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The desire to unite into the universe (divine union with others; sexual coercion that goes beyond the limit).
Explore the inner world; brave and plunge into the deepest depths of the soul.
The Light
Aesthetics, fantasy, intuition, graceful, tender, sensitive.
The Shadow
Abuse of love, deception, temptation, unrealistic.
The hidden deep things that are hard to understand, and the urge to aspire to the emotional and dreaming world.
Analyze and describe the Princess of Cups Thoth Tarot

Daughter of floodwaters

I. Analyze and describe the Princess of Cups Thoth Tarot

1. Image

There is a charming character dancing to create a transparent light in front of our eyes. She has risen from the floodwaters to bring to the world a model of the deepest desire to reflect in her irresistible ecstasy of beauty and inaccessible melancholy. We see the Princess wearing a wavy dress with many crystal beads on the edge. She is the daughter of the inner world who wants to enter the world of external material (earth in water element).

She danced on the sea of emotions and sentiment in which a dolphin, representing our world of awareness and affection, was following the waves, and the swan spreading wings over her head (crown) is the signal of innovation and rebirth. The turtle in her right hand is the embodiment of the sheltered inner world in the process of being cautious to come out to the outside world.

This card symbolizes the exploration of inner images and deeply engages in the unconscious lands of the ego as if she had transformed back to the origin, where everyone saw the reflection of their souls. Meanwhile, she was very absentminded and inviolable in her heart; she is the temptation that is also the power against it. There is something like a lotus blooming in her left hand because it is not a symbol of physical love but a divine union with the ego. This is where the physical desire flows into pleasure to experience deep relaxation and intermediate consciousness.

2. Myth

This card reminds us of Undine, the Goddess of the sea who captured the immortal soul of humans when she found the victim (husband). In terms of implication, she is a sweet charming person representing our unrequited desire deep inside, longing to draw us back to our roots. In terms of psychology, she is the embodiment of an inviolable child who tempts people (seduces them to deep places) not because wanting to harm them, but she innocently does not want to see the consequences she evokes in feelings with others. Princess is a model of a woman who is open to everything and yet is against everyone.

II. Interpretation of the Princess of Cups Thoth Tarot

This card can represent people, in any field of life, but it can also be an experience in the field that corresponds in question.

1. Human

The card embodies a sensitive and sharp girl who appeals to us with affection; a gentlewoman who gently stimulates our emotions; a pleasant person with many beautiful ideals and sharp intuition that excites us, or is a friendly and sensitive person that makes us touched and makes our inner emotions flow like the spring water flow after the winter days.

2. Overview of the Princess of Cups Thoth Tarot

The daughter of floodwaters shows the image of the soul, from areas of everyday life, dreaming in the unconscious water. She was not ready to receive reality immediately because she could not allow herself to consider her dream an unrealistic and bizarre thing. In these dreams, she felt the endless truth rising from the most mysterious unconscious levels. This card shows the stages of romantic dreaming, endless desire, and deep emotions, but also times when we recognize and can develop artistic talents.

3. Awareness

Although in negative nuances, this card can show what we describe it in words such as withdrawing from the outside world, crazy ideas, and self-deception, even this detrimental effect is also a sign that people begin to turn to matter and begin to listen to their inner impulses, even if their interpretation is often inaccurate.

4. Career

The mysterious beauty represents emotional openness, bringing new looks at work. “The lotus of the tidal castle” is something like a seismic chart that records the first emotional changes before the long time they impacted on life. In terms of personal experience, this card foreshadows new motivations that will help us more in the current situation. Regarding the water element of the card, this may be a matter of wise advice or an intermediate message.

5. Sentiment

In a relationship, this princess signals something will soon happen based on the level of affection. It may be the first warm breeze after a cold war or motivation to discover love again.

III. Similar correlations of the Princess of Cups Thoth Tarot

  • Astrology – Venus or the zodiac of the water element.
  • Element – Earth in Water element.
  • I Ching – 44th hexagram (Gòu) – “Meeting”; 57th hexagram (Xùn) – “Light intrusions”.
  • Human – A charming and sharp girl, whom you cannot approach emotionally and is often difficult to understand.
  • Similar objects – Mermaids, Naiad, Goddesses of the sea, dead souls.
  • Sacred place – “Seven Virgins” – granite cliffs on the Rhine (opposite to Lorelei rock hill), only seen at low levels of water.
  • Sacred color – Seaweed green, white of sponges.
  • Sacred Stone – Aquamarine stone.
  • Scent – Camphor; Cestrum nocturnum.

IV. Princess of Cups Thoth card in the upright and reverse

1. Upright Princess of Cups Thoth card

She is a romantic, sweet, gentle, kind and deep person (on the picture of the card, she is deep in the ocean) but usually only lost in the romance as she showed indifference to her environment. She can be a dreamer and not participate in life, depends on others but gives a lot in return.

2. Reversed Princess of Cups Thoth card

Insolent, too many luxuries, shallow, unable to show her depth.

V. Princess of Cups Thoth card in Celtic Cross spread

Card 1: Central Theme of the Spread – It indicates a romantic situation, either about love for others or in love with life in general; find romance, feel loved, give love.

Card 2: Crossing Influences – Unrequited emotions, unable to express affection.

Card 3: Subconscious Influences – We are very sensitive and may have been hurt in the past.

Card 4: Recent Past Affecting the Situation – romantic, live your dreams but do not really have real experience, look back on a time when you were in love and compare the present with that.

Card 5: Hopes and Goals – to find a partner to express yourself fully and share sensitivity.

Card 6: Immediate Future – At the moment, you are in a dreamy period that may not come true. You may need to work on your own until the right person come. It can also indicate the beginning of a more romantic stage.

Card 7: How you are affecting your situation – sensitive, kind, thoughtful, a dreamer, sometimes unrealistic.

Card 8: How others are affecting your situation – unrealistic, slightly idealistic but caring and sensitive. At the moment, our environment is emotional and can react in that way.

Card 9: Guidance or Warning – The need to protect yourself from those who will not connect with your sensitivity, also, to see who people really are and not overestimate others.

Card 10: Overall outcome – achieve true love in life and a romantic relationship. A positive result, connecting to our sensitive aspect and being able to show it in a safe environment.

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