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I. Three of Cups Rider Waite image description

The Three of Cups is a card that talks about celebrating and completing missions. Three young ladies dance in a circle and raise their glasses high. They connect with each other through emotion and friendship. The ground was filled with fruit, showing fertility and happiness. Each woman in this Cups card wears a laurel wreath on her head. This wreath has been a symbol of victory and success for a long time. The fragrance emanating from the laurel wreath is also a symbol of protection, peace, and purification.

Three of Cups Rider Waite image description

It is a message to us: “The Universe is supporting you, so victory will be a certainty in this stage of life.” Different flowers are placed at the feet of each woman, symbolizing joy, beauty, compassion, and growth. The flowers remind us of the good times in life, the sweet scent of success, as well as the nice things around. This only happens if you open your heart to receive them.

There are three cards in the Tarot deck which imply focusing on collective elements – each card carries a different perspective. With the Hierophant, that is the approach in form and discipline. With the Three of Pentacles, that is teamwork, and with the Three of Cups, it is about the emotions. This Cups card will answer those questions such as how is the feeling of engaging with others? What is friendship and community?

In this card, we see three women dancing together in a circle. Their arms are spreading out and touching each other to connect their emotions (Cups). In many periods or regimes, women are the ones who create and nourish the social glue that holds people together. The dancing women are the symbol of coming together in love. (Of course, these emotions are not just about women).

Those women on the Three of Cups also express joy and high spirits. Such feelings are not only limited to their groups but also can be particularly strong in any place. Festival celebrations are a natural occurrence when people feel connected to one another and feel safe. This card can represent a kind of mood or experience that makes you feel like dancing and singing.

II. Three of Cups Tarot Card Meaning

Excited mood, Friendship, Community.

Feeling excited

  • Explosion of energy;
  • Get into the flow of life;
  • Celebrate;
  • Energetic spirit;
  • Feeling on top of the world;
  • Dancing and singing;
  • Remove the barriers of the self.

Enjoy the friendship

  • Be next to the person you like;
  • Experience intimate friendship;
  • Extend/welcome the hospitality;
  • Share;
  • Search companion;
  • Trust others;
  • Rely on outside help.

Promote community

  • Join a support group;
  • Develop team spirit;
  • Work together;
  • Unite with others;
  • Form a linked group;
  • Help each other;
  • Find a common goal;
  • Neighborhood.

III. Opposite and Support Tarot cards to the 3 of Cups

Opposite cards

  • Hermit – solitary, withdraw from the group;
  • 9 of Wands – lack of confidence, alertness;
  • 3 of Swords – lonely, isolated, hurt;
  • 6 of Swords – sad, depressed;
  • 9 of Swords – suffering, not happy.

Support cards

  • Hierophant – focus on the group;
  • Temperance – join forces, work together;
  • 4 of Wands – excitement, high spirits, celebrating;
  • 3 of Pentacles – teamwork.

IV. 3 of Cups Upright Card Keywords

celebrate, friendship, creativity, community

Words and Keywords

Delight, a joyful occasion, satisfaction, reunion, unite with others, family gatherings, happy times, hobbies, everything has finished to enjoy, satisfaction on the completion of the first step, a feast, prosperous family life, good fortune, happiness and prosperity to every family, playful, hospitable, not lacking, awards ceremony, harvest.

Share beautiful moments, conception, gestation, pregnancy (especially if the Empress card which indicates fertility appears in the upright during the spreading), birth, achievements, healing, recovery, early stages of happiness, start a new lifestyle, get married, marital status, a marriage, a divorce, upcoming thing, good things, eat and have fun.


The Three of Cups often refers to a reunion. But remember that reunion here is not always about love. It is exactly a reunion in a broad sense, such as meeting again (or meeting for whatever purpose) with someone/something who/which has been away from you for quite a long time. It is often considered as a happy reunion and an optimistic card.

