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I. The commentary of The inner Voice

It is a voice from the Inner Heart, which cannot be expressed in words except the language of the heart. It was as if a prophet just told the truth. If a face were present, it would be the face in the middle of the card – awake, alert, and capable of accepting both light and darkness, represented by the hands holding the crystal ball. The ball itself represents transparency when we overcome everything that is dualistic.

The Inner Voice Osho Zen Tarot can be quite mischievous as it dives deep into the emotional world, then abruptly emerges, flying as high as the sky, like dolphins dancing on the surface of life. It is connected to the universe, through the crescent moon crown, and the Earth – which is metaphorical with green leaves on the character’s kimono.

We hear voices which are dragging us in one way many times in our lives. It is, somehow, such confusing situations are meant to remind us: to seek stillness and inner concentration. Only then can we hear the truth.

The commentary of The inner Voice

II. The meaning of the Inner Voice Osho Zen

You can find the truth in yourself, there is no need to find anything in reality anymore. The truth is flowing in you and when you widen your eyes, it is the truth that will open your eyes. As if you close your eyes, it is also the time when truth closes your eyes.

The Inner Voice Osho Zen is extraordinary meditation; however, if you can handle it, you will not need to do anything; whatever you are doing is enlightened by the truth. You are walking and it is the truth; no matter what you are sleeping or saying, the truth will be the same as your action. Then, you are silent, it is the silent truth. It will always follow you due to the name of the inner voice

Moreover, it is one of the simplest meditation techniques, which depicts slowly, gradually. Everything will return to a simple formula, and the next will be: no need for any more techniques. As you are healed, you do not need meditation, you do not need medicine. Then you live freely – alive, radiant, contented, delighted with a song of your own. Your life becomes a wordless prayer, or it can be said to be a prayer, a blessing, a good thing that does not belong to the mortal realm, a ray of light from far away shining into our dark world.

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