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I. Page of Swords Rider Waite image description

The Page of Swords shows a young man standing on rugged terrain, holding his sword tightly. The sky is full of grey clouds and strong winds. There is a rough sea behind him, giving us the chaotic feeling of energy flows.

Page of Swords Rider Waite image description

This card is a messenger. He brings you the challenge and thinks that you will have the opportunity to grow in a problem or a difficult situation. These challenges may not be what you expect. In fact, you will probably want to say, “Thank you, but I do not need them”.

The Page of Swords wants you to be persistent with these difficult circumstances. You should think of them as challenges training your mettle and spirit. If you accept and overcome those challenges, you will become stronger and more resilient. While you face these challenges, you are encouraged to use the characteristics of the Swords suit – honesty, reason, integrity, and resilience.

Sometimes, this card implies that your whole situation is filled with the spirit of learning, discovery, and mental activities. At times like this, you should use reason and enjoy the enlightenment of wisdom.

II. Page of Swords Tarot Card Meaning

Use of reason, Honest, Equal, Resilience.

Use of reason

  • Problem analysis;
  • Use arguments and reasoning;
  • Review your beliefs;
  • Develop an idea or plan;
  • Learn or find out the truth;
  • Learn or teach;
  • Think thoroughly.


  • Act honestly;
  • Face the truth;
  • Stop deceiving;
  • Clarify any confusion;
  • Expose the hidden thing;
  • Talk directly.


  • Correct;
  • Act morally;
  • Treat others fairly;
  • Protection of righteousness;
  • Try to be fair;
  • Do the right thing;
  • Take responsibility;
  • Respect the views of others.


  • Face the problem directly;
  • Not become cowardly;
  • React to failure with fresh spirit;
  • Maintain determination;
  • Get rid of boredom;
  • Always hold your head high;
  • Always try your best.

III. Page of Swords Upright Card Keywords

talkative, curious, active spirit, full of energy

Words and Keywords

Strong will, sharp intelligence, deep insight, exciting changes, persuasive communication, curiosity, intellectually stimulating, excursions, important information, reason, justice, determination, prudence, carefulness, constructive comments, reconnaissance, diplomatic skills, good business sense, finesse, agility, adaptability, ability to cope with sensitive issues, defensive character, plan delayed, the initial conditions of abstract thinking, news about contradiction, disease or conflict, disturbing news, messages foreshadowing change, say the right thing, the hesitant person will lose.


The Page of Swords, like all the Court cards, can sometimes represent a person in real life. The Page will represent a younger person (a querent). The Page cards often imply an imminent message. In the case of this card, that message may not be what you are expecting.


In general, this card tells us that the querent may be trying too hard, pushing things too fast, or being angry with someone. You may need to learn other people’s body language and consider whether you can (or cannot) accept constructive criticism from others at a certain level. At the present, it seems that you are feeling physically and mentally energetic. Let’s use that energy wisely.


In terms of work, the Page of Swords may imply that you will soon be able to resolve some disagreements about work. If you are looking for a job, you may need to behave more modestly in interviews to reach the position you are looking for (but do not underestimate yourself). Be careful when signing contracts.


In terms of relationship, it implies the possibility of minor frictions. You should know how to be tough or soft at the right times because many arguments are not really worth it (especially when your partner behaves respectfully with you). Let your partner have his/her own space. This is the core of happiness. If you are not committed to someone, then search and date a right person. Love is not natural to appear.


Regarding questions about money, you should be careful not to assume that you know more than you do. The Page of Swords may imply skimming the surface of the problem. Do not hesitate to ask for help from qualified people if you feel you are completely unaware of what you are doing in terms of money issues. Do not borrow excessively beyond your ability to repay and assume that you will control the consequences, otherwise, you will regret doing so.


When this card appears in a spread related to health problems, it is likely that you have overworked and behaved foolishly. Allow yourself and the surrounding people to have a chance to rest and your tense nerves to relax. Calmness and rest are the great things to do right now. If you have just started a new exercise routine, do not try too hard.


You may be ignoring your spiritual aspect. Even the most rational anthropologist in the world must admit that there are invisible mysteries that are not logically recognizable. You should discover the spiritual belief systems that you are interested in, even if you do not believe in them. If you think you are ready to open your mind, consider deeper and be more aware.

