The Courage – Osho Zen Tarot Deck

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I. The Commentary Of The Courage Osho Zen

The Courage Osho Zen depicts a tiny wildflower facing the challenge of pebbles to catch the sunlight. Surrounded by a bright golden halo, it showed the majesty of being small. It was equal to the brightest sun without ashamed

When we face a difficult situation, we have two options: we can resent and try to blame for the difficulty, or we face challenging and mature. This flower has shown us the way because our passion leads us out of the darkness and into the light. It is no use fighting against life’s challenges or trying to avoid and reject them. They are still there, and if the seed will bloom into a flower, we have to go through that. You can have the courage to grow into the flower you desire.

The Commentary Of The Courage Osho Zen

II. The Meaning of  The Courage Osho Zen

The seed cannot know what will happen, or even knows the flower. Moreover, it does not believe that it has the potential to become a beautiful flower. The journey is long while not continuing the journey is always safer; thus the road is inanimate and not guaranteed at all.

When the Courage Osho Zen apears, a thousand and one fortunes are available on the journey, most are pitfalls – indeed, the seed is safe, which is hidden within hard seeds. But the seed tries slowly and never stops to let go of the hard shell that once protected it and started moving. The war immediately began: fighting with the soil, with gravel, with stones. Although seeds are inherently hard, preschool is very soft and dangerous.

If the seed chooses to escape without danger, it can survive a millennium except for the preschool, there are too many dangers. Then the preschool starts heading towards nothingness, towards the sun, the light source, not knowing where or why it is. It was too great for the seed to accept the challenge; somehow, the dream was taking over the seed which could only move.

The way of the human world is the same. It is full of hardship and needs a lot of courage.

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