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I. The Description of Ace of Cups Deviant Moon Tarot

The angel in Ace of Wands Deviant Moon Tarot cherishes the Holy gold cup in her arms lovingly. Her warm soul energizes the liquid she is holding and invites the moon to sip the quintessence of that cup. The angel is splendidly adorned with gold jewels on her arms, wrists, neck, and head. She shows a beautiful and contented smile, her purple outfit to show regalia, depth, and mystery. Connecting everything from past to present, purple represents magic, mystery, spirituality, creativity, dignity, and it evokes more meaning than other colors. Roman emperors Julius Caesar and Augustus both made a rule that only the Emperor could wear purple.

Description of Ace of Cups Deviant Moon Tarot

The Cups suit in Deviant Moon Tarot represents the element of water. The meaning of the Cup cards is related to the emotional levels of perception, love, feelings, relationships, and connection. Cups are the embodiment of sentiments, expressing feelings, and the role they play in relationships with others. The Cups Tarot cards imply that you are thinking with your heart rather than with your mind, and thus, showing your natural and habitual responses to circumstances. The Cups cards are also related to creativity, romance, fantasy, and imagination.

The Zodiac of this Cups suit includes Cancer (Queen of Cups, Two, Three, Four of Cups); Scorpio (King of Cups, Five, Six, Seven of Cups); Pisces (Knight of Cups, Eight, Nine, Ten of Cups). These are the horoscopes that are said to have characteristics of the heartfelt, humanitarian, emotion-oriented, loving, inner subconscious, and artistic. If the Cups Deviant Moon Tarot cards appear remarkably in a spread, be aware that the querent may have a conflict in the relationship or the problems they are having are rooted in or caused by love or feelings. The most common advice for the Cups is to be alert in love, be careful about the dependence or emotional influence of others, and love yourself.

II. The general meaning of Ace of Cups Deviant Moon Tarot

Keywords and extensions: Spreading joy, Abundant spirit, Beautiful prospect, Motional power, Intuition, Intimate, Love, Desire, Creativity, Intense emotions, Warm feelings, The power of the Water element, The power of imagination, Emotional and spiritual nourishment, Happiness, Friendship, Kindness, Peace, Sensuality, Deep thinking, The beginning of a creative business, Art, Poetry, Pleasure, Extreme happiness, Wealth, The first flings of love, Compassion, Social life, Partnership, Health, Marriage, Fertility, Pregnancy, Childbirth, Motherhood, Gift, Psychic ability.

Ace of Cups Deviant Moon Tarot represents the beginning of a relationship, happiness, and desire. This relationship will make you feel sweet and satisfied because there is a special bond between you and your partner. The water in the card reflects the flow of emotions and thus, the Ace of Cups says the positive emotions will be created in this relationship. You need to experience the feeling of new love or an unconditional receive-and-give relationship. Receive and give love from a new perspective and open up your heart to everything around you. The way you love someone will make your devotion deeper and deeper.

Ace of Cups Deviant Moon Tarot often states that love is the essence of the situation posed in the question. Find out ways you can begin to bond with others. Do you have anyone to forgive or ask for? Can you eliminate hatred to find peace? Can you loosen your emotions? This is a peaceful time in your life so try to make up with your friends or relax.

Ace of Cups Deviant Moon Tarot addresses creativity, specifically the issues where you have a chance to let your emotions light the way. You open up to experience those emotions from the bottom of your heart and share them with everyone around you. You can get inspired to start a creative project, take an art class, and even take a romantic dance class. In the present moment, you feel extremely comfortable with who you are, what you feel, and are not shy about sharing a part of your soul with others. You see the potential of letting the stream of inspiration flow and from there you welcome new opportunities and stimulate your imagination to unleash your innate abilities.

Ace of Cups Deviant Moon Tarot also talks about generosity and compassion. This is the time when you give out and help others. You have the power to bring happiness to others and share your satisfaction and positive energy. You will find that the more you give, the more you will get (on different levels).

Ace of Cups Deviant Moon Tarot often remarks fertility. In the most basic sense, it refers to conception, pregnancy, or reproduction. If accompanied by other cards in the spread, namely The Empress and Page of Cups, it veriflies more precisely the above statement. At a deeper and more metaphorical level, a new idea or inspiration may be on the way. It can represent the beginning of a project involving love and creativity.

III. The reversed meaning of Ace of Cups Deviant Moon Tarot

Keywords and extensions: Unfortunate and sudden changes, Losing love, Inertia, Emotions repressed and prevented, Lovelornness, Rejection, Relationship problems, Conditional love, Avoidance emotional attachment, Loneliness, Grief, Separation, Tears, Sorrow, Sadness, Suffering, Pain, Self-centered, Manipulation, Sex without love, Boredom, Obstacles at the beginning of a relationship, problems in a marriage, Unhappiness, Mess with someone’s feelings, Lack of emotional response, Feeling cheated.

The reversed Ace of Cups Deviant Moon Tarot urges you to control feelings for better benefits. For example, when a relationship ends, you might want to burst into tears and destroy it all but the Ace of Cups advises you to try to regain balance. Sometimes, you overexpress your emotions, reveal your own weaknesses, or worse, unintentionally harm those around you. Try to expose your feelings moderately so that you can continue your life in a balanced and stable way.

On the other hand, the reversed Ace of Cups Deviant Moon Tarot can also say that you have suppressed your emotions for too long to the point of forgetting about your true feelings and becoming cold inside and it is time to release them. In the relationship spread, the Ace of Cups indicates you hide your feelings to avoid getting hurt. You know, in love, trust is the most important thing for both of you to keep moving forward. Intense waves can strike, hurting your emotions, leaving you wondering about your next move. Life’s troubles make you feel exhausted and drained your energy. You need to pay attention to your emotions and how that will affect your reaction to the outside world.

IV. The guideline of Ace of Cups Deviant Moon Tarot

Water has long been considered as the cradle of life, emotions, and what is so relaxing and pleasant. You are about to achieve success and happiness with this Ace of Cups Deviant Moon Tarot card. That confirms it even more when looking at the water level in the glass – it is an ideal water level when not too little to dry and not too full to spill. Good things are coming and your spirit will be extremely satisfying as our angel is about to “drink water”. And for the moon, if we drink water, we will fall into a dim light from it. The card also warns that emotional delusions always appear at the same time when we are most sublimated and pleased because it is then that we have difficulty mastering ourselves.

Ace of Cups Deviant Moon Tarot also represents a constant source of nutrients for the body, heart, and soul. It suggests that you can relax in a safety net of love, support, and communion. It advises you to challenge yourself and discover the good things in all relationships. Practice seeing the world through the eyes of the angle. Allow your imagination to realize the evolutionary or spiritual potential in each person and experience.

Look with the eye of a caring parent or partner upon the people and things you come into contact with. Make conscious decisions to approve and enjoy even the quirky developments that turn the world around. No one can be perfect against such unconditional acceptance. However, practice will sweeten your everyday life. Your magnetism will increase and more inspiring people can enter your life. The whole world will benefit when this becomes second nature to you.

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