Situation and advice

On the positive side, Page of Swords tells that you may find yourself in circumstances in which caution, quick analysis, and assertiveness are essential. Your insight and calmness can save the problem. You may need to ask a professional counselor for important information to help you decide. You should consider the issue carefully before signing any contract or agreement. You have to know what you are sticking with and the future directions that come from your current decisions. There is a risk that you have too many things to do that lead to leaving the important things unfinished.

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On the negative side, you may find yourself in circumstances in which rumors and gossip play important roles. Someone may be spreading a bad story about you or you may find yourself the subject of a frontal assault by words. The behavior of a young person can make you angry. Bad news may be coming. Your plan may be delayed. You may not fully understand the implications of the contract you are about to sign. A young man can cause conflict and disagreement. Someone you think is a friend but turns out not to be.


A spy, a precocious/experienced youth, a smart child, someone who is agile and full of enthusiasm, negotiators, mediators, a person who can solve conflicts directly and calmly, conservative people, quick-witted and delicate people; people who are stealthy, calculating and do not care about other people’s feelings; a wise young man, a professional advisor, who is skillful both physically and mentally, a messenger, a scientist, a mathematician, a linguist, a pilot, a traveller.

IV. Page of Swords Reversed Keywords

have a long tongue but a shorthand, haste, unfulfilled promises.

Words and Keywords

Gossip, assault with words, doubts, cunning, spy, aggression, blackmail, troubles, bad health, minor illnesses, lies, misunderstandings, half-heartedness, ridicule, cruelty, sharp tongue, complaints, summons related to the law, talk behind someone’s back, brutality, fighting, malevolence, unkind behavior, unpredictability, bad news, unforeseen events lead to a change of plan, corruption.


The Page of Swords reversed can sometimes represent a true person in your life. This person could be someone younger than you, who tends to mind someone’s business. Don’t be afraid to draw the line with such a person.


In general, this Page card in reverse tells you that you simply can not plan for everything. Things that happen unexpectedly are part of life and you should not torment yourself for them. Let’s fix each problem one by one.


In terms of work, the Page of Swords reversed implies that you will soon have to deal with some unwanted conflicts at work or receive a message that you did not expect. No matter what bad things happen, take a moment to think before reacting. If you are looking for a job, you need to be aware that some companies tend to test the candidate’s background carefully before hiring. You should be well-prepared to respond to questions about your history and/or your personal information, turn them into your advantage.


In terms of relationship, it implies difficulty in communication. You should say what you want to say. However, regarding your lover, you may need to consider the deeper meaning behind the words he/she says to you. If you are looking for love, you may be attracted to someone, who will later make you feel like a “chatterer”. Sometimes, this is just an insignificant worry, give that person a chance.


In terms of finance, the reversed Page of Swords implies that you may receive a message that does not surprise you, for example, you or your partner will not receive the salary increase as expected. You can cope well with situations in which things might get worse so do not show panic or extreme. The preliminary information you receive may not correct. Let’s dig a bit deeper and be patient.


This reversed card may imply people who talk nonsense about your health in a way that can cause you anxiety. Remember that everything is not what it seems. You should look for alternative diagnostic methods before approving any major general health procedure. Do not share health information which you want to keep to yourself, especially with someone you do not know well. They might not keep your secret.


The reversed Page of Swords may imply that you will meet someone who claims to be the “spiritual leader”, but in fact, that person only says more than what he/she really knows. Be careful and only accept what is useful to you, and leave the rest behind. You should be wary of those “spiritual mentors” who are egotistic.

Situation and advice

Someone may be using stealthy methods to get information or spread information. A sinister person may be watching or fighting against you. Unexpected problems can happen. You can be promised but then this promise will be broken. You should read the manuscript before signing any agreement. Misunderstandings may occur. Consider President George Bush’s speech when facing federal budget, “Read my lips, no new taxes”. Did he really mean that there is no new tax?


The gossiper, who has a shady personality, someone who does not care about the feelings of others, someone who is cold and calculating, hypocrites, blackmailers, a sinister who spreads rumors, cruel or unreliable people, juvenile offenders, aggressive children, a smart young man, someone who is sick, a young man who acts unpredictably, spies, someone who is sneaky or secretive, shady and cunning people.

In a Tarot spread, the Page of Swords can represent a child or an adult who is young at heart and has interactions with you regarding honesty, moral action, lack of courage or logical matters. This relationship is likely to encounter problems or difficulties in maintaining the spirit of endurance before the challenges of the Swords.

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