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I. Four of Pentacles Rider Waite image description

The Four of Pentacles shows a man sitting on a chair and being away from his home town. He kept the pentacle tight in a carefully defensive posture as if he was afraid of someone stealing it. A pentacle placed above his head, one placed between his hands and the other two are safely placed under his legs. He neither wanted anyone to touch his money nor left his current position. Although the job was very difficult, he still felt satisfied with what he had.

Four of Pentacles Rider Waite image description

When you play with a 2-year-old child, you will quickly hear the messages of the Four of Pentacles such as “No!” Or “Mine!” It is a scream from the inner self that was developed in childhood. The inner self wants to secure its power by imposing its will. The desire to keep control is the hallmark of this card.

Some forms of control are necessary. In chaotic times, a steady hand is certainly a prerequisite for creating a new structure and regime as well as a sustainable organization. But sometimes, the will gets out of control, strangling both creativity and personal expression. In the spreading, this card requires you to carefully consider the level of control in the current situation.

The Four of Pentacles can represent issues related to sovereignty and ownership. You may be connected to receiving, keeping money or some other property. Maybe, you are having trouble with ownership or are feeling jealous when someone else has something while you do not. You can depend on the energy of this card to maintain and defend instead of making complaints. Everyone needs to freely define their own lives.

This card also implies changes that are prevented. The picture of the card shows a quite stubborn young man trying to stop the actions and directions of the opposite. The opposition can come from people who just want to maintain their current state or come from the inner self. Are you trying to avoid changes while these are necessary ones? Sometimes, we just stick to familiar things even when we know those are not the best option.

Keywords related to the Four of Pentacles Tarot card: Possession, Control, Prevent the change.

1. Positioning and Posture

a. Hand placements and their significance

Hand placements in the Four of Pentacles card hold significant symbolism, offering insights into the individual’s relationship with possession and control. The positioning of the hands reflects a tight grip and a protective stance, emphasizing a desire to hold onto material wealth. The card typically depicts one hand clutching tightly onto a pentacle, while the other hand supports or secures additional pentacles.

The hand grasping the pentacle showcases a possessive nature, indicating a reluctance to let go or share resources. It suggests a fear of scarcity, leading to a tendency to hoard and maintain control over material possessions. This tight grip can represent a need for stability and security, but it also warns of potential limitations and the dangers of becoming too attached to material wealth.

Conversely, the supporting hand signifies the need for balance and stability. It suggests the importance of using resources wisely and responsibly. The hand acts as a reminder that wealth is not solely for hoarding but also for supporting oneself and others in a harmonious manner. It symbolizes the potential for generosity, sharing, and finding a healthy equilibrium between accumulating and utilizing material resources.

b. Body language and its interpretation

Body language in the context of the Four of Pentacles card provides valuable insights into the individual’s emotional state and attitudes towards possession and control. The posture and gestures depicted in the card offer clues to the person’s mindset and can help in understanding their relationship with material wealth.

The rigid and closed-off body language observed in the card suggests a sense of defensiveness and a desire to protect one’s resources. The crossed arms or hunched shoulders indicate a defensive stance, symbolizing a reluctance to share or let go. This body language may signify a fear of loss, scarcity, or a deep attachment to material possessions.

Furthermore, the tense facial expression or a stern gaze can convey a sense of anxiety, control, or a need to constantly monitor and protect one’s resources. It reflects a mindset focused on maintaining stability and control over material wealth.

Conversely, a relaxed and open body language could suggest a healthier approach to possessions. An individual with an open posture and relaxed facial expression may exhibit a more balanced attitude towards material wealth, being more open to sharing and enjoying the abundance.

2. Physical Symbols 4 of Pentacles

a. Crown, cape, and their symbolic meanings

In the Four of Pentacles card, the presence of a crown and cape holds symbolic significance, offering deeper insights into the individual’s relationship with power, authority, and material wealth.

The crown worn by the figure in the card represents status and rulership. It signifies a position of authority and control over resources. The crown represents the desire for recognition, influence, and the need to establish oneself as a dominant force in the material realm. It can also indicate a longing for power and the pursuit of success.

The cape draped around the figure’s shoulders in the Four of Pentacles card represents a symbol of protection and authority. It signifies a desire to shield oneself from external influences or threats. The cape also reflects a need for privacy and a desire to maintain a certain level of distance from others. It can suggest a sense of self-importance and the preservation of personal boundaries.

