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I. The Explanation of Knight of Water Osho Zen Tarot

Now it is the time to be a bungee jumper without the cord! And this is an expression of absolute trust, not being reserved or hiding in the safety corner, which is what Knight of Water wants from us. It is a great inspiration if we jump and plunge into the unknown, even though it scares us to death. And when we believe in the level of quantum leaps, we won’t devise any elaborate plans. We are not saying: “Okay, I believe I know what to do now, and I will arrange everything, pack suitcases, and carry them.” No, we just jump, not even think about what happens next.

That jump is worthwhile, and it makes us tremble when we fall freely in the vast sky. The Knight of water Osho Zen refers to what will be waiting for us on the other side – a soft, welcoming, yummy pink, rose petals, juicy… Come on!

Explanation of Knight of Water Osho Zen Tarot
Knight of Water – Trust

The Energy of Knight of Water Osho Zen Tarot Based on Osho’s Teachings

Don’t waste your life for that which is going to be taken away. Trust life. If you trust, only then can you drop your knowledge, only then can you put your mind aside. And with trust, something immense opens up. Then this life is no longer ordinary life, it becomes full of God, overflowing.

When the heart is innocent and the walls have disappeared, you are bridged with infinity. And you are not deceived; there is nothing that can be taken away from you. That which can be taken away from you is not worth keeping, and that which cannot be taken away from you, why should one be afraid of its being taken away? – it cannot be taken away, there is no possibility. You cannot lose your real treasure.       

Source: Osho The Sun Rises in the Evening Chapter 9

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