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The Explanation of King of Fire Osho Zen Tarot

The Zen master in King of Fire Osho Zen harnessed the energy of fire and used it to create, not destroy. He invites us to recognize and participate in understanding – which belongs to those who have mastered the fire of passion, without suppressing it or letting it become destructive and unbalanced. He was so integrated that there is no longer any difference between who he is inside and who he is in the world outside. He offers this gift of knowledge and integration to all who come to him, the gift of creative light from his being.

The King of Fire tells us that everything we are doing, with the knowledge that comes from maturity, will enrich the lives of both us and others. By using whatever skills you have, whatever you learn from your own life experiences, it’s time to express yourself.

Explanation of King of Fire Osho Zen Tarot
King of Fire – The Creator

II. The Energy of King of Fire Osho Zen Tarot Based on Osho’s Teachings

There are two types of creators in the world. One type of creator works with objects – a poet, a painter, they work with objects, they create things. The other type of creator, the mystic, creates himself. He doesn’t work with objects, he works with the subject; he works on himself, his own being. And he is the real creator, the real poet because he makes himself into a masterpiece.

You are carrying a masterpiece hidden within you, but you are standing in the way. Just move aside, then the masterpiece will be revealed. Everyone is a masterpiece because God never gives birth to anything less than that. Everyone carries that masterpiece hidden for many lives, no knowing who they are and just trying on the surface to become someone. Drop the idea of becoming someone, because you are already a masterpiece. You cannot be improved. You have only to come to it, to know it, to realize it. God himself has created you; you cannot be improved.

Source: Osho Ah, This!, Chapter 1

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