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I. Nine of Cups Rider Waite image description

The Nine of Cups depicts a middle-aged man sitting on a wooden bench with his arms folded in front of his chest. He dresses wisely and his face shows satisfaction. His red hat symboliz the activity of wisdom. There is a wall with nine gold cups which are arranged evenly into a row behind his back. The man who achieved both physical and mental success, he is the representative of the dream coming true.

Nine of Cups Rider Waite image description

The man in the Nine of Cups evokes the image of a cat eating a canary. Nowadays, canaries should be kept away from gluttonous cats. Any cat who catches the bird will feel quite presumptuous. That is the overall meaning of this card – the pure passion and self-satisfaction.

Number nine represents the integrity and completeness, or the final stage of development. This stage can bring some problems. The experience and countermeasures become important and are an intrinsic part of the meaning associated with number nine. Thus, it shows a dreamy tendency and enjoyment of the pleasures of life.

On the physical side, it symbolizes the full satisfaction of all senses: sight, hearing, taste, touch, and smell. This card encourages you to seek satisfaction and pleasure as well as enjoy your body in all aspects. You can also communicate with the natural world – the Earth Mother. She will also be happy to share Her wealth and prosperity.

On the personal side, Nine of Cups implies satisfaction for all that you have. You can notice the image of a man sitting confidently with his arms folding and a smile on his lips. He has everything he wants and can not feel any happier, as if he wanted to tell us: “Let’s take a look at these cups I have! Are they great?”. Sometimes, the best thing is to sit down and enjoy the thought that everything is going so well. But one thing you need to pay attention to, probably you are tempted to live a life of enjoyment on the work of others (like the mischievous cat of ours). That feeling may be great; but sooner or later, what is done by night, appear by day; and then the feeling of regret will invade you. Finding pleasure without regard to the consequences will never bring you happiness in the long run.

More generally, it reflects happiness in all areas such as health, finance, work, luck, love or relationship. After the difficult choices of the Seven of Cups and the stagnation of the Eight of Cups, things started to come back to balance with this card. Being one of the positive cards of the deck, this Cups card shows satisfaction on every level – emotional, physical, and spiritual. It is not unreasonable to be called the card of expectation. Its appearance is often seen as a sign that whatever your heart desires will come true in the next few days or weeks. This is a sign of a successful beginning.

II. Nine of Cups Tarot Card Meaning

Complete the wish, Satisfied, Physical satisfaction.

Complete your wishes

  • Get what you want;
  • Achieve your goals;
  • Get what you think you want;
  • Your dream come true.

Feel satisfied

  • Enjoy a little complacency;
  • Experience the situation as it really is;
  • Feel extremely satisfied;
  • Get the results you expect;
  • Feel the nice things;
  • Have a happy life fullness.

Enjoy physical pleasure

  • Experience the luxury;
  • Enjoy a delicious meal;
  • Enjoy the arts;
  • Relax;
  • Experience the beauty;
  • Enjoy physical effort.

III. Opposite and Support Tarot cards to the 9 of Cups

Opposite cards

  • Hermit – focus less on the senses;
  • 5 of Cups – regret.

Support cards

  • Empress – enjoy the senses;
  • Lovers – sexual pleasure;
  • World – achieve the desire of the heart;
  • 6 of Wands – feel proud, achieve what you want;
  • 7 of Cups – excessive physical enjoyment.

IV. 9 of Cups Upright Card Keywords

Words and Keywords

Excite, satisfied, enjoy, rewarded, comfortable, healthy, happy, abundant, arrogant, contented, pleasure, material happiness, favorable work, good finance, spoil yourself, dream come true, a perfect marriage; eat, drink and have fun.


The Nine of Cups is one of the cards makes the most flattering and most comfortable feeling. It is often referred to as “The Wish Card” which implies that what you are expecting or dreaming most likely will be yours soon.

The Nine represents the stability of the Cup set and the progress. This card signifies joy, happiness and satisfaction with what you have achieved so far and provides a stable foundation for the future. All of your worries have stayed in the past and a bright future is waiting for you.


The appearance of this card is usually an omen of happiness and good things which are coming. It also means that what you want will be more likely to come to your life. If the question in the spreading is a yes-no question, this card is the strongest sign of the “Yes”, but like all other aspects of Tarot, that is not entirely sure and may change.


You will likely encounter countless unexpected surprises. If you have a big dream or are working on a project that is stagnating, then this month, that process may finish. If you are invited to an interview, this card may imply that eventually, the moment which you expected has come.


This card is a very good sign for your love life. If you are in a relationship, it is likely to be deeper, better and sweeter. If you are single, this is a great time to meet people. You should go out, get along and talk to the people you meet without having to expect any potential results. The purpose here is just to relieve stress.


Because the Nine of Cups is a very positive card, it also implies good financial status. When this card appears, it may imply that the financial situation that you are envisioning will probably happen, although it is not exactly the way you want it to be.


In general, this may be the time when your health condition is very good. If you have recently had a test, the test results may very well be what you want. Let’s use the power of this card to reinforce or improve your habits. In addition, you should increase your exercise or enrich your knowledge of nutrition.


