Wheel of Fortune – Deviant Moon Tarot Deck

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I. The Description of Wheel of Fortune Deviant Moon Tarot

The Gypsy witch glanced into the future with lifeless eyes. She turned the wheel to find destiny for a confused man.

Each Tarot card gives us the opportunity to learn more about everyday knowledge that contains things that we do not know. There is a passion that will pursue you more and more that is knowledge. Like a happy kid going to school, you can sometimes remember your deck of cards because then you need it. But if you understand it, you will blow up the passion in yourself.

No one explains the situation and reads the cards more correctly than you, because if you already understand each card, then regardless of the situation is about the personality of a person but withdraw the Wheel of Fortune Deviant Moon Tarot card, you will still have your own answer, won’t you?

Description of Wheel of Fortune Deviant Moon Tarot

Perhaps this card is one of the most difficult of the 22 Major Arcana for the readers. Wheel Of Fortune is the wheel of destiny. The word “Fortune” is in a more positive direction than luck for many people. However, sometimes it is luck for one person but also unhappiness for another. When the wheel of life spins, you won’t know if you’re hitting gravel or soft grass, so just let it turn.

Like a game of numbers, Wheel of Fortune Deviant Moon Tarot at number 10 – a combination of a confident independent individual with a twist of not knowing the beginning or end. Neither as pure as The Fool nor as complete and flexible as The Magician. A combination and a position couldn’t be more perfect.

Do you remember the meaning of The Hermit Deviant Moon Tarot card? In confusion, looking for a place to hide, to ponder life, or a talent to be discovered. What will you do: are you the talent seeker, or are you the bewildered man looking for a way out? If this is the case, do you want to know your future in advance? If so, go ahead and meet the Hippie woman with your wheel of fortune in her hands, she will tell you whether life is blossoming or is at a standstill.

This woman is compared to the Hippie and perhaps many of you have heard of the Hippie concept, but few people understand the true meaning of the word hippie. Previously, Hippie seemed a very bizarre fashion, somewhat different, unique, slightly artistically oriented, or magic, but in truth, the meaning of Hippie was very simple. Hippie is a youth lifestyle culture, arose from a movement in America in the mid-1960s and spread to other countries. Hippie originated in the 60s in North America and Western Europe.

Most of them belong to the generation of flower children and the baby boomer or the next generation. They possess a core belief surrounding the values of peace and love. Hippie is the one who cherishes life to the fullest. Anyone can be a hippie, not just individuals with dreaded hair, wearing tie-dyed shirts, or smoking marijuana.

Hippie is a man who looks at the negative definitions of them and can only shake his head thinking how sad it is that people no longer have the ability to dream of a world in which we have all been told to strive for it as a child. A person who loves people without prejudice. A person does not obey what is imposed by society but obeys thoughts of peace and freedom.

The explanations above are some outlines of the Hippie concept. The woman’s body in the Wheel of Fortune Deviant Moon Tarot card is round, and the Hippie style somewhat brings more confidence to the one that meets the fortune teller because the fullness symbolizes prosperity, luck, and fertility and Hippie symbolizes peace and love.

Red is almost the main color and makes the highlight of the card. A color brings hope of life and intense passion. But this woman is also in harmony with the blue color, with the boundary of the yellow border – an unexpected eccentricity. Passion is countered and boundaries come with money and future aura.

The innocence blends in all the facial features, the round body is full of abundance, the regal hat, this person must be very complete. So in life, when everything has been satisfied, people start to look for new opportunities or worry about problems that will affect their current interests. Everything from top to bottom was exposed by the woman.

The querent is opening his mouth, his eyes widening and listening, swallowing every word in his heart. His tail must hold onto the chair tightly to prevent him from falling. It is not clear what the woman said, but we can only see on that wheel of destiny, there are feelings in this life.

One of the things that probably makes many readers find and frustrate the most when reading this Deviant Moon Tarot card is the flawed detail on the wheel of fate. According to the law of symmetry, there are three details on the wheel that are hidden. These eight symbols can correspond to the eight maturing and desired steps of each life stage (Hope, Will, Purpose, Competence, Fidelity, Love, Care, Wisdom). One can interpret part of the missing symbols. In addition, the other theories remaining may be time, money, etc.

For a simple explanation of the symbols, we can look from top to bottom, there is a broken or unconnected heart – a broken love that is unhealed, or you will simply find a perfect match for your life in the future. The hands of the Indian concept are also a symbol of success and of labor based on human strength. It is like the symbol of the individual’s actions or mutual help from the collective.

Next is the image of a skull – many people believe it to be a symbol of death. But in fact, it is only a part of the meaning of the Wheel of Fortune Deviant Moon Tarot card, when glancing at this card, you will see it is quite like a light bulb – representing the idea, besides, the skull is also the symbol of the human image.

