The Hierophant Tarot Card Meanings

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The Hierophant Tarot card is known as the High Priest in several other decks. In Tarot, this character is the opposite sex who pairs together with The High Priestess. He is also called Chiron, Pope, and Shaman. This card is governed by the zodiac Taurus.

This card depicts an image of a clergyman sitting in the backdrop of a solemn church. His habiliment represents the three worlds and his crown also has three layers. As we can notice, his right-hand raises in the posture of blessing, just like the Magician Tarot card. While the Magician holds primordial power from the Universe and expresses it physically, the Hierophant brings it to human society (as in the religions of the world).

Three layers of the crown are another symbol of his domination in three worlds. The crucifix key represents the balance between consciousness and unconsciousness and opens the mystery.

Kneeling in front of him are two followers. his mission is to preach these two believers so they can realize their assigned role. This represents access to organizational forms, where group identity is shared. These organizations may be schools, clubs, teams, companies, and societies.

The detailed description of the Hierophant Tarot card

Except in many rare cases, it is common for everyone to grow up and develop in a cultural environment. We learn by living together with others. The Hierophant represents formal learning, especially in groups. He is capable of interpreting mysterious knowledge.

On the card, we see the scene of a traditional church. The character of the Priest is wearing a magnificent habiliment. It is his responsibility to make an admission to two people who have been trained so that they can assume their responsibilities.

Beside the church, the society also includes schools, clubs, teams, companies, social groups. This card represents all of them because his domain is in groups with rules and responsibilities which are clearly divided. Those environments respect the belief system – truth, rule, process, and ritual. Members are rewarded when they follow the rules. They make identities for the group. It is one of the three groups (the Three of Cups and the Three of Pentacles are the other two cards).

Keywords related to the Hierophant Tarot card: Education, The Belief System, Receive, Group identification.

Detailed meaning of the keywords of the Hierophant Tarot card

Receive education

  • Pursue knowledge;
  • Become knowledgeable;
  • Increase understanding;
  • Study and research;
  • Search for deeper meaning;
  • Find out more.

Have a belief system

  • Share cultural heritage;
  • Learn about religious practices;
  • Respect customs and rituals;
  • Realize the worldview;
  • Follow the discipline;
  • Know where to put faith.


  • Obey the rule;
  • Choose the mainstream;
  • Stay within the limits;
  • Adapt to the system;
  • Arrange appropriately;
  • Accompany with a program;
  • Do the expected thing;
  • Become part of the ruling group.

Identify the same group

  • Commit to following the same purpose;
  • Devote energy to a group;
  • Join an organization;
  • Work as part of a team;
  • Feel loyal to others;
  • Become an essential part of the organization.

A few opposite Tarot cards to the Hierophant:

  • The Fool – “eccentric”, unorthodox;
  • Lovers – personal beliefs;
  • 2 of Wands – separated from the crowd, became a pioneer;
  • 7 of Swords – become the lone wolf;
  • 2 of Pentacles – flexible, change over time.

A few support Tarot cards for the Hierophant:

  • Emperor – by law;
  • 3 of Cups – focus on group;
  • 3 of Pentacles – work in a team;
  • 8 of Pentacles – find, learn;
  • 10 of Pentacles – obey, according to rules, conservative.

Upright meaning of the Hierophant: religion, group membership, religious belief, tradition, faith

Words and Keywords

Model of the Priest, common rights, official celebration, establishment, moral requirements, spiritual progress, wise counsel, professional advice, bridge, prayer, the spiritual power, the sacred law, the higher power, the treasure of ancient teachings, the evolution of morality, the righteousness, the loneliness, the pure relationship, teach, seek advice, fond of tradition, obedience, conservative, established code of behaviour or faith, authority outside.

Jung’s “Identification of the Self” process, the acceptance of putting on the social mask, spiritual search, the search for ideal of life, organized religion, theology, schools, places of worship, structured environment, traditional organizations, system, Ivy League, the divine father, seek the rights, religious celebration, attend a wedding, or serve the religion (for example: Confirmation ceremony or Bar Mitzvah), a ritual that connects the individual with the tradition of a community.


