Three Of Wands – Rider Waite Tarot Deck

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I. Three of Wands Rider Waite image description

The Three of Wands Tarot card depicts a man standing on a cliff, turning his back and looking out over the hills in a far distance. From this height, he can see everything which is ahead and recognize the challenges as well as opportunities that are imminent. The three rods around him are pinned down to the ground, showing commitment to future plans.

Three of Wands Rider Waite image description

This is a card for vision and anticipation. When we want to see further, we will have to climb higher. By going up, we increase our limits and free ourselves from the present situation. We break away from the situation and create our views, our perspectives.

A long-term vision is the nature of a leader which is another meaning of the Three of Wands. As we look further, we will have more knowledge to guide others to the best future for them. Someone who understands the way will show others how to follow. When seeing this card, you should know that it is time to accept your vision and be confident so you can lead others to pursue that vision.

A leader is not only a visionary, but also someone who is willing to go there first, if necessary. It is also a card of discovery. Let’s compare this character to the Fool who is also standing on a cliff. The Fool stride in innocence without realizing he is about to fall into his own destiny. The adventurer in this card are also willing to stride, but with a clear sense of what they are doing. His courage comes with calculations and is less spontaneous.

The Three of Wands encourages you to bravely step into new areas. Let the ships on the horizon take you to discover remote areas which have never been known.

II. Three of Wands Tarot Card Meaning

Discover, Foresee, Leadership.

Discover the mystery

  • Search for unknown domains;
  • Go find new adventures;
  • Expand the limits;
  • Leave the safety behind;
  • Do different things.


  • Have vision;
  • Look for higher possibilities;
  • Plan ahead;
  • Know what to expect;
  • Have premonition;
  • Predict the difficulties;
  • Have a long-term vision.


  • Lead the way to others;
  • Take the lead role;
  • Give direction when needed;
  • Gather a team behind your back;
  • Create a good example;
  • Be a representative.

III. Opposite and Support Tarot cards to the Three of Wands

Opposite cards

Support cards

  • The Fool – expand the boundaries, go into unexplored lands;
  • Emperor – leadership, give direction;
  • 8 of Cups – hit the road, begins a journey;
  • 3 of Pentacles – plan, prepare for the future.

IV. 3 of Wands Upright Card Keywords

preparation, foresight, business, expansion

Words and Keywords

Early stages of achievement, first reward, employment, job related status, opportunity to make money, higher abilities, professional development, improved status, competitiveness, competency, true effort, high standards, expertise, skilled, working the way, success through skill, satisfaction at work, hard work, focus on details, improve working conditions.

Advancement, recognition, approval, enhance social status, honors, high scores in school, certification, progress, learn new things, efforts of teammates, confidence, get a good salary or take on the job, ask for social status or recognition from others, get a degree, work for others, get help from others, improve housing and property, there may be changes in accommodation, good start.


When the Three of Wands appears, you seem to be realized that your finances will get better, in fact, this may be the month that the fortunes will come. You will probably feel very strong with justified reason. Finally, you will be able to experience some important successes after overcoming difficulties.


In general, this card is a work-related card in an extremely positive direction. Even if you work at home, the card still means that your efforts have been recognized and appreciated. Do not hesitate to give yourself a little pride.

It points out that your plan has been carried out and you are starting to look at opportunities to expand your plan and take advantage of your future potential. Everything is going on as expected thanks to solid plan and constant motivation to survive.

This card shows the opportunity to broaden your horizons through studying, travelling, entrepreneurial business and learning. You need to be more aware of the opportunities that exist around you right now as they may be better than you think. You can look at the best opportunities and know that they are waiting for you outside of your present world, so it is time to put out ambitious. You should consider what you can do to open the door for yourself and develop those opportunities. They can also be changes or challenges ahead which involve expanding your vision as well as invading new territory. The man in this card can see beyond his own future. Therefore, you are likely to be aware of upcoming changes as well as challenges and be prepared for anything.

The Three of Wands also describes the trip. This card encourages you to dream about where you want to travel and what you will discover along the way. This card shows you are going to go to a country which is far away, and then, having the opportunity to grow and learn new things. It encourages you to be brave and trust yourself so that you can complete yourself as well.


When this card appears in the context of a job interview, it tells you that you have the right to be proud of being highly valued for your performance, even if you have not fully seen the rewards from which you expect. If you are looking for a job, you will soon find a better position than you are expecting. Keep your head high and always know that you have a lot to show.


Your affectionate relationships are fine, as long as your partner is willing to treat you equally. If not, this may be the time to leave or give up after you have explained everything clearly. If you have met a new person recently, this card tells you that he or she values you quite well. If you are looking for love but do not feel any prospects, you are probably spending too much time and effort on your career. Let’s think about allowing yourself more time to enjoy your personal life.


In terms of finance, Three of Wands implies that everything grows in terms of finances. Your hard work is in the process of harvesting results, even if you have not seen it yet. However, do not be too generous with yourself financially. You should save some in case of those hard days and share your wealth. You can do financially better than you ever dreamed.


The health information tends to be very good when this card appears. Health efforts seem to be beginning to bear fruits. Do not hesitate to consider other methods of treating or addressing current health challenges, of course by reason.


