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I. The Explanation of Nine of Rainbows Osho Zen Tarot

When the fruit ripens, it will automatically fall to the ground from the tree. One moment it hangs by a thread from the branches of the tree, bursting with juice. And the moment it falls – not because it has been forced to fall, or has made the effort to jump, but because the tree has recognized its ripeness and simply let it go.

When Nine of Rainbows Osho Zen appears when reading, it indicates that you are ready to share your wealth, which is the “juice” within you. All you need to do is relax right here, and expect it to happen. This share of you, showing our creativity, can come in many ways – in work, in relationships, in everyday experiences. No special preparation or effort is required. It only comes at the right time.

Explanation of Nine of Rainbows Osho Zen Tarot
Nine of Rainbows – Ripeness

II. The Energy of Nine of Rainbows Osho Zen Tarot Based on Osho’s Teachings

Only if your meditation has brought you a light that shines in every night will even death not be a death to you but a door to the divine. With the light in your heart, death itself is transformed into a door, and you enter into the universal spirit; you become one with the ocean. And unless you know the oceanic experience, you have lived in vain. Now is always the time, and the fruit is always ripe. You just need to gather the courage to enter into your inner forest. The fruit is always ripe and the time is always the right time. There is no such thing as wrong time.  

Source: Osho A Sudden Clash of Thunder Chapter 6

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