Combined, the crown and cape in the Four of Pentacles card symbolize the pursuit of material power, the desire to maintain control over resources, and the need for personal protection and distinction. They represent a longing for authority and recognition, as well as a cautionary reminder of the potential pitfalls of excessive attachment to material wealth.

b. Pentacles and their representation of material wealth

Pentacles, the suit depicted in the Four of Pentacles card, hold deep symbolic meaning related to material wealth and abundance. Representing the element of Earth, they embody the physical realm and the tangible aspects of life.

Pentacles are often associated with finances, resources, and material possessions. They symbolize the material plane and the practical aspects of existence. Each pentacle represents a form of wealth, such as money, property, or material goods.

In the context of the Four of Pentacles, the presence of multiple pentacles reinforces the theme of material abundance and possessions. It signifies a focus on accumulating and safeguarding wealth. The pentacles represent stability, security, and the ability to meet one’s physical needs.

However, it’s important to note that the representation of pentacles goes beyond mere financial wealth. They also encompass the concept of abundance in all aspects of life, including physical health, personal values, and the resources necessary for growth and well-being.

The pentacles in the Four of Pentacles card remind individuals of the importance of material prosperity and the potential pitfalls of becoming too attached to wealth. They encourage a balanced approach to material possessions, reminding us to value abundance while maintaining a healthy perspective on wealth and its role in our lives.

II. 4 of Pentacles Tarot Card Meaning

Possession, Control, Prevent the change.

Desire to possess

  • Hold on to what you have;
  • Receive the share;
  • Obtain material property;
  • Depend on someone;
  • Greedy;
  • Proclaim the sovereignty;
  • Saving.

Maintain control

  • Want to take responsibility;
  • Reject weaknesses;
  • Directive;
  • Compliance is required;
  • Steadily follow the path;
  • Imposition of structure;
  • Set limits and rules;
  • Create orders.

Prevent the change

  • Want everything to stay the same;
  • Refuse to consider new options;
  • Stagnant;
  • Maintain the current status;
  • Resist the natural situation.

III. Opposite and Support Tarot cards to the 4 of Pentacles

Opposite cards

  • Fool – spontaneous, impulsive;
  • Empress – kind, generous;
  • Wheel of Fortune – quick changes and moves;
  • Hanged Man – to let go, try not to control.

Support cards

  • Emperor – control, structure, command;
  • Chariot – control;
  • 2 of Swords – deadlocked, blocked;
  • 10 of Pentacles – prefer the status quo, maintain the status.

IV. 4 of Pentacles Upright Card Keywords

control, stability, security, ownership, conservatism

Words and Keywords

To get rich, possess, work hard to bring results, manage money well, solid financial foundation, balanced budget, ownership, asset acquisition, home buying, conservative investment, continuous learning, deep-rooted belief, warnings, gifts, inheritance, to sink or to swim.


The Four of Pentacles can be a card representing the will to keep things, people, money, or circumstances stay the same. When this card appears during the spreading, it is a sign that you need to be very careful to consider whether you are constantly clinging to something or whether you are involved in something unhealthy.


In general, this card can be a sign that the querent is having concerns/worries about the money and/or getting involved in something that makes them feel insecure. The key point to be aware of in this case is that anxiety and fear do not bring you safety. If there is a card in your turn that reminds you of an old saying “If you love someone, let him/her free”, that is exactly what you should do, forget about the fear and worry.


In terms of work, the Four of Pentacles shows that it seems like you are doing something you do not like just because that job gives you sufficient income to cover your life. Work and circumstances, in this case, are complementary to each other, but you need to evaluate your own thoughts about the spirit and beliefs to improve the situation. You should analyze your thoughts to see what you really want and how to achieve them.


This is a card of fear and hesitation and basically, these feelings are related to love. Perhaps, you or your lover is trying to control the other person way too much or there is someone else who wants to control you (in emotional matters). In true relationships, every couple must always give each other private space and should never be allowed to control their partner for whatever reason. If you are still single and think that you are ready for a long-term commitment, you need to step out of your “safe zone”. Remember that true love does not fall from heaven.


You are feeling confused and worried about money and are trying to save every penny. However, keep in mind that there is always a fine line between reasonable consideration and excessive caution. You should be optimistic and think that your financial situation is still better than many others anyway. You can try donating money for even a little. The more you give, the more you receive. You will experience comfort and safety that come from your wealth.


