Six Of Pentacles – Deviant Moon Tarot Deck

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I. The Description of Six of Pentacles Deviant Moon Tarot

Compassion for the deceased leads a wealthy man into a cemetery. There, he meets a soul who longs for the return of the material world, and the man gives it one of the six coins he has in a generous act. Not only is it a reflection of physical security and stability, but Six of Pentacles Deviant Moon Tarot also shows that you are using your resources and helping others.

Description of Six of Pentacles Deviant Moon Tarot

If you are the rich man in the card, you have accumulated a lot of property and can provide financial support for those in need. You have lived in the dark long enough to see the inner light, it is time to help such unfortunate people. The generosity of number 6 in terms of money and material is unlimited.

If you are the soul in the Six of Pentacles Deviant Moon Tarot, you can get help from other people’s generous work. This will allow you to move on and you will repay with all your heart after overcoming the difficulties. You also need to figure out how to be self-reliant in the future and not depend on it.

II. The general meaning of Six of Pentacles Deviant Moon Tarot

Keywords and extensions: Charity, Present, Share someone’s fortune, Generous material, Prosperity, Help others, Philanthropy, Debt repayment, Interest from investments, Gratitude, Material benefits, Manage finance appropriately, The dedication of talent, Lend, grants, Awards, Bonuses, Financial support, Hard work pays off, Distribute wealth equitably, Financial transaction fairly, Enjoy the fruits of labor, Teach others your skills, Advice, A mentor, A buyer, An almoner, A wise investor, A benefactor, Service workers.

Six of Pentacles Deviant Moon Tarot is a card that represents material harmony. You spend very well, and at the same time, always share it with those who are struggling or needing help. It also means charity. You can be the rich man in this card, giving away your possessions, or being the unfortunate soul, showing gratitude to the person who helped you.

You may also think that you are lending someone, and they have to pay it back when they get through tough times. This is a loan built on trust and goodwill, that if you help someone, you will be rewarded. Think about how you can financially support family or friends and encourage them to stand on their feet.

Six of Pentacles Deviant Moon Tarot represents a gift, getting something, a loan, or a chance to participate in the business. Someone who owes you money will likely pay you back right now. You will get a pleasant evaluation. You are about to receive support in terms of finance and you will get what you deserve.

In a Tarot spread, Six of Pentacles Deviant Moon Tarot is a call that you need to think profoundly and comprehensively about the problem that exists in terms of both tangible property and non-material aspects such as education, power, emotion. You can find that you tend to favor a certain aspect but this card requires you to reconsider.

III. The reversed meaning of Six of Pentacles Deviant Moon Tarot

Keywords and extensions: Selfishness, Hoarding wealth, Financial missteps, Refuse to share, Withdrawal of financial support, Unfair business transactions, Unpaid bills, Bad debts, Greed, Selfishness, Stingy, Inequality, Wasteful spending, Loss due to theft or carelessness, Envy, Jealousy, Unrecognized, Low-interest investment, Lack of vision, Inconsiderate, Uncharitable, Bite the hand that feeds, Money laundering, A debtor, A beggar, Useless people, A skinflint, People who depend on others for their basic needs.

The reversed Six of Pentacles Deviant Moon Tarot shows the one-way path in terms of charity. You can lend money to a friend or someone else but don’t expect compensation or repayment. Or you might be expecting your money back, but it is not actually going the way you want it to. Be careful about who you lend money to, especially when friends are in financial trouble. Being generous is fine, but make sure your finances are still in guarantee when helping others. You can spend or give more than you can afford.

Be careful with the amount of debt you are borrowing. This reversed card shows interest rates too high or life-threatening if the funds cannot be returned within a specified time.

The Six of Pentacles Deviant Moon Tarot in reverse sometimes reflects the selfishness of charities. In some cases, people help others, not for the benefit of others, but for their own sake. Don’t try to show people off that you are charitable because you often help the poor. Use kindness when doing good deeds!

In a relationship Tarot spread, the reversed Six of Pentacles Deviant Moon Tarot shows you are working hard but claiming no rights, creating inequality in your relationship. Be careful that your kindness may be taken advantage of and that you should not negotiate for the benefit of another person over yourself.

This reversed card often shows that you lose money or property due to carelessness, dishonesty, or recklessness. Someone may refuse to pay the debt, leading you to financial depletion. Financial support may be drained. You may not get what you deserve. It sometimes refers to theft in reality. The financial administrator may be involved in unethical or deceptive transactions. Material risks can be the result of the selfish actions of others.

The Six of Pentacles Deviant Moon Tarot in reverse generally suggests that the idea of ​​payback may have become too burdensome for you. The reversal of this card indicates a person who is too focused on the idea of ​​getting something back. You may have given yourself a generous, supportive, knowledgeable appearance, but underneath, you created so many binding conditions that there is no way anyone can accept you in suggestion. No one is fooled by such conditional giving.

IV. The guideline of Six of Pentacles Deviant Moon Tarot

Six of Pentacles Deviant Moon Tarot is the card of patronage – generosity with the strings attached. The picture shows a rich man sharing his property, his reputation is enhanced by his giving. However, there is an inference that the giver would expect something in return for his giving, perhaps sexual favors.

This card is sometimes understood to refer to certain sponsors or benefactors who have saved a talented person from oblivion, but then he wants to order the artist to do something as his popularity grows. Power inequality is generally a factor in this card, and the soul being helped must be careful not to exchange hearts and principles for fame or fortune. Each individual, in this case, needs to check whether he/she is on one side or the other in an unbalanced power struggle.

Six of Pentacles Deviant Moon Tarot requires you to think of yourself as a cosmic talent, looking for individuals who show off spark or ability. You can help them refine and upgrade their skills to suit the larger context. The result is a peer relationship with mutual respect and admiration. This is a delicate operation. You must constantly check your intentions so that you don’t expect something in return. Don’t for a minute feel proud of doing someone a favor. In fact, what you are doing is paying off an old debt to those who used to be your mentors.

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