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Devoted to moments.
Introspection, see through the perfection of the Universe, innovate and regenerate.
The Light
Hope to be creative (maintain a reasonable concept).
The Shadow
Hope to destroy (deny the truth), illusion.
The recklessness, believe in the future.

I. Background of the Star Thoth Tarot card

The Star Thoth Tarot is the card that touches the desire in the bottom of the subconscious, and this desire is equivalent to the desire for its own life. In the water of the subconscious that the Nut or Isis poured on us, we see the spiral energy around the seven-pointed star – an accurate representation of the seven-pointed star in the vast sky. So, we see the creative impulse of eternity in the water of life which is responsible for the birth of mankind as well as the appearance of all things.

This creative impulse is not only the original symbol of life, but also the hope that from this ruin (the Tower Thoth), new life will grow again and again. The whole card is a view of the indescribable energy that we call the principle of eternal innovation, a return to the basic rules in which we realize we are part of the bigger whole, and that bigger overall is also the impulse of life.

II. Analyze and describe the Star Thoth Tarot

Analyze and describe the Star Thoth Tarot

1. Theme (Fairy Star)

This charming trump card shows a naked woman in blue light and pink light. She had just descended from the universe to bring the desire to this world, the longing for a life that filled her mother’s womb and breasts. When descended to earth, she entered the light of our subconscious to connect us with the femininity within.

a. The lady of the stars

The picture of the Star Thoth card depicts Nut, the lady of the stars. She held two glasses, a golden one pouring water on her head, the other in silver, from which flowed her immortal medicine. Both glasses look like two female breasts. Her nudity is not simply the attractiveness of what is revealed: she is the image of indescribable things, in which melancholy of the inexorable is echoing. This desire was first manifested when it was born through the desire for a mother’s breast, and thus, brought a subconscious desire to enter the universe into itself (being one with the mother) but not being able to complete in life. The fairy star, living at the depths of the universe, an expression of subconscious desire, shines through the beauty of a real woman. She was not a fire but only a desire for light, which explained why she brought an image that reflected our search. We wish for her, but what we desire is the prototype of eternal femininity and not the death we face in real life.

b. Hair

Inside her long hair that wrapped around her body like a cloak, we did not see the expression of real life, but the desire for a dream life, and so it could be said, it showed renunciation without living with its desires. On one hand, this represents problems with unburnt aspirations, but on the other hand, we get close to the connection with the universe through the Star Thoth card: because hair is the connection between the universe and material.

  • Here, Crowley talks about the seven-pointed star Venus or Babylon star because Babylon is a further realization from the original idea of Nuith: she is Scarlet Woman, a prostitute Harlot that inviolable, a woman of Atu XI.
  • The figure shows the embodiment of the Goddess, that is, not in the heavenly space around being displayed at Atu XX, but the place where she is a pure and continuous philosophical idea in all forms. In this card, she was definitely personified into a human form.

c. Silhouette (glasses)

The things we dream about through the Goddess of stars are the inner aspirations that she calls within us, we find it united in her form, but the dreams that the universe sent to her were those contained within the glasses that we saw the Star Goddess pouring on herself. It was the water of life that she poured from two large glasses, and she not only watered the ground but also watered herself in the mirror of the elements. And then, in the water of life, we realize the impulse of all things expressing itself in our struggle for innovation. Crowley wrote: “From the golden cup she poured out this holy water, also the milk, the oil, and the blood, on her head, signifying the external innovation of other categories and the endless possibilities of life.

d. The water of life (micro universe)

The obscure sensations and imaginary desires are now shaped by contact with the crystals of life. The Goddess of Stars receives herself (and we accept ourselves in her) not as a true Goddess of Love, but as an instinctive effort by which people love each other, and therefore, thanks to both the power of hope, the basis of innovation or the will of creation that comes from itself. Through the small universe of spiritual energy reflecting a greater thing, we recognize the endless possibilities of self-development in the Star Thoth Tarot card. We recognize in energy crystals that the spiritual ability brings the self of the universe and places it on the level of everything, in which the tiny blue star of life is just a reflection.

2. Background (universe)

a. Star (macro universe)

On the contrary, on the level of all things, the big star reflects on the purified water in the self-revival of the Goddess (what Crowley calls the veil of the eternal Goddess) it is the principle of revival that covers the entire universe system. If the small star is the embodiment of tangible human love, the big star is God invisible love. It symbolizes the fact that the inner infinite part that we are fully aware of dominates our desire for eternity. The star represents the highest level of inspiration in which the fuzzy illusion of cosmic energies is flowing. This is expressed in the image of the Goddess as she enters the stellar rain (the virgin sparkles in the water of life).

b. Globe

The majestic sphere in the background is the symbol of the Earth which is constantly refreshing itself, and it also shows the prospect of longing to leave all the boundaries of matter and look at the mother of all things (the earth) through the eyes of a girl from afar (the star world). Through this, we realize the endless possibilities, not only of hope but also of illusions because the foam of rising virtual dreams makes every concept a reality. This is as if the virgin, inspired by her divine concept and filled with the ideal divine love, does not approach the earth (thing), but instead, strives for the unity of Space.