The Four of Pentacles card may be a sign to remind you to let go of bad habits which easily hurt you so that you can move forward. This card can also be a warning that there are other people trying to hold you back as well as harming your health in ways that do not benefit both parties. You should help your loved ones understand the fact that we cannot control everything. Meditation and contemplation around topics of freedom and relaxation are effective methods at this time.


At this point, you have to take a serious look at what you are worried about or afraid of, or are clinging to. Not being involved in useless things is also a form of liberation. You can learn about many different organs in the human body, ponder and meditate on how they are working. You should be open to changes because they happen constantly. Let’s start from where you are.

Situation and advice

The Four of Pentacles shows that your financial situation is very stable and your investments are solid. You are very cautious about the money and do not intend to take the risk. You want to protect what you have and gradually make a profit through saving and investing safely. You are self-sufficient both financially and emotionally because you think money is the safety of emotions.

Although this card shows a practical and financially stable person, it sometimes implies excessive ownership, greed, and prudence in life. You fear the risk both financially and emotionally because you are afraid to lose everything you have achieved so far. As a result, you are basically unsatisfied with life.


Employees, wealthy people, conservatives, banks, financial institutions.

V. 4 of Pentacles Reversed Keywords

greed, materialism, self-defense

Words and Keywords

Greed, problems with the budget, financial insecurity, carelessness, poor financial management, losing money, hard to let go, fail to delegate responsibility, lack of payment for services, little bonuses, delays, obstacles, envy, fear of failure, timidity, suspicion, defense, selfishness, opposition, lack of initiative, unnecessary spending, budget disparity, wasteful, unattainable, fail an exam.


The Four of Pentacles reversed often implies that you are trying to hold on and control too many things, many people, money or circumstances more than you need to have a good life and a comfortable spirit. At the moment, you should consider relaxing your mind and remember that you cannot control what others are doing or holding. We all have freedom in the will. Just focus on your own choices.


This reversed card is the prophecy that the querent will suddenly turn from a period of control, fear, and anxiety to a more open-minded phase and be more aware of the fact that fear cannot solve anything. Maintaining a positive mindset will bring you many benefits.


In terms of work, the Four of Pentacles reversed imply that you are overly worried about the safety and security of your current job. However, worrying too much will definitely cause side effect due to the feeling of being weighed down and burdened with fear instead of concentrating on the work. You should think positively and focus your energy on expressing yourself well at work.


In terms of love, this Pentacles represents fear. However, it also means that you are able to forget this fear and worry to open your heart and create opportunities for your relationship to grow. If you are looking for love, remember not to let your fear stop you. You always need to open your heart to receive new love. If you just worry and hesitate, you will not get anything.


The Four of Pentacles reversed is a sign that your concerns about money are about to pass away. You can make a difference in your financial situation if you let go of the fear that weighed you down and do what needed.


This is a message tells you that you are about to have a big emotional change which will significantly improve your health. Eventually, you will be able to find the confidence to think more thoroughly about health concerns. If you feel good and comfortable in your thoughts, your health will improve immediately.


In terms of spirit, Four of Pentacles implies that you are about to take a major step which is important. After connecting many factors together, you are no longer afraid to open your heart to others but instead, allow them to influence you. This will give both of you joys, blessings, and opportunities to grow together.

Situation and advice

You may have difficulty controlling your spending wisely, saving money, or balancing your budget. Those concerns about safety, financial or other may occupy your mind. You may be holding too tight instead of letting go. An overly defensive or reserved attitude can prevent your progress.


A stingy person, a lazy and useless person, a person who manages money poorly, a powerless person, a jealous person who has a nasty mind, an extremely conservative person, a person who worries too much about money.

In a Tarot spread, the lesson that Four of Pentacles teaches us is the need to be aware that maintaining control is impossible. We live in this world just like a lonely person in the vast ocean. Who can manage or possess the power of control? The only way not to be “sunk” is to stand up and ride on the waves yourself, in other words, follow the developments and changes spontaneously. The ocean will always be your ally as long as you go with the flow instead of standing still and sinking.

VI. Interpretation of the Four of Pentacles Rider Waite Image

The Four of Pentacles Rider Waite image holds significant symbolism and offers a rich interpretation of its meaning. The card depicts a figure seated on a stone throne, holding onto four pentacles tightly with both hands and feet. The image presents several key elements that contribute to the card’s interpretation.

