Judgement Tarot Card Meanings

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The Judgement Tarot shows some of naked men, women, and child rising from their own graves, their hands extended toward Archangel Gabriel who is blowing the trumpet above them. The earthly people appealed to the angel, they were ready to let the supreme authority of God judge them.

In the distance, there are the rolling mountains and high waves which are the manifestations of difficult obstacles that can not be overcome as well as the implication of judgment is inevitable. The oceanic image represents the end of the river originating from the Empress card and has flowed through the Major Arcana cards.

Angel Gabriel carries a red cross on a white background, very similar to the character’s clothes in the Magician. Just like everything else in life, all the beginnings are unavoidable at the moment of coming to an end and that ending will obviously open another new beginning. The ruler of the planet in this card is Pluto who is also the ruler of Hell.

Detailed description

On the Judgement Tarot card, we see that the human being reaches out to the call of the angel. That is Judgement Day when good people go to heaven. But what about those who are not saved? Are they judged that they are not eligible? Did God refuse them because of their sins? This is an aspect of the judgment that is still controversial. How come judgment goes along with forgiveness?

In fact, judgment exists in two forms. The form of painfulness said, “What you do is wrong, you are bad and worthless for doing it.” This type of judgment leaves no room for salvation. The assessment without conviction is entirely possible. We address the problem, evaluate every aspect and try to realize the truth. At the same time, we recognize the need for choices and the expectations for the courage to do so – without blaming on anyone else.

The Judgement Tarot card represents a sense of salvation. When the angel calls, you are reborn – being washed from all sins and burdens. The past and mistakes should stay in the past so that you can be ready to start again. You can even feel a call – a personal urge for the things you are born to do. If you are going through hard times, needing hope and salvation, the card of Judgment can show you the innovation that is within reach.

Keywords related to this card: Judgment. The rebirth, Inner Call, Christening.

Detailed meaning of the keywords of the Judgement Tarot card

Give a judgment

  • Have a judgment day;
  • Get out of the fence;
  • Use the ability to criticize;
  • Criticism;
  • Make a difficult choice.

Feeling reborn

  • Awakening to opportunities;
  • Change;
  • Enjoy the hope that has been restored ;
  • Make a new start;
  • See things with another view;
  • Discover the joy.

Hear the call

  • Recognize your real career;
  • Feelings of repentance;
  • Feel the urge to take action;
  • The decision to make a difference;
  • Feel to go in another direction;
  • Know what to do;
  • Respond to a need.

Seeking forgiveness

  • Feeling washed out and refreshed;
  • Let go of sins and sadness;
  • Forgive yourself and others;
  • Redeem previous mistakes;
  • Do not being hard on yourself;
  • Guilty feeling is washed.

A few opposite cards to the Judgement Tarot card

  • Death – the end;
  • 5 of Cups – remorse, regret;
  • 9 of Swords – sin, blame, feel guilty.

A few support cards for the Judgement Tarot card

  • Fool – rebirth, start again;
  • Justice – decide, accept mistakes / previous actions;
  • 7 of Pentacles – the decisive point.

Upright meaning of the Judgement Tarot card: judge, rebirth, secret call, remission.

Words and Keywords

An important stage of development, a crucial choice, ending a stage in life and evaluating its worth, judging or being judged, growing, a change of position, the end of an era, the end of a situation, the transition of a person, a lifetime, a career change, promotion, revival, the need to evaluate or be evaluated.

Health revitalization, the Phoenix revived from the ashes, a slow decision, call to action, innovation, psychological crisis, time for evaluation, a new direction, adaptation, transition, awake, change of shape or nature, breaking convention, important changes, a mandatory choice that will change life better, wash off sin, filter, regeneration, new life, new opportunity, self-evaluation, self improvement, final judgment, transformation, healing.

Get rid of old habits, rebirth, a beneficial legal decision, balance the accounts, eliminate previous mistakes, final exam, start, graduate, what goes around comes around.


The Judgement Tarot card is a statement about going straight to conclusions, decisions, and judgements in a too hasty way. If you are caught up in this case, it is a clear sign that you should slow down, think twice and give others “more opportunities”. This may be the time of spiritual awakening.


In general, if you are inclined to go straight to the conclusion, you should stop. If others do the same for you or for your beloved ones, you can not do anything about it, except to realize that it is their problem, not yours.


The Judgement Tarot card in the upright tells that your efforts are being observed by others. This is a great time to invest your efforts in the job details. After all, this can be a good thing. If you have been working hard and doing your best, your efforts will likely be rewarded. If you are working sluggishly, this is the time you have to work seriously, before you have to take any other permanent loss to your career.


The time period while you are involving in a relationship is considered a “success-or-failure” period. It is time for you to clarify what you want from life or from your relationship, and then proceed to do it. If you are looking for love, a new relationship is likely to come in the near future, but you need to be careful to make sure you are not making too many conclusions (even they are positive or negative) about your new love and/or vice versa, slowly but surely.


The Judgement Tarot card implies that money and contracts are coming towards you. Everything is going to be very important and positive. Do not rush to break the rules, otherwise, you can pay dearly, always be careful


This is an important time for you to leave behind the past and the wrong things that others have done to you, especially when you are struggling with a chronic illness. Leaving behind the fact that you want to be told that what you do was right will help you feel better. Besides, if someone does something wrong with you, then that is their fault, you do not have to be angry and show that they are wrong, think a bit positively


You may find yourself looking for ideas and spiritual direction that you have never thought about. Moreover, you can find more truth and wisdom there than you have ever dreamed of. Be open with new ideas and experiences. It may be useful to you in ways you would not expect, and you will never know until you actually experience it.

