Wheel of Fortune Tarot Card Meanings

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The Wheel of Fortune is a very iconic Tarot card. The angel in the left corner is Aquarius, the eagle is Scorpio, the lion is Leo and the ox is Taurus. These are four fixed signs of the Zodiac, but they all have wings – a sense of stability between movement and change. The book that the animals hold in their hands is the Pentateuch, representing wisdom.

Above the wheel is the image of the Jewish characters YHVH (Yod, Hey, Vav, Hey), which is the name of God. Alternating between these characters is TORA (counter-clockwise) or TARO (read clockwise) which can be converted to TAROT when you connect with the first character.

The snake at the bottom on the left of the wheel is the Egyptian God – the Typhon who is the God of evil. The snake also represents the power of life in this material world. Anubis dominates the right side of the wheel is Hermes, a symbol of intelligence, wisdom, or hidden things within ourselves. The Sphinx on the top of the wheel represents the complexities that are difficult to explain to exist in our lives.

In the middle of the wheel, it contains alchemical elements including mercury, sulfur, water and salt – building foundations of life and four elements – representing the power of formation. The outer circle represents the physical world. The eight spokes in the Wheel of Fortune represent the radiating energy of the Universe, just like the eight Pagan Holidays or Wheel of the Year. Blue background represents wisdom. The planet linked to this card is Jupiter – the planet of opportunity, growth, success, and expansion. The number 10 is greater than the number 1 and gives power to the number 1.

The detailed description of the Wheel of Fortune

According to Greek legends, there are three women who hold destiny. They are responsible for spinning people’s destiny from the moment they are born. There is no wonder that Fate is the spinner because the Wheel of Fortune is a metaphor for the unpredictable move in one’s life. This is a common theme for those cards with number 10.

This card is one of the very few cards in the Major Arcana that have no human character. Because the central point of this card is beyond the field of human beings – it is at a higher level (the clouds) where the fates of all men and women interwoven into each other to create the picture of life.

The Wheel of Fortune claims that each person will choose his or her own path, but still implies a larger overall circle. We encounter events, opportunities, incidents that we think are “accidents” but they are actually part of the overall picture which was planned.

This card also represents the unexpected and the sudden turning point of fate. You do not anticipate the unexpected, you only know when it comes. In fact, those cards number 10 have that kind of meaning, which is like a wheel – it changes direction, turns around with fast speed. As the power of the wheel comes, you will feel your life speeding up. You will be blown away by a tornado and it may drop you anywhere.

Keywords related to the Wheel of Fortune Tarot card: Destiny, Outbreaks, Transformation, Personal Vision

Detailed meaning of the keywords of the Wheel of Fortune

Feel the destiny

  • Take advantage of opportunities;
  • Linked the problems in life;
  • Find opportunities in the challenge;
  • Lucky;
  • Feel the choice of destiny;
  • Witness the miracle.

To the point of the outbreak

  • Change direction;
  • Turn over everything;
  • Change in destiny;
  • Change the reality in a better way;
  • Surprise for the change in an event.

Feel the change

  • Experience change;
  • The pace of life is faster;
  • Go with the flow of the development;
  • Back to the activities of the world;
  • Participate in.

Have an own point of view

  • See how everything links;
  • Aware clearly;
  • See patterns and loops;
  • Extend point of view;
  • There is a more comprehensive approach;
  • Find out your role and goals.

A few opposite Tarot cards to the Wheel of Fortune

  • 2 of Swords – stuck in a dead end;
  • 4 of Swords – Resting, quiet, slow rhythm;
  • 4 of Pentacles – cannot be changed, do not change;
  • 7 of Pentacles – review before the change;

Support Tarot card for the Wheel of Fortune

Upright meaning of the Wheel of Fortune: luck, fate, life cycle, destiny, the turning point

Words and Keywords

Good luck, improvement, opportunity, important development, evolution, grow fast, the upper part of the wheel, destiny, fates, happenings, new doors open, ups and downs of fate, lucky turn, good fortune, end one stage and start another one, improve the situation, gambling, game of chance, Lucky Gods, new vehicles (new bikes), karma, things change, “no man ever steps in the same river twice”.


The Wheel of Fortune refers to the fact that all things tend to move in cycles. There are good times and bad times. Even if the external environment is difficult and challenging, you will still have a good time and can concentrate on creating joy and comfort. The lesson from this card is that you need to accept ups and downs in life. If you always want good things, you will not appreciate what you have.

Sometimes hard times will show the contrast and necessary concept to realize that you are still very lucky. So, when the good time comes, just enjoy but do not be complacent because this advantage can always change. When you are in a difficult situation, do not be discouraged because even if things are getting worst, life is still open to the prospect that everything can be better.

