the origin of the world). The cycle is complete and it also closes itself. The original will of 2 of Wands is spiritually anchored through 3 of Wands Thoth and is limited in space (concretized) in card number 4. It shows that the owner of all things is revealed and demonstrates order, the material world and the principle of power.

2. Inner

The card shows that we have deeply understood the original order of creation and its perfect balance. In the process, we gradually understand what ancient texts said about the “At first …” state, which does not mean a phenomenon that happened somewhere in the past, but actually original state. Only when we realize how far we have deviated from the original state can we connect with the past. This is a true religion (derived from the Latin “religare”: turn back).

3. Career

4 of Wands Thoth card represents a new scope of activity or a new project that – perhaps after a long time of preparation – will be implemented. Or we will be able to experience the culmination of an incident that has been formed from diligence and effort, now we are connecting the hardships of work with enthusiasm and passion of fire harmoniously.

4. Sentiment

We can also find strong harmony when we realize “the other half” is our own reflection. It is the law of energy that will make us attract people who complement us at a corresponding emotional level when we suddenly find ourselves. We can learn a lot about ourselves through our experiences with the partner, through the recognition that he or she is the embodiment of our emotional images (anima/animus) that are sexually opposite to us. If you live this way, that combination can lead to inner harmony and a happy feeling.

III. Similar correlations of 4 of Wands Thoth Tarot

  • Astrology – Venus in the Aries.
  • Tree of life – Chesed (crystallized) through fire: stable energy.
  • I Ching – 50th hexagram (Dǐng) – “Cauldron (Universe Order)”.
  • Similar objects – Creative order.
  • Image – Gold ratio (symbol of inner connection among things related to each other).
  • Keywords – Focus, stability, and synthesis (energy + texture = platform).

IV. 4 of Wands Thoth card in the upright and reverse

1. Upright 4 of Wands Thoth card

You have completed an important stage of a project and can feel very pleased about what you have completed so far. This is a time of joy and satisfaction in life due to a goal achieved. Let’s try to be flexible for the future because we always go beyond the structures that are defined as limited.

The card also refers to completing an agreement on the property, business, marriage, family, or models of your daily life. Everything has been built on a solid foundation.

It is necessary to take a break after a hard time working to reach a successful conclusion.

It also shows the need for security (stability of number 4) and wholeness (circle).

Besides, it implies the completion of a stage in a person’s life that may be in the field of academy, spirit or career.

We accomplish everything easier when there are stability and harmony in life. Crowley claims ingenuity (sensitivity in communication with others) and tenderness is needed in this process.

2. Reversed 4 of Wands Thoth card

Perhaps, you have taken on more than you can handle in a project and you start feeling stressed about completing it.

A tendency to start new things without completing others.

The card also refers to the satisfaction in the structures of life you have built. You become complacent. Desires may change and therefore, you may need to get out of your comfort zone to explore new horizons.

Besides, it also implies not feeling the whole and balanced in ourselves.

The lack of ingenuity and harshness of us or others causes a delay in completing a project or not getting the best from everyone. A situation that lacks harmony.

V. 4 of Wands Thoth card in Celtic Cross spread

Card 1: Central Theme of the Spread – The desire to complete something which you have started, to have fun and harmony in your life.

Card 2: Crossing Influences – You have taken on more than your ability. It also refers to overwhelmed feeling (such as a job that is too time-consuming to fulfill what is required, harming your health).

Card 3: Subconscious Influences – Feeling insecure and incomplete in your life. (career, personal aspect).

Card 4: Recent Past Affecting the Situation – It refers to the successful completion of a stage in your life. You can always take advantage of this strength if time is challenging.

Card 5: Hopes and Goals – There is something very important to you that you want to accomplish. It can be the career, relationship (feeling of security, stability) or spiritual orientation.

Card 6: Immediate Future – finish current projects before setting new ones for yourself.

Card 7: How you are affecting your situation – stable, harmonious, joy

Card 8: How others are affecting your situation – A graceless colleague or boss is giving you a hard time making you have trouble continuing and completing your work.

Card 9: Guidance or Warning – When you accomplish your goals, do not become lazy and idle in assurances or complacency will creep in. 

Card 10: Overall outcome – The forthcoming time shows the successful completion of your goals, giving you more joy and stability (such as getting the ideal job, moving house, relationships).

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