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Grow and benefited (receive and give back the feeling of "being loved by others").
Developed and perfected inner.
The Light
Developed and perfected inner.
The Shadow
Desire, pleasure, primitive sensuality.
Full of love.
Analyze and describe 3 of Cups Thoth Tarot

Affluence – The water flow of beneficiaries

I. Analyze and describe 3 of Cups Thoth Tarot

On the card, we see three cups made of pomegranate and formed into a triangle with its tip pointing up. Three cups are surrounded by two lotus branches with all four flowers; each cup has a lotus flower drooping into two cups from both sides, two of which pour water into the lower cups. In addition, the taller cup expresses the fullness of love which flows its love down to the two cups below, then the stream merges into the Binah Sea, quiet and dark (Crowley), is the original source of the spirit of reproduction.

The other lotus acted as a pedestal for the three cups, the two of them made the base of two beakers on both sides and one of them grew taller than the other to support the center cup.

II. Interpretation of the 3 of Cups Thoth Tarot

1. Energy

This card represents the divine developing energy and shows that Love l has reached the third dimension, “the concept of love has given sweet fruit” (Crowley). Crowley contacted this card with the myth of Persephone:

Pomegranate is the Persephone that was eaten in Pluto’s territory, so she was kept in hell. This alludes to Venus’s dual personality, as they are shown to be the dual symbol of the apple.

2. Inner

This card often shows that we are deeply moved, therefore, we open our hearts for life with comfort, gratitude, and joy. By doing so, we can experience a feeling of great happiness and true fulfillment.

3. Career

Inner flows help us achieve peak success. The essential things we want to seize are now at hands; the work goes smoothly and we are getting lucky in our plans and projects.

4. Sentiment

The card promises happiness and demonstrates the right times that we dedicate ourselves to a loving and harmonious relationship. It expresses gratitude for things that help us experience this bond or shows the welcome of a “new member of the family.”

III. Similar correlations of 3 of Cups Thoth Tarot

  • Astrology – Mercury in the Cancer.
  • Tree of life – Binah (shaping) through water: inner development.
  • I Ching – 58th hexagram (Duì) – “Joy, Pleasure.”
  • Similar objects – The Muses or three prophetic goddesses of Roman mythology are the bright faces of the three destiny Gods Urd (Past), Verdandi (Present) and Skuld (Future) (Norns) who decide the destiny of human being from birth.
  • Image – Happy celebration (considered an expression of happiness in love).
  • Keywords – Warmth, joy, and happiness.

IV. 3 of Cups Thoth Tarot symbolism

The 8 lotuses – It was Mercury who relayed the message from Zeus begging for Persephone’s release from the land of the dead, and it was he who carried her back to the land of the living in his chariot (Cancer).

8 – the number of months Persephone resided in the land of the living.

7 streams from cups – the number of Venus that rules Netzach. It symbolizes the love uniting Persephone (the cups) and Demeter (the sea).

Background – clear skies, calm sea – life is good!

Pomegranates – the riches we have experienced emotionally through nurturing of friendships.

3 cups – one elevates above the other – abundance of feelings for close friends but one in particular.

Sea – of Binah or 3rd sephiroth in which the cups overflow. Binah is associated with the feminine and the cups by their very nature are receptive and so both reinforce and support each other.

V. 3 of Cups Thoth card in the upright and reverse

1. Upright 3 of Cups Thoth card

Sharing your success and joy with friends. You feel full of life and do not lack anything.

Birth of a child, an idea or goal.

A good time for you to communicate your abundance of feelings for those important in your life and express yourself.

A great time for you to communicate with others to nurture, motivate and support each other at the same time.

You can enjoy your riches at the moment but be aware of their limitations and do not get lost in them, just see them for what they are.

2. Reversed 3 of Cups Thoth card

You seem to have too much extravagance in your life right now.

What you are communicating to others is not uplifting or nurturing either them or you thus, there is a need to take a step back and look at what is stopping abundance in your life in a healthy way.

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