The Silence – Osho Zen Tarot Deck

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I. The commentary of The Silence Osho Zen

The Silence Osho Zen describes night sky is full of stars and a beautiful round moon reflected on the below misty lake. The face in the sky is immersed into a meditative state, as a goddess of the night sky showing depth, peace, and understanding.

The present is a valuable time. It will leave your soul an easy rest. From there, you can explore the depth of inner silence, where it meets the silence of the universe.

Nothing to do, no place to go, your inner silence is observing into everything you do. It can annoy someone because they are used to all the world’s noise and activities. Never mind; Let’s find someone who can sympathize with your silence or enjoy your loneliness. Now, it is time to return to yourself. The understanding and self-enlightenment that happening to you at this point, will be revealed later, in the easier stages of your life.

commentary of The Silence Osho Zen

II. The Meaning of Osho Teaching In The Silence Osho Zen

The abundant energy of the universe has possessed you. You are owned, you are no longer yourself, the universe is you. At this moment, when the silence osho zen invades you, you can experience its meaning, because it is the silence that The Buddha experienced. It is also the silence that Zhuangzi, Bodhidharma, and Zen master Nanquan Puyuan once experienced, these silences are the same.  

Time changes, the world continues to change, but the experience and the joy of silence still remain the same. That is the only thing you can rely on, the only thing that never turns wrong, and the only thing you can assume as your existence.

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