The Hierophant is a very meaningful card. This tarot signifies that you aspire to follow the typical norms and limits of a typical orthodox approach. Rather than innovation, you will be inclined to adapt to the direction of existing beliefs and systems. You will want to do the things that you personally expect. The appearance of this card in a spreading implies that this is not the time to challenge the reality.

This card in the upright shows that you can be very clever when following rituals and traditions that have been established in society. You may attend certain ceremonies, rituals or religious duties. You also need to respect traditional values in your life or start some of your own traditional values if you do not have one. Besides, you can consider exploring your spirituality or belief.

It is very focused on “doing the right thing”. You may be stuck and not sure what the “right thing to do” is. There is an answer within you and you need to know that. Remember, “the right thing” means it is “right” to yourself.

The Hierophant can also come into your life as a psychologist, mentor, pastor, or spiritual leader who will convey wisdom and source of knowledge. That person may be a specialist or a good and generous conductor who cultivates a sense of religion. You will learn many new things from this person because you have the wisdom which brings you valuable advice and instruction.


This is a card that tends toward the spiritual/ mental aspect – everything related to customs, beliefs, religions, etc, that you know. There may be a tension between your spiritual beliefs – the “right thing to do” and the beliefs of those around you, just believe in yours. The “rules” and “system” to proceed can play key roles in the present. Regular activity in any form can be helpful at this point, even watching a movie every Saturday night with friends will also be beneficial.

The Hierophant contains all the moral and spiritual details – marriage, connection, standstill, submission, kindness and goodness, conscience inside and outside.


The teacher/the instructor you are looking for will appear, or you will become a mentor or a teacher to someone. This is the time to join a group, even if you think you are not the type to match your team, as you will realize that you have a lot to learn from them (in a very positive meaning way). The work will go well for you and you will be able to organize everything according to the rule.


The Hierophant in the upright tells that your relationship is going well, although it seems a little bit boring. You should behave in a way that you think other people will be in your situation. Warning that you should not do anything strange and unusual.


It is time to play by the rules and reality. You should use conventional and traditional ways to manage money and seek advice from bankers, CFOs or anyone else who is more experienced in this business than you. This is the time to start investing, provided that everything must be sustainable and stable. This is not the time to try your luck with these “unusual” bonds or stocks.


When getting the Hierophant in the upright, all you need right now are discipline and regulation. If you have problems with health, discipline, order, and commitment, then there is a way out. There is a high possibility that the “traditional” treatment will succeed at this time.


You are very concerned about this (even if you do not currently have any faith or sect), you should meditate and let your soul be opened. The problem here is to set the rules for it – every day, every week or every month; whenever you have time. You will feel the change in worldview as the result of this process

Situation and advice

The Hierophant in the upright can refer to the search for spiritual meaning. You should focus on moral development. A wise instructor or a reputable teacher can appear to help you in your spiritual journey. You can attend ceremonies or celebrations that connect with the tradition of a community. Also, you can visit the place of worship or attend the wedding ceremony. Now it is the time to pay attention to common rights.

It can represent any reliable consultant who will give you expert advice. A person who has power can act on your behalf as a mediator in order to achieve what you want. For those questions related to love, this card refers to a very traditional or pure relationship.


Pope, cleric, justice of peace, people who connected with ritual, experienced, educator, teacher, student, counselor, wise and helpful people, instructor, expert, doctors, marriage counselors, arbitrators, lawyers, university officials, leaders or spiritual consultants, scarecrow, convey knowledge and understanding to a new generation, serious person with the orientation of the self, the adherent, the cautious, the traditional.

Meaning of the Hierophant reversed: limit, challenge the status quo

Reversed meaning of the Hanged Man

Words and Keywords

Unorthodox approach, faith in new generation, bad advice, short-sightedness, catechism, stubbornness, scandal associated with the clergy, materialism, extremism, revenge, mystic, rigid orthodoxy, excessive noncompliance, denial of tradition, wear a mask, distortions, propaganda, deviation of information, strictly adhere to the convention, lack of uniqueness.

Religious extremism, fervor, exploration, the mismatch of the common right, the need for formal methods and unorthodox resolve, if God wants us to fly, He will create us with wings, clothes make the man, do not judge a book by its cover, speed up the setup.


