Five Of Wands – Deviant Moon Tarot Deck

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I. The Description of Five of Wands Deviant Moon Tarot

A battle has struck out in this Five of Wands Deviant Moon Tarot! People from different regions are attacking each other, leading to a battle with sticks to deal with the problem, instead of searching for peaceful means of negotiating to resolve conflicts.

Description of Five of Wands Deviant Moon Tarot

The chaos in this card is really similar to Five of Wands Rider Waite Tarot, with the only difference is that RW’s crowd has 5 people while there are only 4 people. They have similar meanings in terms of competition, conflict, and ego-promotion. Surely, readers are looking for the 5th stick of this card. Or when we have not yet seen it standing alone on a high hill, looking “out of the world” and it is the only stick that brings life.

At first glance of all 5 sticks, the stick standing alone seems lush, however, it gives a feeling of lack of maturity and solidity. It seems to stand out because it feels weak and needs to grow. The advice to you is that conflict is not bad because it can solve the problem and find the most reasonable and optimal common path for all. But conflict is also prone to violence and animosity very quickly.

In these cases, it is best to be like the stick standing out there, listening, observing, and exploring further to understand more deeply about the problem, to be more mature, and not just to always overate your ego and subjective opinion. Turn contradictions into an opportunity for your own learning and growth.

II. The general meaning of Five of Wands Deviant Moon Tarot

Keywords and extensions: Competition, Discord, Fight, Legal issue, Conflict with people around, Disagreement, Competition, Tension, External conflict, Struggle, The need to prove oneself, Assertiveness, Physical Activity, Sport, Obstacle, Time to take strong action, Success through great effort, Debate, Agitation, Controversy, Self-doubt, Quarrel, A battle without any casualty, Martial arts, Annoying trivia, Nuisance, Disturbance, Unexpected problems, A conflict of interest, Multi-tasking, Masculine, Territorial defense.

In Tarot, the number 5 often represents conflict and change, and so does the Five of Wands Deviant Moon Tarot. This card states that you are in the midst of conflict, tension or competition and that it is affecting your ability to move toward the goal ahead. Instead of being able to work with people, you are against it so your views are constantly challenged by them. The problem here is that everyone is trying to express their point of view but no one is listening. Ongoing discussions bring nothing but disagreement.

Likewise, Five of Wands Deviant Moon Tarot is representative of a group of people who have agreed with each other but still do not fully agree on how to accomplish this goal as everyone considers their method to be effective. To turn conflict into a constructive debate, each person should openly share their thoughts and listen to others. Once everyone has been told and heard, and all opinions have been considered, we can determine the best course of action.

Sometimes, conflict and discussion can be very positive, such as problem-solving as a group. You need a positive environment to examine your ideas and listen to the challenges of others. Only then will your ideas be honed and improved. You can benefit by setting up a working group or collaborating with people with different perspectives and experiences. Be open to this kind of conflict and discussion as a positive contributor to the quality of your ideas and actions.

Five of Wands Deviant Moon Tarot usually point to competition and competitors on your par with you. You may not be used to competing because you’ve had your own success, but now is the time to experience a real race. Find an environment that is ambitious, respecting your competitors, but stand your ground. Fight against the tendency toward frustration, anger, hatred, and prejudice.

This card also fosters diversity and differences in opinion. You may be in a situation where people come from different cultures and societies and may struggle to accept their way of life. Remember that everyone has something unique to offer you, and you will learn more about them and what they have.

Five of Wands Deviant Moon Tarot encourages an enthusiastic approach to change. Change is coming, whether you like it or not, however, your challenge will be ensuring that everyone is on the same line and focused on dealing with this change constructively and positively. But nowadays, everyone has many ideas, but no one can stand up to direct them. Your role is to define a clear strategy and purpose that can be accomplished by engaging everyone.

Sometimes, Five of Wands Deviant Moon Tarot speaks of a personal struggle and conflict, or external or internal issues that are causing a lot of stress and confusion for you. You have your own opinion on your approach to your current situation but you didn’t really get your final stance. You try to get rid of your personal views on some controversial external issues such as abortion, immigration, Westernization, or dealing with personal matters such as continuing or quitting a relationship or job.

At the same time, those around you have a strong opinion of what you should do and this is creating conflicts, tensions, and disagreements. If you think you have a clear opinion, you will be challenged or discover something new and will change your perspective again. This process is really beneficial and will help you come to a trained, long-lasting prospect. You have to find the best options that work for you. It may not be 100% right for you, however, choose whatever is most familiar.

III. The reversed meaning of Five of Wands Deviant Moon Tarot

Keywords and extensions: Negotiation, Find a solution, Turn diversity into advantages, Healthy competition, Peace, Harmony, The fight was over, Opportunity, Beneficial change, Internal conflict, Fraudulent tactics, Legal battle, Argumentative, Stress, Malevolence, Divergent.

The reversed Five of Wands Deviant Moon Tarot recommends that you avoid conflicts wherever possible. You may find that any type of stress or conflict makes you feel uncomfortable and want to leave. So you deflect a lot of energy and ignore the problems if any. The trouble, however, you just put them aside and not really address them. Some conflicts can be good, especially if they are constructive and point out the underlying problems to find a better solution. Consider whether avoiding conflict is the best way to go, or if it just affects the things that matter to you.

The reversed Five of Wands Deviant Moon Tarot is like a sigh of relief after conflicts and struggles. You are no longer against too much competition. On a personal level, you overcome your anger and hostility and feel more secure in your relationships. You don’t have to constantly prove yourself.

The reversed Five of Wands Deviant Moon Tarot can also be said that you really need to be focused in order to achieve your goals. You have spent some time thinking about random ideas and rediscovering yourself at where you started. You acknowledge that in order to progress further, you must focus your attention on important priorities and stick to your goals without having to consider any additional possibilities or opportunities.

IV. The guideline of Five of Wands Deviant Moon Tarot

Five of Wands Deviant Moon Tarot represents the struggles caused by ambitious maneuvering and the urge to compete. This could be about someone pushing his or her agenda forward at the expense of others.

There can be a fine line between demonstrating personal excellence and making others feel like a failure. It may be necessary to ask ourselves, who really benefits when we all fight hard for such small rewards?

Even if your sole motive is to be the best you can be, it’s easy to understand what is good and unique about you. However, minimize the number of egos crushed in the process otherwise your success will only be celebrated alone.

Five of Wands Deviant Moon Tarot encourages you to find your natural ambitions. Determine what energizes you, what you’ll fight for, and what you’re passionate about – even when you’re tired or depressed. Try to make that the center of your mission. This is how you find a livelihood and establish your duty path.

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