This Cups card is representative of friendship, companionship, and harmonious relationships. This is when you are willing to help the people around you, and receive help from them.

You may realize that, at the present, you are very beloved, supported and sympathized by the ladies. Your friends who may be women, old classmates or friends for a long time. There is a similarity between you and them so you always sympathize and care about each other.


Overall, everything is going well. You can expect at least an interesting reunion with someone or something that you have been apart for a while. It can also mean a celebration of your own or of someone that you care about – such as one month old of a baby, a wedding or another joyful occasion.


The Three of Cups is also a good omen in terms of work. With those questions related to career, this card shows a hobby than a profession. Money can come to you, you can find a new job or be promoted. The mood in your world of work is generally relatively pleasant. If you are looking for a job, then you will have a lot of success (perhaps this possibility is surprisingly high), everything will work out well for you, so do not give up.


Although this Cups card may carry the message of a reunion with a lost love, it not always like that. You must carefully consider the rest of the spreading in that context to decide whether the answer is correct or not. If you are single, the answer is probably that you may soon find love – someone who is the type that you are looking for, and this person will be a new lover, not somebody you used to know. If you get married or are pregnant, expect good results. The Three of Cups means marriage (or divorce and remarriage) according to your interpretation.


This is an important time to not be too dependent on money. The money will be fine for you, but it can be lost quickly. It is important to know that this is a cosmopolitan universe and that your needs (finance and other things) will be met, as long as you do your part well.


This is a great time to consider what you are doing – and perhaps need to do – to enhance your health and vitality. Do you need more exercise? Do you need more rest? Think about it and make a plan. You can do better – even just a little – than what you are doing right now. In a positive Tarot spread, the Three of Cups promises to recover from illness.


It may be important to reach out to others at this time, especially if you are paying close attention to your spiritual life in solitude. This approach can lead to a spiritual awakening. Think about whether you have a need for a “spiritual teacher” or not, and if you do, look for such a person. This could be any reliable mentor, not necessarily a person carrying the name of a “spiritual leader”.

Situation and advice

You can celebrate the anniversary and now it is the time to have fun, be ready for parties, weddings, graduations, promotions, birthdays and other fun occasions. You will share the joy with everyone. It is time for you to celebrate but still have to work.

The Three of Cups predicts a very harmonious time. You will find the balance between your commitments and spend more time with your friends and family. This is a great time to throw away your worries. You can meet up at bars or restaurants to enjoy delicious food, wine and cocktails. You can also celebrate something special, such as an engagement, a wedding, a reunion, or a birthday party.

At this point, despite the hardships of life, you can take the time to forget all and enjoy with your surrounding friends and loved ones. Such moments of relaxation are necessary before and after a stressful period, to prevent you from being exhausted in strength as well as emotional. When this card appears and you are confronted with high tension, just stop for a moment, seek support and encouragement from friends and relatives before continuing unfinished business.

More generally, the Three of Cups shows the end of any difficulties you have experienced, especially matters related to your interactions with others. A compromise will be agreed, benefiting all participants and creating a more harmonious environment. You can promote this process by changing yourself as well as the attitude and the way you react or deal with what is happening. You should try to handle everything with compassion and magnanimity as possible.

This card represents those who work together for the mutual benefit of the community. By working with people around you, you can contribute your strength and dedication to society. This is a sign that you should look for companions to share your joy of victory.

The Three of Cups is also a card of creativity, suggesting that you can pursue a creative business which is more related to teamwork, such as an art class or a dance class. This is a great way to connect with others and exploit your creative potential.


The banqueter, people with their own interests, people who love to enjoy, the bartender.

V. 3 of Cups Reversed Keywords

the love story, the love triangle

Words and Keywords

Messed things up way too much, dissipation, betray, unwanted romance, excess harmful, addicted, drunken, no chance to join with people, enjoy pleasure, obesity, negligence/promiscuity, sex without love, whining, selfish, problems in marriage, difficulties in pregnancy, infertility, inability to have children, exploitation, take advantage of others.