When appearing in reverse, The Hierophant is still leaning on the “right to do” aspect. However, it indicates that the level of doubt and confusion about where the “right thing” is higher than normal. It is possible that you have done everything spontaneously and on a general trend, but now you realize that maybe things do not necessarily follow the way that they are supposed to be, it is time to change.

The answer is inside of you. The problem is that you have to know enough information. The reversed Hierophant suggests you dig deeper into what it really is and remember that the “right” means it must be true to you as well.

The reversal of this card is like a teenager or a rebellious young man who is starting to question social issues and engage in political activities. There may be conflicts or arguments with parents or those with greater authority. This card sometimes reflects the pressure in society or in the team. You are forced to obey but you do not agree with that fundamental belief system.


The Hierophant reversed shows that you are feeling restricted or constrained by fixed structures and rules, and so you feel lost most of the flexibility and sense of initiative in your life. You have a strong desire to go against the rules and get out of the traditional principles or maybe you are tempted to go down the path of unorthodox action, do something that is not true to your nature or against social norms.

It represents the breaking of the rule and the challenge of the present. You no longer accept the rigid structures, traditions, and teachings around you. You will seek the opportunity to resist and retaliate and want to deal with the ideas and concepts that you once thought they would last forever

This reversed card indicates that other people do not understand your starting point or the reason why you believe that some actions are right. These people are not always the most loved by you or closest to you, in other words, they do not always understand whenever you make a tough decision.


Although you are protected and/or advised by someone who is knowledgeable and trustworthy, the Hierophant reversed shows that you should change your perspective with at least one of their advice about any aspects. You should believe in yourself, that is the right thing to do right now.


When this card appears in reverse, you may be tired of repetitive relationships and want to get rid of that vicious cycle, accept new roles and events. However, you should respect this relationship and if you really need to get out of the boring state, steps forward slowly. If you make a rush and lack of prudence, you will lose this relationship.


Just like the upright card, it is time to play by the rules and the fact. you should apply conventional and traditional ways to manage your finance and seek advice from bankers, CFOs or anyone else who is more experienced in this business than you. This is the time to invest, provided that it is stable and sustainable. This is not the time to try your luck with these “unusual” bonds or stocks.


The Hierophant reversed indicates that you need to change the regime for your health. There should be better and immutable habits. If you have a health problem which has been staying for quite a long time, this is the time for you to try other strange and difficult ways, from massage to strict nutrition, receiving minerals and substances. That will make a big difference.


Just like the upright card, you are very concerned about this (even if you do not currently have any beliefs or sects), be silent and be open minded. The problem here is to set the rules for it – every day, every week or every month, whenever you have time. You will feel the change in worldview as the result of this process. If you are tired of sitting around thinking about how to start, just get started and try different ways.

Situation and advice

On the optimistic side, the Hierophant reversed may imply that you need to try a non-conventional approach to solve your current problem. The traditional view may not be credible at this time. You may need to break the traditional mold to get out of the way. Dare to be different. To be successful, be pioneering in your thoughts, express yourself, let others and yourself see how you really feel about the problem.

On the negative side, this card may imply that you are too fanatical in your thinking and too dogmatic in the way you look at the problem. Are you applying the positive qualities of this card (traditional view and convention) in the opposite way? Are you dealing with obsessive thinking and being forced into action or are you avoiding facing directly? Are you wearing a mask that conceals your true feelings, not only just to others but also to yourself?

High level of non-compliance is also similar to persistence. Traditional or pre-formulated methods may not bring the results as expected. The advice you get now may not be useful or goes in the wrong direction. Religious or wedding ceremonies are likely to occur. If you want to ask about relationships, marriage is not a wise move at this time.


People who are involved in faith or religion in a new generation, rebels, eccentrics, pioneers, superstitious people, somebody who is impressed by the appearance, the unforgiving or doctrinaire, obsessive thoughts and being forced in action, avoid facing directly, the bride who leaves the altar.

When reading, the Hierophant Tarot card often represents learning with experts or with scholarly teachers. This card also represents the institution or organization and its value. It symbolizes the desire to follow rules or fixed situations.

The appearance of this card indicates that you are stuck with a problem that you can not create breakthroughs or freedom to do what you want. Depending on the situation, the group can either make it up for you or makes you oppressive. Sometimes, we have to respect rules, and there are times when we have to believe in ourselves.

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