The figure’s posture and body language convey a sense of possessiveness and control. The crossed legs and arms, along with the stern facial expression, suggest a defensive stance and a reluctance to let go. This indicates a strong attachment to material possessions and a fear of loss or scarcity. The figure’s grip on the pentacles symbolizes a need for security and stability, but it also signifies a potential for rigidity and an unwillingness to embrace change.

The stone throne represents a solid foundation and stability. It signifies a position of authority and control over material resources. However, the stone can also imply a lack of flexibility and a resistance to adaptability. The figure’s position on the throne suggests a sense of entitlement and a desire to maintain power and dominance over material wealth.

The four pentacles held by the figure represent material possessions and financial security. They are arranged in a way that creates a sense of balance and order. This arrangement suggests a meticulous approach to managing resources and a desire for financial stability. However, the figure’s tight grip on the pentacles implies a hoarding mentality and a reluctance to share or invest in others. This can lead to stagnation and a limited view of abundance.

The crown worn by the figure symbolizes authority and status. It represents the pursuit of power and recognition. The crown further emphasizes the figure’s need for control and the desire to establish themselves as a dominant force in the material realm. However, it also serves as a reminder of the potential pitfalls of excessive attachment to power and the dangers of defining oneself solely through material achievements.

Overall, the interpretation of the Four of Pentacles Rider Waite image revolves around themes of possession, control, and fear of loss. It highlights the tension between the need for security and stability and the potential dangers of becoming too attached to material wealth. The image encourages a balanced approach to possessions, reminding individuals to find a middle ground between accumulating resources and sharing them with others. It serves as a cautionary reminder of the importance of embracing change and the potential for growth that comes from letting go.

In readings, the Four of Pentacles Rider Waite image suggests a need to examine one’s relationship with possessions and the desire for control. It prompts individuals to consider whether their attachment to material wealth is hindering their growth or preventing them from experiencing deeper connections with others. The card invites reflection on the value of generosity, adaptability, and finding a sense of security that extends beyond material possessions. It encourages individuals to embrace abundance in all its forms and to cultivate a mindset of gratitude and openness to change.

VII. Historical Background of the Four of Pentacles Card

The historical background of the Four of Pentacles card provides valuable insights into its origin, evolution, and the cultural context in which it emerged. While the exact origins of the card are difficult to trace, understanding the historical development of tarot can shed light on its meaning and symbolism.

Tarot cards, including the Four of Pentacles, have their roots in the 15th century in Europe. Originally, tarot decks were primarily used for playing card games. However, over time, they began to be associated with divination and fortune-telling practices.

The Four of Pentacles is part of the suit of Pentacles, also known as Coins or Disks, which represents the element of Earth and material aspects of life. The suit of Pentacles emerged as a reflection of the growing mercantile and economic prosperity during the Renaissance period. It symbolized wealth, commerce, and the tangible rewards of labor.

The imagery and symbolism of the Four of Pentacles card have evolved over time. One of the most influential tarot decks, the Rider-Waite Tarot, designed by Arthur Edward Waite and illustrated by Pamela Colman Smith in the early 20th century, helped solidify the visual representation of the Four of Pentacles that is widely recognized today.

In the Rider-Waite Tarot, the Four of Pentacles is depicted as a figure seated on a stone throne, holding tightly onto four pentacles with both hands and feet. This particular imagery has become a popular representation of the card and has influenced subsequent tarot decks.

Historically, the Four of Pentacles has been interpreted as a card representing possession, control, and material security. It reflects the human desire for stability, wealth, and the accumulation of resources. The card often carries a cautionary message about the potential dangers of becoming too attached to material possessions and the need to find a balance between abundance and generosity.

Different tarot traditions and interpretations have also shaped the understanding of the Four of Pentacles over time. For example, in the Marseille Tarot, an older tarot tradition, the card may be depicted slightly differently, but it still conveys the themes of material wealth and control.

It is important to note that interpretations of tarot cards, including the Four of Pentacles, can vary among different readers, schools of thought, and cultural contexts. While the historical background provides a foundation for understanding the card’s development, individual readers and tarot practitioners may have their own unique interpretations based on personal experiences, intuition, and the specific context of a reading.

In conclusion, the historical background of the Four of Pentacles card reveals its emergence within the broader historical and cultural context of tarot. Understanding its historical development and the symbolism associated with the suit of Pentacles provides a framework for interpreting the card’s meaning. However, interpretations can also be influenced by individual perspectives and the specific tarot tradition being followed. The historical background enriches our understanding of the Four of Pentacles, offering valuable insights into its evolution and significance within the realm of tarot divination.

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