The Lovers Tarot Card Meanings

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The horoscope associated with the Lovers Tarot card is Gemini. Two characters on this card are protected and blessed by the angels in the clouds above their heads. Images of angels, in general, represent the essence of worldly desires.

In particular, the angel Raphael appears in this card is the angel of the Air element. One of the characteristics of the Air element is the communication process, which is an essential requirement for a good relationship. The angel’s purple cloak represents loyalty, a symbol of the importance of communication.

In the Lovers Tarot card, the sun shines brilliantly above the couple, radiating warmth and sense of security everywhere. At their feet, there is the green and fertile land which evoke life and happiness. On the tree, there are five apples behind the woman represent the five senses, symbolizing the importance of romantic love and pleasure for the woman. The snake bending on the tree behind the woman evokes the story of Adam and Eve, the fall of the human race and the temptations of life. In addition, the snake is also a symbol of the senses.

The flame behind the man represents the flame of passion, symbolizing the basic concern of the man. There are twelve flames, representing the twelve horoscopes, the symbol of time and eternity. On the card, the man is looking at the woman while the woman looks up at the angel, implying the path from perception to the subconscious and ultimately to metacognition, or from material needs to emotional needs and the emotional concerns. The mountain symbolizes masculinity, while water symbolizes femininity, the images conjure up harmony between 2 genders.

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The detailed description of the Lovers Tarot card

The Lovers is a memory card. Love and sex are always the subjects of attraction, and as you might expect, this card represents both. Encouraging harmony is very powerful and at its highest, making us beyond ourselves. That is why the angel blesses the bond between the man and the woman.

This card also represents the difficult choices in value and the questions that go along with it. In some spreads, it also show a man trapped between two women, a virgin and a trickle. This triangle can become a dilemma if you are choosing between right and wrong.

The Lovers can bring you to the crossroad where you have to choose between morality and conscience. This article also shows your personal values, because to make this decision you have to understand yourself. Following your path means that you have to fight back those who are driving you in the wrong way.

Keywords related to the Lovers Tarot card: Relationship, Gender Sexuality, Personal Belief, Value.

Detailed meaning of the keywords of the Lovers Tarot card

Related to others

  • Set up the connection;
  • Feel loved;
  • Make a connection or get married;
  • Found the match;
  • Sympathize with others;
  • Get closer;
  • Become close.

Become seductive

  • Search for merge;
  • Desire experience;
  • Have sex;
  • Be open to the partner;
  • Respond to passion;
  • Feel the charm by the appearance;
  • Draw out energy from within.

Establishing your own belief

  • Review the comments received;
  • Determine where you are;
  • Live with the true-self;
  • Create your own philosophy;
  • have your own standards;
  • Decide by yourself.

Value decision

  • Stuck with desire;
  • Choose between right and wrong;
  • Facing ethical decision-making;
  • Do not allow the results to prove the process;
  • Find out what you care about.

A few opposite Tarot cards to the Lovers

  • Hierophant – established faith;
  • Hermit – alone, not involved, fewer desires;
  • 5 of Cups – lost in a relationship;
  • 3 of Swords – rejection, separation.

A few support Tarot cards for the Lovers

  • Empress – proliferate, satisfied;
  • 2 of Cups – union, marriage, association;
  • 9 of Cups – satisfy the desire;
  • 10 of Cups – family bonding, cohesion;
  • 10 of Pentacles – connect forever, associate the family.

Upright meaning of the Lovers: love, harmony, relationships, connect in value, choice

Words and Keywords

The relationship, sharing, trust, duality, short trips, health, healing, romantic encounters, sexuality, lust, romantic love, friendship, new relationship, important choice, important decision, crossroads, challenge, temptation, being challenged, reviewing an important relationship, thinking about love and marriage.

Choose one of two different paths, love story or the relationship with the challenge and choice, the power of love, want to share life with others, bondage, cohesion, marriage, tree of life, torn between two lovers, the empty road, I can not help but think of him, only death can tear us apart.