Immerse yourself in the emotions, there is no reason to celebrate, the invitation is withdrawn, cancellation, you will not attend the party, the joy is interrupted, the divorce, a sad event, the unhappy ending, sick, poor health, unable to use innate abilities, abuse.


The Three of Cups reversed is an optimistic card, often refers to the building and raising community awareness of a person. When this card appears, you need to know that this is not the time to do things separately.


Despite being in reverse, this is still a very positive card, you can expect at least an interesting reunion with someone or something that you have been away for a while. You will feel supported by friends and family. Make sure that you keep in touch with everyone.


With the Three of Cups reversed, it is important to consider how your personal relationship will impact your work. Envy or jealousy can be a problem right now. The mood in your work environment will generally be relatively comfortable. If you are looking for a job, you will be more likely to succeed (this ability is perhaps surprisingly high), everything will work out for you. Do not give up.


If you get this Cups card in reverse, you may find that financial pressure is affecting your relationship. If you are single, you may be lucky to find a lover through friendships, so make sure you get noticed and harmonized (in many groups).

When this card appears in a spread about love, look at the other cards for more details about your relationship. If you see the Seven of Swords, it is a betrayal or adultery. If you see the Five of Swords, you probably already know about other relationship but pretend not to. And if you see the Devil, think carefully about the nature of the relationship as it may be an unhealthy one with physical pleasures.


Like the Three of Cups in the upright, this is an important time to not be too dependent on money. Things that you think they are worth, have nothing to deal with your salary. The money situation may be quite smooth, but it may be decreased rapidly. Do not allow yourself to be jealous of someone else’s finances, just mind your own business.


In terms of health, this card shows that you can learn a lot, and make some important steps to improve your health, by looking at what your friends and family members are doing to support and improve theirs. You should learn from the surrounding environment and people, do not be too arrogant.


This reversed card indicates that you can make use of the group to dig deeper into your spiritual world. Even if you are considering that your mental problems are private and do not like to talk to others about it. This is a great time to review and learn from the experience and attitudes of others, how they do to develop their morale. You can express yourself in every which way you can.

Situation and advice

The wedding was postponed. A happy situation, but turns out to be painful. You may not be able to attend the ceremony or the reunion as intended. The Three of Cups in reverse indicates excessive pleasure that can harm your health. We all have our own addictions that can lead to self-destruction. You may be in trouble in a relationship. You and your partner can lose interest and become unfaithful to each other. It may indicate that your creativity is being underestimated and that instead, you have to adapt to the activities of the group. You can be a member of a very strict, organized group and not open to new methods. You should consider sacrificing your creative ability to accomplish the group’s goals.

This reversed Cups may reflect isolation from others. If this is the case, it is time for you to take responsibility for the situation and reconnect with the surrounding community. You should consider joining a group or organization, if needed, to seek their support.

Similarly, it may indicate that you have lost connection with your best friend, perhaps because you are putting other aspects of your life such as work and family on the top. This card is like a reminder about reconnecting with your friends, slowing and relaxing.

On the other hand, the Three of Cups reversed may imply passion and pleasure. You can spend most of your time at bars and nightclubs, enjoying the pleasures of drinking and smoking. Maybe, you are blind to the point of “YOLO” when looking for a break. You should pay attention to the long-term consequences and ask yourself whether this is really a healthy lifestyle or not, put aside those social relationships and spend more time to sleep and relax.


Selfish people, people who are spoiled and messed everything up, the addict, the unfaithful, the troublemaker, people who are promiscuous (in sex), the sloppy.

In a spread, the Three of Cups Tarot card can express a friend or a feeling associated with friendship. This card can represent the community – the support network created when we interact with others. The community can be any group in which members feel connected. When you see this Cups card, check your connection with the groups in your life from an emotional standpoint. You should consider approaching to let go or get help. This card represents all forms of support, including formal assistance such as counseling and other social services.

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