The Wheel of Fortune tells you that, in general, things seem to be turning around. In most cases, they are positive and necessary changes, but for some people, change can be very difficult and even annoying. It is time to believe in “cause and effect”. Change is part of the natural cycle.


This card in the upright symbolizes many external factors affecting your situation that you may not know or can not control. It is as if the Universe is just creating what it like at this moment, and as a result, you can not predict or feel like losing your temper.

The Wheel of Fortune always reminds us that “everything will be fine”. Whether it is good or bad, it will be over. If suddenly you feel like you are on the “top of the world”, remember that just like anything else, it will change. You need to live in the present, appreciate what you have been given and understand that there are many things in your life that you can not control, and that is okay. Let’s be in harmony with change and positive thinking.


With the Wheel of Fortune in the upright, the high possibility is that if you have a job, you will quit, no matter how good the job is, it is not for you. You are urged by the dream, whatever it is. If you have a desire to do something different but you do not know any person who can understand you – be brave to find someone, ask whether they can have lunch with you or spend a little time for you. You will be amazed at how a request can be easily accepted.


Maybe the current relationship needs a “serious talk” or it no longer meets your desires. This does not mean that your current relationship has definitely “surrendered”. You just need to take serious action to make sure everything is okay. Let’s talk about your feelings and your deepest desires. If you are looking for a relationship, at first, be extremely clear about the ideal type of partner you want, then go out and give yourself the opportunity – dating online or letting your friends introduce you to someone.


This card is a blessing to anyone who has been struggling with finance recently. The Wheel of Fortune means your situation is changing dramatically in a better way. However, if your finance is abundant, you should consider the opposite possibility, maybe the amount you earn will decrease slightly. If so, you should save it for a rainy day. In the long run, of course, everything will change.


Being afraid of change will affect you badly. You should do something to control stress. When you have problems, go back to the basic steps: proper nutrition, reasonable rest and moderate exercise. Meditation and Yoga will be the perfect choices.


The Wheel of Fortune implies the sake of maintaining optimism and belief in the Universe that the situation will be handled in the best way. You need to keep your optimism and positive thoughts as possible. Through the meditation and reflection process, this card can support and reinforce its intentions of bringing abundance, luck, and prosperity to your life.

It is important for us to understand that we take part in creating the cause of our lives. Things can rarely come from “out of nowhere” and we are just “piteous victims”. You need to take responsibility fairly and move on. Sometimes, things can naturally happen, if so, remember that you are never alone and seek help. The help you need is always out there.

Situation and advice

You are entering a new cycle related to lucky circumstances, promising positive changes and continuous progress. Fast changes create new opportunities to improve your life. An opportunistic situation may be the key to ending a difficult situation in the past and foreshadowing luck and success.

You may need to make important decisions that will affect the opening of many events in your life. A new chapter in your life is about to start. You are closing one stage and starting another one. Fate is pointing towards your favor. Literally, the card sometimes refers to the new vehicle that will appear in your life.

The Wheel of Fortune implies that you should not just stand still and accept what life offers. You can actively maintain the positive part of this wheel. When things go downhill, instead of waiting and hoping things will get better again, you should actively improve the situation and accelerate the recovery process. Finally, this card implies that you should not let yourself fall into depression when facing adversity.

Adversity is a natural part of life and always exists over time. Actually when bad moments happen, you do not need to worry, instead, accept that and do not necessarily show that you are having problems, find ways to face and overcome those difficulties. If the problem you are experiencing can not be solved, the card can be a hint to the solution for the problem.

The Wheel represents fate and reminds you that “what is coming will come”. The Wheel of Fortune in the upright shows that you may be in a positive state but do not become complacent. You need to behave in the right way to ensure that good luck and positive things always stay with you.


The gambler, the speculator, the lucky one.

Meaning of the Wheel of Fortune reversed: nearly lucky, the bad forces outside, out of control

Reversed meaning of the Wheel of Fortune

Words and Keywords

Failure, misfortune, bad luck, wrong turn, unexpected failure, sluggishness, downhill, the Irony of Fate, lower part of the Wheel, unfortunately, disappointment, treading water, feel like follow the same path of failure, feel asynchronous, dead end, resist the beneficial changes, it will get worse before improving better, what I have done is worth or not? There is no clear and reasonable explanation, the joke of fate.


When the Wheel of Fortune card appears in reverse, luck is no longer with you. Events change in an unfavorable way for you, causing you a lot of trouble and changing your world dramatically, which seems to be the worst one.

It also means there are many changes in things, circumstances, environments. In most cases, these are positive and necessary changes, but for some people, change can be very difficult and even annoying. If you need help to face the change, go for it. Do not force yourself to do it on your own, do not confront the wave, be flexible with it and accept that change is the inevitable rule of life. It would be useless going against it.