The Lovers is associated with Gemini in Astrology, the “Twins”. This card is almost directed towards a relationship with only one person in general, not surprisingly, usually in love relationships, but not always. In less common cases, it targets two-sided aspects that exist in each of us – masculine/feminine, yin/yang, forward / reverse, and so on.


Maybe you are feeling chaotic with a relationship or a situation in life. It is possible that the heart says one way and the mind speaks another, thing to do (in moral terms) is to listen to your heart. Some people say that there are actually only two forms within you: “fear” and “love.” When possible, choose “love”.


If need to make a decision, analyze all the information you have and make the best one. Maybe at first, you will see that something bad is going to happen. Be careful when your work and love mix together. Before making a decision, make sure you know the relevant factors.


As its name, the Lovers in the upright shows that love is coming to you and run into the center of your life. It could be a new relationship or an event that creates a strong bond with the present partner/the ex. In any case, you will be happy and even the people around you can see the halo that surrounds you. This is serious. It is possible that, even though you just start the relationship, you possibly think of a happy ending. Again, share your happiness with those in need and your life will be filled with one.


It can make you lose control over financial matters because you are too focus on your amazing relationship. There are things worth the wait and some are not, make sure you keep your mind on the right things at the right time.


If you are having a health problem, the Lovers tells you that person who can help you is coming. It can be a doctor, nurse, therapist depending on your choices in life. Again, face the challenge, think about your understanding of the present situation and be grateful for what you have, do the healing/recovery method if necessary.


Again, working with a special person, such as a mentor or leader, can help you with many things in the Spiritual journey. However, do not obey blindly, ask questions, listen to the heart and follow your intuition, just listen to what is useful and ignore the rest. A guiding hand may be coming. Remember the old saying: “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.”

Situation and advice

The Lovers in the upright often appears when you face important life decisions and have to choose the right path to follow. It can foreshadow a romantic journey, often accompanied by experiment or selection. Bonding, physiological adjustment, love, and marriage can take over your mind. You may be concerned with the process of an important relationship. When two of Cups also appear in a spreading, you may be in a  significant relationship.

This card warns you to carefully consider every aspect of an important decision before making the final one. By any other ways, you are being challenged before you can move on to the next stage of development. You are at the crossroad. You may fall into a new relationship or an affair. You may need to choose between two potential partners. You may find yourself needing to buy new clothes or need to improve your appearance to attract new ones. Short trips and communication are most likely to occur.

In the Rider-Waite Tarot deck, the Lovers depicts Archangel Raphael, the Protector of Healing, as a background character. In Robin Wood deck, it stands under the tree. It can be a sign of the need for healing, either for the soul or for the body. This is the time it takes to have a sincere conversation about an important relationship with a trusted counselor or friend. In a good spread, this card is a sign of mental protection and recovery.


Partner, lover, couple, business partner, twins, someone who is in the dilemma, healer, good friends, Romeo and Juliet.

Meaning of the Lovers reversed: disagreement, imbalance, deviation

Reversed meaning of the Lovers:

Words and Keywords

Fail the exam, the end of love, lack of consistency, freedom at all costs, fear of constraint, impatience, like traveling, refusal of an important choice, bad decision, changeable, treachery, a lack of maturity in love, hedonism, no strings attached, marital problems, uneasy and unhealthy relationships, health problems, illness, irresponsibility, hate, not getting along, not side by side, bluntly, painful, united.

Indecisive, opposition, separation, divorce, quarrel, dissent, internal conflict, opposite to others, a linkage is broken by external impact, the feeling of separation from others, isolation, blind love, you do not care about me anymore, love then leave, the promiscuity.


Even in reverse, the Lovers is still a blessing, especially for love and other relationships in life. It goes along with the Gemini.


Maybe you are feeling messed up with a relationship or a situation in life. Paying attention to your intuition to see what it is trying to say or analyze, clarify the cause. Feelings and emotions are there for a reason, do not deny them.


