The Lovers – Osho Zen Tarot Deck

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I. The commentary of The Lovers Osho Zen

“True love” – what we call it, basically is a spectrum of correlation and connection between heaven and earth. At the lowest meaning level, love is sexual attraction. Many of us are still trapped there since our instincts have weighed down all our desires and banned them. The biggest problem of sexual love is that it does not last that long.

Only if we accept this truth, we could welcome the nature of love as it is – greeting its happenings and break up by the gratitude when it is no longer exist. Lastly, we can begin to experience due to our mature: love only exists when we can overcome the demand for sexuality and respect the true nature of others. Moreover, we will begin to understand that: lovers can compare as a mirror which can reflect the intangible aspects of our deepest ego and turn to be perfect.

The Lovers Osho Zen is built on the foundation of freedom, not hope and need. The wings of love would take us so far to where cosmic love exists and we will experience everything together.

commentary of The Lovers Osho Zen

II. The meaning of The Lovers Osho Zen Tarot

There are three things should be noted when The Lovers Osho Zen appears: the most inferior love is sex – it is only physical. The greatest subtlety of love is compassion. Sex will stay below love, whereas compassion is above; true love in the intermediate position.

Few people know what true love is. Unfortunately, 99% of humanity thinks that sex is love; however, it is not. Sexuality is about the concupiscence, it has the ability to develop into love, but it is not true love, it is just possible …

If you are conscious, aware, and having a calm mind, sex can transform into love. And if you have been completely pure, love can become into compassion. Sex is the seed while love is the flower and compassion is the fragrance.

Buddha defined compassion as “pure love”. When your love is not just a desire to have others or when love is not just a need. And, when love is sharing, not a beggar but an emperor; when love is about ready to give – it is the given of joy. It is time to refresh your mind and heart and the pure fragrance can spread. Therefore, it is compassion, which is significantly the highest level of love.

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