This is an important time to recognize and improve the use of positive statements (such as “I feel confident” or “I am sure I can do it”), thoughts that can enrich your life in every field. You should trust yourself, dream those big dreams, then do what is needed to make them come true.

Situation and advice

When the Nine of Cups appears, especially if it is the result card, you will get what you have ever dreamed about. This card promises material benefits and luxury. This is the card of satisfaction and contentment, even sometimes the bumptiousness and self-abandonment. The appearance of this card can signal the end of the main stage of a project and the need to enjoy a worthy holiday before continuing proceeding. In the field of marriage, this card implies that you will get your Mr./Ms. Right.

The man in this card has a smug look on his face. This shows that in reality, you are feeling happy with what you have achieved. Do not be too timid or too humble about it! Take pride in your efforts to bring worthy and fulfilling results.

It can also speak of extravagant pleasures and luxury in life, including fancy meals, nice clothes, expensive cars, etc. Of course, the balance is needed to ensure that you do not become lazy or greedy, but in general, the Nine of Cups in the upright shows it is the time to enjoy rather than to suffer the negative consequences of the enjoyment.


People who have achieved their own desires, people who live in luxury, people who spoil themselves, people who love themselves, the fairy godmother.

V. 9 of Cups Reversed Keywords

greedy, discontent, material

Words and Keywords

Not achieving desire, unrealistic dreams, too many good things, hedonism, always haunted by thoughts of sexual pleasure, complacent, frivolous, self-praise, self-indulgent, arrogant, shallow, greedy, superficial, hollow, financial loss, deprived of money, seeking satisfaction from alcohol and drugs, drug abuse, hunger, physical abuse of a person, narcissism.

Masturbation, like to be the center of attention, superficial in relationships, unable to put yourself in other people’s situation, lack of charity, abuse, show off your achievements, drugs seduced, cannot be satisfied; Eat, drink and have fun as if there is no tomorrow.


The Nine of Cups, whether in upright or in reverse, is one of the most pleasurable cards to be drawn in a single spreading. Commonly known under the name “The Wish Card”, this card implies that what you are hoping or dreaming most likely will be yours. The reversed card says that your wishes will become deeper and they are not a dream anymore.


This reversed card is a sign that everything is going in the right direction. You need to make sure that you pause at the moment and think about what you really want in life. You may be amazed at how quickly things will turn out.


When you get the Nine of Cups reversed, it can be a sign that you will soon notice and feel the full satisfaction in your work. You will get more loyalty than you think. If you are looking for a job, this card may imply that you are about to find the right one. You will find yourself attracted to that job position. Let’s follow your heart and take the opportunity.


Whether in the upright or in the reverse, this card is also a very positive sign of your love life. Relationships will tend to become deeper, sweeter and more meaningful in every aspect. If you are still single, you will most likely find someone you can build a real meaningful relationship in the next few weeks.

In terms of love, the Nine of Cups usually indicates a great sense of satisfaction when you know that everything works out the way you want it to be. In the reversed position, you feel that something is missing, and you have not really got what you want. That frustration may be due to those mistakes by complacency, or excessive indulgence, material greed, superficiality or the thoughts that just care about yourself but not others.


In terms of finance, this card implies that instead of paying close attention to your bank account balance, you should consider the quality of your current life. If you are happy, healthy and have a good relationship with family, friends, and community, then you are really rich. Also, your money will tend to increase when you get this card.


If the card appears in the context of a health question, when you feel that your health is in good condition, then you are absolutely correct. However, this is a time when you can take more specific and deeper steps and to not only maintain but also to significantly improve your health. If you are facing a health concern, then the Nine of Cups in reverse is a sign to research more; consider more aspects than just basic symptoms of the disease and any mental impact that can help support your health. In general, this card is still very positive.


This Cups card in reversed is a signal to engage deeper. Let’s take a look beyond the appearance and things which seem like a coincidence. What is the soul/the Universe/God trying to tell you? You need to make sure that you will go deeper or start practicing spirituality in whatever form you want. Life is much more complicated than what you see.

Situation and advice

You may discover that achieving the desire may not always be good for you. Sometimes, this card in reverse may indicate a health problem due to over-indulgence or abuse of the body. You may feel too complacent and arrogant for your own good. You may not get what you want. Greed can cause trouble, the loss of money can occur. You always keep your mind filled with satisfaction for your desires, and it can harm your personal relationships.

Are you using drugs and alcohol to fill the emptiness in your life? Whether the love of being the center of attention pushing your loved ones away from you or not? Do you turn a blind eye to the misery of those who are less fortunate than you? Can you care about anyone else other than just yourself? Are you able to put yourself in the position of others, especially those who are less fortunate than you? How do others get along with you in your life?

The Nine of Cups also talks about the greed and the lack of concern for others. You do not care about how other people are affected by your actions and feel fully satisfied with your success while they are suffering. You should consider the feelings of others more before you brag about anything.


People who are conceited, those who love themselves, the players, hedonistic followers, those who advocate of sensuality.

According to many views on Tarot, the Nine of Cups Tarot card is known as the Wish card. This card shows that your dreams have come true. What a wonderful scene, but remember the lessons from the fairy tale. You need to make sure that you know what you really want and accept all responsibilities related to your wishes.

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