The Ace of Wands – Deviant Moon Tarot Deck

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I. The Description of Ace of Wands Deviant Moon Tarot

The woman in Ace of Wands Deviant Moon Tarot is the one to announce the beginning of all great things when she carries a new life in her arms. The giant torch is ready to spread the fire throughout the forest, illuminating and fulfilling her mind with a fullness of creativity and passion.

Description of Ace of Wands Deviant Moon Tarot

The proliferation is generating and the omen is about to take place. Although none of the inhabitants of this city are pleasant, if not quite barbaric and ghostly, we can still see the love through her eyes and her warm gestures for the baby. The Ace of Wands Deviant Moon Tarot card features a vivid appearance with the lady’s lush green wreath with glowing trees and butterfly wings. Rest assured that what you are trying to achieve is like a caterpillar is close to the date of butterfly transformation, the tree is about to bear fruit or the mother is about to carry her dear baby.

The image of the brightened torch as if illuminating the path to that achievement for you. If the arm is hers, it means you should go steadily forward and continue on the unfinished path. If it’s someone else’s, you are being implicitly supported by someone. Either way, this is a very encouraging Deviant Moon card.

However, you should pay attention to the detail of the beetle on the torch. He was attracted by the light emanating from the fire and unconsciously approached it like an instinct. The card also gives you a very clear warning. The closer we get to the results and the closer we get to what we put in so much effort to do, the more likely we are to lose ourselves, and the more likely we are to be engulfed in glory because our mentality has been eroded a lot. The flame that illuminates the path can also be the flame that burns. So, just calmly and vigilantly move forward.

II. The general meaning of Ace of Wands Deviant Moon Tarot

Keywords and extensions: Energy, Birth, The power of fire element, Emotional transmission, A turning point, New experience, Inspiration, Innovative, Optimism, Invention, Trust, Enthusiasm, Willpower, Tenacity, Fertilization, Creativity, Fertility, Conception, Growth, Sexuality, Motivation, Ambition, Success, Initiative, Passionate Love, Potential, Good things are about to happen.

Ace of Wands Deviant Moon Tarot is an action-oriented card. It gets you inspired and enthusiastic about pursuing a new idea, a new project that you already have in mind. You are like sitting in a racing car, continuously start the engine, and ready to launch at any time. Use your creative thinking and passion to take the first steps and generate a profitable start. Even if you want everything, plan it out before you do it.

Ace of Wands Deviant Moon Tarot encourages you to listen to your instincts and follow your own path. If it feels like a good idea, it will be good. So start with a few basic moves to get things going, and continue to develop your idea through more involved plans later on. The important thing is to act now, not to spend too much time planning or researching.

Ace of Wands Deviant Moon Tarot also speaks to the time when you had a breakthrough and were very excited about an idea or a particular passion. Your eyes have opened to a whole new world and you are very excited about the possibilities and opportunities available to you. Your potential at this point is enormous and creative too. If you have a hidden talent, now is the time to explore and flourish them. This is also the perfect time to draw your imagination and fulfill your realistic dreams.

But remember, the Ace of Wands Deviant Moon Tarot and the other Ace cards are just seeds that haven’t yet grown. You have an opportunity with great promise, but it only really happens when you use all your ability to develop it.

The Ace of Wands Deviant Moon Tarot also exhibited a state of uncertainty about the method of proceeding. You can have energy and passion but not a direction yet. All the great ideas are starting to form in your mind and are ready to explode at any time, but you need to find the best way to utilize that huge energy.

III. The reversed meaning of Ace of Wands Deviant Moon Tarot

Keywords and extensions: No difference, Loss of energy, Passivity, The delay, Impeded development, Extinguished hopes, Trouble, The problems arise, The failed attempts, Abolition, The wasted energy, Disillusionment, Misconduct, Selfishness, Lack of motivation or initiative, Impotence, Lack of usefulness, Infertility, Poor plan, Failure, Premature failure, Not even trying, Useless, Unnatural advances, Ineffective, Insistency, High demand, Lack of ideas, Pessimism, Empty promises.

The reversed Ace of Wands Deviant Moon Tarot shows you are having trouble clearly determining what you want. You lack direction and gradually your energies become depleted, leaving you feeling extremely fatigued and unmotivated. As a result, you often wonder if this is what you really want and if there is something better than you have yet to discover. When you think about other opportunities, your beliefs start to falter. To fix this, you first need to focus on your true passion. Without motivation and passion, you won’t be able to succeed. So take a moment to reflect on what you really want.

The reversed Ace of Wands Deviant Moon Tarot can also indicate that you are weighed down by responsibility and commitment, and thus unable to pursue new ideas that you already have. This card may indicate delays or frustrations when the progress of projects and ideas is not as expected. You will feel very impatient at this point, especially if you value a pre-defined plan but just getting started. You might also have a great idea, but you still haven’t found a stable direction yet. Timing is essential, so be patient and wait for the best opportunity.

IV. The guideline of Ace of Wands Deviant Moon Tarot

This suit of Deviant Moon Tarot deck often referred to as the “Wand” and sometimes referred to as “Rods” or “Staves,” represents initiative, ambition, motivation, and desire. It is about business and taking risks. And Ace of Wands represents an important action or significant step that will lose a series of events leading up to your desired goal. It refers to a birth or a new beginning, the beginning of an effort, and the construction of the commitment required to complete a project or plan. It personifies the aroused will that is completely focused and aimed at the desired end.

This Deviant Moon Tarot card also encourages energetic movement toward activity. Be confident and ready to take action. You may need to move soon, so make sure you’re fully prepared. Trust your instincts and spontaneity. When the opportunity comes, you may want to seize it without hesitation. So be agile and raise your awareness. There is excitement in the air that supports your immediate ambitions.

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