The Master – Osho Zen Tarot Deck

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I. The explanation of The Master Osho Zen

The Master Osho Zen is not a teacher for others, but he is a teacher for himself. Every single word and act he makes, it reflects the enlightenment. He neither has any personal purpose nor desire for anything, but always lets thing happens as it should be – there is nothing to strive for. Even though his surrounding disciples are not always beside him, yet they feel his presence and be inspired by his actions.

In his eyes, disciples could find their truth reflected, and in his silence, they could easily immerse themself in their own silence. The master welcomes his disciples which is not because he wants to lead them, but because he has so much to share. Together, they create a great source of energy that could support each individual in search of their own light.

If you could find such a great teacher, you are very blessed. If not, then keep searching. Let’s learn from the preachers, who will be the teacher and then let’s step forward. Like Buddha, Tathagata said, “let’s go! don’t stop! ”. Keep moving forward! Allow yourself to step out of the earthy striving and seek your highest perspective in all things.

explanation of The Master Osho Zen

II. The Meaning of The Master Osho Zen

Apart from our minds, there is an intrinsic awareness. It is not something the external world could give you. It is also not an idea – and so far, there is not any research pointed out yet in which a place in our brain will correspond to it. The lofty aim of meditation is to remind us to stay alert to our “mind” and get rid of our own identification with it. That distance is the greatest revolution that can take place in a human.

Now you can perform and act based on what makes you happy, satisfied, pleased, what makes your life become a work of art, a beauty. However, this state only happens if the master inside of you is awake. Right now, he is still asleep. And your mind, as a servant, is playing the part of the teacher. The servant is created by the external world, he submits himself to the world and all the rules attached.

When your awareness becomes a fire, it will burn the whole slavery regime that your mind has created. No happiness is more precious than freedom or becoming a teacher of your own destiny.

Therefore, the master card is all about recognizing the master within us, that we are the leader and creator of our own lives when we view them from a high level, from our higher selves perspective.

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