To conclude in part, this image represents man, life, creation, and knowledge. You can be the person or role model you pursue to be. Moon – a symbol that is so familiar but no less mysterious. In general, the moon is a symbol of the emotions, feelings, self, and spirit of each person. Star – a symbol that constantly shines within every person’s dreams and hopes.

As in the Hermit Deviant Moon Tarot card, the fish symbol is mentioned as a gift from God. The two fishes embrace the wheel of destiny as if to tell you that fate is sometimes a game, you bet on it, then don’t know what answer will turn out. It is possible to fulfill your own wishes as a gift from God, maybe not and it is like a challenge in life.

At the top is a picture of a little demon, there is a bit of stylization from the image of a bat. With the wand in hand, the little demon is like a conductor, preparing to enter your future quest step by step. The color is in harmony with the Hippie woman, it is definitely her disciple.

However, the red color occupied most of the demon’s body, which signifies that it is very eager to carry out its case, a green eye to remind that it will help its mistress perceive the situation on both sides, or to show ordinary people that its eyes are normal on one side, and on the other will give it the ability to foresee the future.

The stone wheel of fortune, placed on a wall in a fixed way, yet is also very unstable. Just one small mistake, everything will collapse and destroy all. The boundary falls from above, which will hurt both the Hippie woman and the viewer as a possibility. It reminds you that foreseeing your fate is a game of adventure, as it is when you question these Deviant Moon Tarot cards.

The shining aura, spreading from behind the wheel of destiny, covered both people. Things in the future, fate have embraced them. From there, the Hippie woman’s hands reached out and invited, it was ready to turn the wheel.

Are you ready to roll for the next journey of your life? It could be the most beautiful experience ever in your life, maybe the worst of times, it could be the end or the opening of a new path. Just wait and see, but first of all, let the Hippie woman know, you are ready. If so, let’s go on.

II. The general meaning of Wheel of Fortune Deviant Moon Tarot

Keywords and extensions: Fate, Things happened out of the plan, Destiny, Outbreaks, Transformation, Personal Vision, Good luck, Improvement, Opportunity, Important Development, Evolution, Grow fast, The upper part of the wheel, Happenings, New doors open, Ups and downs of fate, Lucky turn, Good fortune, End one stage and start another one, Improve the situation, Gambling, Game of chance, Lucky Gods, New vehicles, Karma, “No man ever steps in the same river twice”.

The central theme of The Wheel of Fortune card is cyclical change. The non-stop rolling wheel, reversing events in a continuous process of ups and downs, both ways to free us from the past. No one can escape its cyclical action, which can feel a bit intimidating – regardless of whether we are going up or down. When one sits evenly on top of the wheel, there is a moment of crystal light. However, the only part of the wheel that doesn’t really go up and down is the center part, which represents your eternal self.

Each of us will obtain all the points on the wheel at one time or another. The cycle of the wheel is its lesson – and we can learn to be comfortable with it. If you don’t like the way things seem right now, be patient – things will change. Similarly, if you like the aspect of things right now, enjoy it while it lasts, because that will change too!

III. The reversed meaning of Wheel of Fortune Deviant Moon Tarot

Keywords and extensions: Unfortunate events, Unexpected results, Failure, Misfortune, Bad luck, Wrong turn, Unexpected failure, Sluggishness, Downhill, The Irony of Fate, The lower part of the Wheel, Unfortunately, Disappointment, Treading water, Feel like follow the same path of failure, Asynchronous, Dead end, Resist the beneficial changes, The joke of fate.

When the Wheel of Fortune card is reversed, it shows that you may have fallen far from grace and have been brought back to the beginning – to start over or re-adjust your plan.

This may make you feel as though you have reached the bottom but take it as an opportunity to renew yourself and outline your path to rise from the ashes. You will be a more compassionate and wiser ally when others act arrogantly. In the future, you may want to be a bit more humble in your aspirations.

IV. The guideline of Wheel of Fortune Deviant Moon Tarot

Wheel of Fortune Deviant Moon Tarot recommends keeping track of the flow of events. Significantly changing physical movements, mental awakening, or social patterns can appear at the moment. Accept these changes!

This is a safe place for you. You are supervised and protected as you move around the wheel. You will learn many things. Furthermore, you will learn it quickly, and what you learn will benefit you for a long time.

The Wheel of Fortune indicates that you should not just stand still and accept what life has to offer. You can actively advance the positive part of this wheel.

When things go downhill, instead of waiting and hoping everything is going well, you should proactively improve the situation and speed up the recovery process. Ultimately, this Deviant Moon Tarot card implies that you shouldn’t let yourself fall into depression when confronting adversity.

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