3. Close up (material)

a. Cups, crystals (crystallization)

In the connection between the two glasses, people see the interaction between the moon and the stars. The initial energy source emitted from the sun is reflected by the moon on the earth, and thus, receives its crystal structure. The silver cup denotes the earth’s resurrection of matter, and thus, it recovers a piece of matter that has moved into the sky and brought it back to reality. The water flowing on the ground made it fertile. The water poured back shows the excess and the abundance of energy flowing into us from the immortality of the wonderland. The golden cup expresses the integrity of the universe and the hopes flourish after the destruction (the Tower). The useful hope is shown in the image of the crystals at the bottom of the Star Thoth Tarot card.

b. Roses, butterflies (transformation)

Revival and hope appear in dreams and connect with the illusion of eternity and put into the star a mighty wish. However, the Star is not only the principle of hope that comes from itself for the revival of desire, but it is also the appeal of the Gods that are dreamed of in the “mark of the soul” by “Matrix of desire”. And then, life begins to flow into the stream and it will end there when everything we consume now flows back into the desires of nature. (Crowley: Milk of stars from her nipples). The principle of love is suggested in the roses twirled high above and butterflies as a sign of revival or symbol of transformation.

III. Interpretation of the Star Thoth Tarot

1. Background of the Star Thoth Tarot (Nut’s discovery)

“If right now under the stars of the night in the desert you burn the incense to me, invoke me with a pure heart, and in the Serpent fire, you will move up in my protection. Because of a kiss, you will be willing to give away, but those who give away a speck of dust will lose everything at the moment. You will gather good things and store women and spices, you will wear precious jewelry, you will rise above the nations of the earth with pride and magnificence, but always in love for us, and so you come to my joy. I seriously ordered you to come in front of me in a coat and a precious headscarf. I love you! I sympathize with you! Blue-gray or burgundy, veiled or sexy, I am all pleasure and beauty, and alcoholism of the deepest feeling, yearning for you.

Let’s wear these wings and wake up the splendor that curled up inside you, come to me! Finally, in the meetings between you and me, you will hear the nun say – and her eyes will be burning with wishes when she stands naked and rejoices in my secret temple, calling out the flame of people’s hearts with her love anthem. Let’s sing to me the love songs! Please burn the fragrance for me! Wear jewelry for me! Drink for me! Because I love you, I treasure you! I am the daughter of the Sunset: I am the naked glow of the night sky of pleasure. Come to me, come to me”.

2. Overview of the Star Thoth Tarot

The Star Thoth Tarot is not only the card of hope, the spiritual will of life and insight into higher relations, it also symbolizes the unconscious desire to leave itself in the flow of joy and irresponsibility: “What do I dream about? What is the dream about me? What is dreaming about in me? If someone knows what he dreams of, it does not really turn him into a real human or human being, and he does not go anywhere with it – and so, he becomes a psychologist, a dreamer who understands his dreams”.(from a letter sent to one of the authors)

3. Awareness

The Star Thoth card symbolizes intuitive understanding of cosmic correlations and the truth in the rules of the absolute. Just like the total number of “Adjustment” (17-1 + 7-8) connected to this card describes a conscious and more intellectual-related understanding of order powers, the Star embodies the understanding of emotions, inner insight, and the relevant trust of the legitimacy of creation. So, this card expresses the moment when we have discovered that we have escaped from the tower of worries and are experiencing the lightness that the Bible mentions: “Look at the birds of the air: they do not plant, they do not reap, they do not gather and take back to the warehouse, but your Holy Father still feeds them” (Matthew 6.26).

4. Career

The Star Thoth card indicates that we plan or start jobs toward the far future, and on its positive side, we can set out legitimate hopes. Usually, in the early stages, we do not know our action’s consequence. Only in remembrance do the decisive pathways set for the future as described by the Star during these periods. It is usually deeper insights into larger relationships, through which we grow, out of our present cramped vision, as if we borrowed the vision of the bird from which the tower of obstacles will be surveyed and the broad perspective of a welcome future is opened.

5. Relationship

In terms of relations, the Star Thoth card represents a relationship with a promising future. It shows a new perspective of existing relationships, or it can signal the dreams, hopes, and perspectives of a new and long-term relationship. This card, however, warns about the danger of being entangled in childishness because many of the goals we strive for relationships are often efforts to revive unsuccessful wishes that we nourish them in breast milk. In this aspect, it teaches us that mundane love is a power beyond itself, and a real relationship needs to include a promise of inability to fulfill (in this way), but in encouraging us to strive, we can find fulfillment there.

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