The Lovers reversed indicates that you may be attracted by a colleague. This is not a bad thing, just the opposite card warns you when work and emotion mix together. Knowing what you are sticking to. Are you likely to lose your job? Can you bear it? Do not be too arrogant, think hard about the worst case before you decide.


Although this is the reversed card, the next time still is a blessing for your love. The opposite position is simply the adjustment of the integrity that love gives you, or you may feel a bit more complete and happy than the upright card. Please keep your mind to the positive thing. This is the time to go out and meet people.


You seem to be focusing too much on love and forget about important aspects: friendship, finances, and personal life. If you need help, just ask. Losing control over finances is wrong no matter what is going on in your life. Do not take your eyes off the things you have to keep in mind, no matter how you feel like “stepping on the clouds”.


If you have a health problem, the Lovers reversed means you have to concentrate on this issue. Love yourself, although your health is not good and it hurts you, it does its best to serve you. If you need help in this process, look for the outside. Self-esteem and self-care are the most important at this time.


The appearance of the Lovers reversed may imply that if you are not careful, you may love a pastor, teacher or professor. Be cautious with incoming emotions. These emotions can prevent you from learning everything you should learn from that person. If the teacher or instructor recommends a relationship with you, think carefully. Maybe they took advantage of your trust and kindness, always be careful.

Situation and advice

You can hurt someone or vice versa. There may be an opportunity to stay together or an invitation was not made and the insiders are wondering about the other’s feelings. Maybe you are in a split situation or an end of love. If you ask about marriage, you may be desperate to find a suitable partner and be afraid to live alone. Concerns about the physiological adjustment can occupy your mind. Maybe you are stuck in an unhealthy relationship. The fear of bondage may be creating problems in your love life.

You must learn to be responsible for your behaviors and choices. Someone around you may protest the decision you made. If you are facing an important decision, seek expert advice and make informed choices to avoid later regrets. Sometimes, the Lovers in reverse signifies the beginning of a health problem.


Those who face the choice which is not feasible, objectors, those who are unbound, those who stick to unhealthy relationships, Don Juan, those who lost in sexuality.

In a Tarot spread, the Lovers Tarot card often symbolizes the deep love – the great motivation of mankind. Relationships may not tend to be sexual, although it usually in that direction. More often than not, it reveals two realities that are strongly motivated to establish a relationship – whether people, ideas, moves, or teams.

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1. The Lovers Thoth Tarot

The Lovers Thoth Tarot is the first card to describe the twins, and we will see this motif again a few more times. In its original form, it contains the Creation Story. 

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2. The Lovers – Lamoureux Tarot – Tarot De Marseille

lamoureux tarot

Lamoureux Tarot motivates us to question our own emotional state: How is our current emotional life? Are we feeling peace or conflict? Are we doing what we like? 

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3. The Lovers Shadowscapes Tarot

The Lovers Shadowscapes Tarot refers to harmony, balance, energy source, flow, love, desire, passion, forming a harmony or marriage.

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4. The Lovers Osho Zen Tarot

the Lovers Osho Zen

The Lovers Osho Zen Tarot is built on the foundation of freedom, not hope and need. The wings of love would take us so far to where cosmic love exists and we will experience everything together.

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5. The Forest Lovers Wildwood Tarot

The Forest Lovers Wildwood create rays of life, releasing abundant energy. White lilies (also known as “Lords and Ladies”) are typical flowers of the Beltane season.

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6. The Lovers Deviant Moon Tarot 

the lovers deviant moon

The Lovers Deviant Moon Tarot recommends that you should research your options and make the wisest choice. Carefully consider your long-term benefits. 

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7. The Lovers Linestrider Tarot

The Lovers Linestrider is one of the most complex Major Arcana cards. They represent communication, co-workers, and love in both a common sense and an alchemical/universal sense. 

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