Situation and advice

In general, the Judgement Tarot means a cycle is about to end and you have to prepare for a new phase of development. You are reaching an important milestone for your development. You may face a very important decision that will change your plan for life. If you make this decision with full awareness of its transformative potential, the result will be beneficial. Now it is the time of great change and improvement, a process of regeneration. If you are considering changing jobs, you will achieve success.

As for health problems, healing and recovering will occur. If they involve legal issues, they will be decided in your favor. If you are a student, you will pass your exam. If you ask about a medical examination, the results will be favorable.

This is the end of a cycle, a moment of innovation and awakening, and it is time to reap the results of previous actions. It is time to get rid of your past mistakes and prepare for a positive start. At this point, you can see everything is clearer.


The Judge, Supreme Court, the executioner.

Meaning of the Judgement reversed: unconfident, lack of consideration.

Reversed meaning of Judgement

Words and Keywords

An unwanted end, frustrated with a past situation, delay, hesitation, fear of change, a coercive ending, unsatisfactory as expected, a big unwanted change, avoiding a necessary decision, the Phoenix cannot be resurrected, procrastination, remorse, regret, a happy ending, a lack of purpose, refusal to let go, loneliness, fear of death, separation of a loved one, disillusionment, loss, failure.

A legal decision that causes disappointment, feeling go in the trail, not wanting to face the truth, shame, self-inflicted, illness, bad karma.


In the opposite position, the Judgement reversed is also the card that often talks about jumping straight to conclusions, decisions, and judgments. If you are caught up in this, it is a clear sign that you should slow down the action and think twice, give others “more opportunities.” This may be the time of spiritual awakening. This card, regardless of position (upright or reverse), does not mean that you need to judge someone or something. Especially when there is a reverse Judgment card, it means you have already done it.


In general, this reversed card tells you that you should scrutinize your decision-making. If you are inclined to make a hasty conclusion, you should stop. If others do the same for you or for your beloved ones, you can do nothing, except realize that it’s their problem, not yours. Sometimes, even the initial judgments seem unfair, but ultimately bring the best benefit to you. Take control of what’s at hand and ignore the rest.


When you get the Judgement Tarot in reverse, remember that many things in the job can change. If you want to keep the job as long as possible, behave as if you know that every second of every minute you work has a follower and your efforts are being watched by others. This is an important time for you to put effort into the details of the job.

After all, this can be a good thing. If you have been working hard and doing your best, your efforts will likely be rewarded. If you are working sluggishly, then this is the time you have to work seriously, before you have to take any other permanent loss to your career. On the other hand, if you lose this job – and you are still struggling until you get the card – know that you are moving towards a better situation, let’s take step by step.


In the opposite position, the Judgement Tarot card also implies that this is a success-or-failure time. You and the people around maybe in the process of changing. Do not cling to your standards. If you are looking for love, or you draw the reversed Judgment card for the person who you having a crush on then a new relationship will likely to come in the near future, but you need to be careful to make sure you are not making the hasty conclusion.


As they say, do not hit your head against the wall anymore and keep moving forward instead. If you have decided, and you do not like it the way, find another way. There is always more than one option for you to accomplish a goal, there is always more than one person to help you. It’s important to be flexible in situations in which things do not progress as you expect them to.


When you draw a card related to health problems, it is a sign of accepting that you can make mistakes or faults but that will help you feel better. The Judgement in reverse is a reminder for not fighting over the change, accepting that past is past and ignoring anger will help you feel better, think positive.


The Judgement Tarot card in reverse, once again, reminds you that you need to open with new ideas and experiences. In real life, change is constant. This does not mean that you have to change things in a hurry and give up the spiritual experience that makes you feel comfortable, just only you will have more benefit if you approach in a new and different way. They are useful for you by the way you cannot be expected to, and you will never get these benefits until you really open up for certain changes.

Situation and advice

Generally, the Judgement reversed implies that now you are facing the consequences of a wrong decision you had made in the past. In addition, you may also be avoiding an important decision because you are afraid of the changes which will happen in your life. Perhaps you have looked at the whole process of your life and now you realize it is worthless. Your relationship, job, situation, or the tight structure may have grown fast, but you don’t want to give them up.

Although you do not feel ready, you may need to put an end to some aspects of your life. Circumstances, illness or even death can separate you from a loved one. Perhaps work or career problem has created a gap between you and an important person. A relationship may come to an end and you may not want to end it. You can not delay facing the truth forever. Despite the fact that it may seem difficult, you have to let go of the past to continue your life.

Major unwanted changes can get out of control. A legal decision or test result may not be in your favor. Sometimes the reversed Judgment card refers to health problems, especially problems with vision and hearing.

If you ask about the results of a medical examination, be prepared for the bad news. With the question of relationship, the reversed Judgment may indicate separation or divorce. If you ask about a legal matter, reversed Judgment shows the result would not be good for you (especially if there is the reversed Six of Wands in a spreading, indicating the obstacles caused by betrayal and deception).

The Judgement in reverse recommends you to pay attention to bad karma and learn from your past mistakes. You may need to ignore the loss and continue to live in a more constructive way.


Those who have unwanted endings or big unwanted changes in their lives, those who undergo the punishment of bad karma, students who failed, those who lost in a lawsuit.

In a spread, the Judgement Tarot card can remind us that judgement is necessary even though sometimes, you have to decide. At the time, it is a good idea to consider things carefully and then commit to not blaming them. If you are judging yourself, then learn from what you have done. Take what’s worthwhile, fix what needs fixing, but never lose your value.

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