The New Vision – Osho Zen Tarot Deck

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I. The commentary of The New Vision Osho Zen

The character in New Vision Osho Zen is reborn again, grows from the roots clinging to the ground and grows wings to fly. The geometric shapes surrounding this character’s body represent many aspects of life. The square represents matter, what is revealed, what is known. The circle represents what is not revealed, the spirit, the pure space. And the triangle represents three essential elements of the universe: tangible, invisible, and human, which contain both of these elements.

Now you are given the opportunity to see life in all its respects, from depth to height. They exist together, and when we perceive from experience that darkness and difficulty are as necessary as light and ease; then we begin to have a very different perspective on the world. By allowing all nuances of life to enter us, we become more inclusive.

commentary of The New Vision Osho Zen
The new vision Osho Zen Tarot Card

II. The Meaning Of The New Vision Osho Zen

When you are enlightened at the peak, the energy immediately flows into you. You are no longer a mortal because you are transcendent. Your understanding has become the nature of true existence. Now you no longer feel isolated – you have found your original. In other words, usually, people move without roots, do not know where their hearts get their energy, either which of them are breathing, or the quintessence of life is rolling around them.

The New Vision Osho Zen is not about the body or the mind, it is something transcending on both opposites. It is called the Blessed One – Buddha of 10 directions …

First, your inner self is opened in two dimensions: height and depth. And then, gradually, when your inner self is stable, you start looking around, spreading your mind out in 8 directions.

When you reach the intersection of height and depth, you can look around to the limits of the universe. At that moment, your consciousness begins differently in ten directions while the path is only one.

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