The Wheel of Fortune reversed means that the change will not be as fast, as strong and as necessary, but it will come. “Everything will be okay”, even good or bad, it will be over. It is important that you need positive thinking, and expect for the best. Do not assume that the current changes are last forever.


When the Wheel of Fortune appears in reverse, there is a high probability that you will quit because you no longer love your job (though it is not as high as the upright card). Think about your dream job, so you do not have to deal with boring tasks every day. Even when in the reversed position, the card still indicates that you are very close to the time of change and that could be a big change. This is also not the time to bet on decisions when you may not get good results. You need to be more careful than usual and spend more time focusing on the choices and making the safest decision.


You are close to the conclusion that this relationship is no longer consistent with your desire. At the very least, you must take time to look back, how your relationship is, how you feel and then, if that is the person you want to keep, then you have to take action. Communication is the key. Similar to the upright card, if you are looking for a relationship, firstly you should be extremely clear about the type of person you want, then go out and give yourself opportunities.


The reversed Wheel of Fortune is still a good bet for anyone is struggling with finance. The Wheel of Fortune means your situation is changing in a better way. However, if you are living in abundance, you should consider the opposite possibility, maybe the amount you earn will decrease slightly. If so, you need to save it for later. In the long run, everything will change for sure.


The wheel reminds us that fighting against the change can be harmful to your health. It does not mean that you just lean on the fact that “what will be will be”, you must know and wisely choose your own battlefield. You should try different ways to control stress. When you have a problem, go back to the basics: proper nutrition, take a rest, exercise regularly and be ready for any challenge.


The Wheel of Fortune implies that you have never really been a responsible person, one way or another, always blaming the situation. It is time to take responsibility fairly and move forward. Sometimes, it is true that everything happens naturally, just remember that you are never alone and seek help which is always out there for you. Do not let yourself sinks into emotions and then be fooled by them. Life is unfair, and it will always be unfair to a point. But life is always changing. You just need to go with the flow and joy will spread, soon you will find peace in your heart.

Situation and advice

Circumstance changes suddenly and becomes worse. Hopes and wishes are not fulfilled. Your life seems to have no clear purpose. You are entering the cycle of recession and the period of disappointment before everything gets brighter. This is not a good time to take risks. You need to wait for the new turn of the Wheel. Testing the movement and progress of the planets to gain insights into the current risks may be helpful.

Usually, the reversed meaning of the Wheel of Fortune implies those resources are out of your control, making you feel helpless and powerless. However, the bad times that you are experiencing can also be considered the result of the wrong decisions which you have made in the past. You should think about the actions you took and consider whether they played a role relating to your current situation or not.

What can you do to improve your fortune and take control of your destiny? Despite failures, you can get lessons in life and prepare for many ups and downs which are about to come. You need to take responsibility for the present and the future as well as find ways to bring more positive results.


Loser, the unhappy, the unlucky one.

In a Tarot spread, the Wheel of Fortune Tarot card may imply a vision or perception that strongly affects you. If you are stuck with a problem or a difficult situation, this card may imply that you will find the answer as long as you stand back and look at things with a wider angle.

More The Wheel of Fortune Cards from Famous Tarot Decks

1. The Fortune Thoth Tarot

In the Fortune Thoth Tarot, we can see that Typhon (Tarnas) lies on the right and let himself drop down, giving its first dynamic wheel. However, it will not fall because it will always turn back on the wheel with both its legs and its solid tail.

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2. La Roue De Fortune Tarot – Tarot De Marseille

la roue de la fortune tarot

Wheel of Fortune – La Roue de Fortune Tarot is a card with countless ways to read, and its reading depends very much on each case of the querent. It shows the point that the querent has achieved in his/her life. 

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3. The Wheel Of Fortune Shadowscapes

The Wheel of Fortune Shadowscapes Tarot – The weaving of threads of life intertwined, fate, turning points, movement and transformation, framework and cycle, a world connected together. 

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4. The Change Osho Zen Tarot

Change Osho Zen

The symbol of the Change Osho Zen is the giant wheel which representing time, destiny, and karma. The Milky Way revolves around a perpetual motion circle with 12 signs of the zodiac on the outer edge. 

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5. The Wheel Wildwood Tarot

The Wheel Wildwood Tarot has started to spin, the change is within reach. The laws of the cycle of life, death, and rebirth always evolve steadily. You should learn to adapt to the changes here. 

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6. Wheel Of Fortune Deviant Moon Tarot

Wheel of Fortune Deviant Moon

The central theme of The Wheel of Fortune Deviant Moon Tarot card is cyclical change. The non-stop rolling wheel, reversing events in a continuous process of ups and downs, both ways to free us from the past.

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7. The Wheel Of Fortune Linestrider Tarot

Wheel of Fortune Linestrider is a highly iconic card about life cycles, new beginnings, and aspects of fortune. Focus on the things you can control with care, and learn not to suffer from the things you cannot control. 

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