At least you have matured in several levels and have a keen insight into the mind. Even if that is so, you still need to realize that if you know how to completely concentrate, you will grow older mentally, therefore, your mental attitude can change and develop over time. Do not be afraid of change and new information.

Situation and advice

The Three of Wands is a card of physical development. This situation involves money, occupation, education, physical, a house or project that produces tangible results. You will be rewarded for being proficient and using your skills, knowledge and talents. You can have a good start and be recognized as an expert in the field you pursue. You will have the opportunity to earn money for things you know. You aspire to status, recognition and acceptance from others and feel accomplished when done well. Career advancement may happen.

You can use your talents to improve your accommodation by repainting or refurbishing it. If you are a student, you will score high and get a degree. When asking about emotions and relationships, this card rarely mentions emotions but emphasizes materialism, status, judgment of society, and family pressure.


Hard worker; talented individuals; craftsman; capable workers; careful and hardworking; perfectionist.

V. 3 of Wands Reversed Keywords

lack of foresight, delay, obstacles to long-term goals


When this card appears in reverse, things generally getting better than what you expect in the near future. After all, you can take a rest or relax after the hard work. You should allow yourself to be recharged at this time.


Generally speaking, the Three of Wands in reverse may imply a wish is coming true, in a positive direction. You should think carefully about what you really want and the reason why you want to achieve that dream. You may find that unexpected insights come to you, probably about yourself or about others, and about the world. In general, you can believe in this new knowledge.

It also shows that you have tried to engage in the journey of self-improvement but cannot accomplish goals set. You may have encountered some problems and delayed your route. You feel frustrated and think that you have wasted time right from the start. Maybe, you do not recognize but the fact that failure precedes success is also an important part of your life. It helps you grow and improve yourself.


When this reversed card appears in the context of work, it tells you that you will make a big step in your career. You may even be prepared to start your own business in some ways. In general, you can expect good things about what you are doing. Do not hesitate. Let your talent shine for everyone to see. Let’s work with others.

In the spread about business, it shows a lack of cooperation, wasteful effort, delays or external obstacles in commercial ventures. You are dealing with a business partner or an enterprise that only cares about their material interests. It is also possible that there are delays in delivery or delays in production, especially if you are relying on a source of overseas investment. You know that you need to get help but you should also care about others taking advantage of you.


In a relationship, the Three of Wands reversed points out that neither you nor your partner is capable of pursuing each other’s long-term goals. Your lover may want to travel or to expand their world by moving between regions or between countries, but you do not want to do so. This becomes a big issue for your relationship. You both need to talk to each other and come to a compromise.

If you are in the search for love, then someone may be looking to build a relationship with you. Like a saying “Do not judge others by their appearance”. If you are looking for the other half, give them a chance. You then will be able to get a big surprise in a positive way.

Similarly, this card also says that you should not be in long distance relationship. If you have tried before, now you will realize that you have wasted your time. You are wary with restrictions and the negative consequences which relate to such a relationship, and feel appropriate to the short distance relationship. You do not want to be with a person who always goes far away, especially on business trips because that means they will not be closed to you often.


Just like the upright meaning, this reversed card may mean that everything financially advances in the short run. However, this growth will be completely associated with the cooperation with others. Do not try to do everything by yourself. If you are having questions about the financial field, look for a good adviser.


The reverse of the Three of Wands implies that your forthcoming health reports will be better than you imagined. You are on the right track in taking care of yourself, hold on and keep it up. If you feel the need to use support to help you maintain and sustain your efforts, then you should know that support is always available and there are many people around you, you just have to ask.


You may be about making a concerted effort to develop mentally as this card appears. Be aware that you can and that the benefits of this development are enormous. Inspiration and new information will come from the most unexpected sources. Let’s go step by step.

Situation and advice

The Three of Wands reversed shows the needs of learning more, work harder and requiring new skills to complete important projects. Be careful not to miss the invaluable opportunity because of risk aversion. The other person can rebuke you for not knowing what you are doing or for producing poor results. Even if you work hard, you still find yourself being despised, unhappy or bored. You may focus too much on gaining approval and recognition rather than doing a good job. Excessive attention to enhancing social status will hinder practical relationships with others.

You may also be having trouble implementing your plan and feel anxious because things seem to be getting overwhelming for you. You lack a foresight and can not detect troubles as soon as they arise or you are unrealistic about the risks involved in your plan. You should divide your plan so that it can be easily managed and made them be more realistic. You need to evaluate every risk finding out the challenges you will face, and then create plans to avoid or mitigate them.


Those who are slothful; common laborers; the new one but arrogant; poor workers; those who scramble.

In a Tarot spread, the Three of Wands Tarot is a message calling you to look further. Do not react hastily, let’s step back and take a look, analyze and “apply” the current situation to a bigger picture. This card requires you to become a visionary who is always eager to conquer the challenges beyond the current limit. It may imply that omens or intuitions are coming.

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4. Three Of Fire Osho Zen Tarot Deck

The woman in Three of Fire Osho Zen not only touched the tree but she was also feeling and almost became one with it. It is an old tree that has gone through many difficult periods. She touched it very gently, reverently, the white border inside the gown reflected the purity of her heart.

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