The Strength – Deviant Moon Tarot Deck

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I. The Description of Strength Deviant Moon Tarot

A man possessing supernatural powers is imposing his will on a wild beast. This person must be very careful because what he wants to control will most likely turn to “crush” him.

Description of Strength Deviant Moon Tarot

If you own a deck that is not a Deviant Moon Tarot, you will probably feel quite confused because the order of the cards is different. In the past, the most innovative and different was when Waite changed the order between Strength and Hermit cards in the order of VIII and XI – something that had never happened before with previous Tarot decks. Later, quite a few of the Waite standard decks applied for this order as well. Waite, on his own, did not provide a purpose for the change, arguing that for reasons of his satisfaction, this card has swapped place for the Justice card, which was usually numbered VIII. Since this variation did not present any hint to the reader, there was no reason to explain it more.

However, this swap according to S.L. Mac Gregor Mathers is in tune with Tarot’s mystical symbolic system. Mathers assumed that if The Fool was placed before the I – The Magician card, the astronomical symbol presented in the guide book would perfectly correspond to the figure of the 22 Major Arcana cards.

In the new order, card VIII will be assigned to the Lion zodiac and the card XI corresponds to the Libra zodiac. The symbol of the Lion is the lion, of the Libra is the scale. If we compare these two symbols with the VIII and XI of the traditional Tarot deck, we find that they are incompatible.

Thus, for the perfect harmony between the cards and the Hebrew alphabet, Mathers presents the view that the previous Tarot card order is mistaken, and the correct order has to swap VIII and XI cards. Therefore, Strength at VIII position – matches the letter Teth which is the sign Lion, and Justice at XI – matches the letter Lamed which is the sign Libra.

Here, Waite manipulates this transformation without giving any specific explanation. This proves that Waite’s deck is partly influenced by Mathers’ thoughts. Going back to the Strength Deviant Moon Tarot card, this change brings a new feeling and requires more thought for readers who are familiar with the traditional order or what is still applied, as well as explained so far.

This article will partly explain the reason why the Strength Deviant Moon Tarot card is placed at position XI. If you remember the logical reasoning for positions VIII and IX, you can also figure out the reason why the author placed the Strength card at position XI. After the Wheel of Fortune – a complete pause to consider and acknowledge future decisions – you need to prepare yourself for the strength to go the rest of the way.

As mentioned from the first parts, the 22 Major Arcana cards all mention events and key features that need to appear in life. And placing this Strength card in the serial central position is like empowerment. The number 11 is a combination of the two independent numbers 1 and 1. Two numbers 1 represent two independent, talented, powerful, and comprehensive individuals in their field. One side is human, the other is animal, just like Tweedledum and Tweedledee.

The man, with all his might and dexterity, wanted to tame the beast. This beast in Strength Deviant Moon Tarot is not easy to deal with because this man has to use both his hands to tame, his serious face and eyes wide open focusing on prey, lips clenched as if showing hardship and determination before the beast. Besides, the beast is equally dangerous, possesses sharp teeth and claws, is ready to cause damage at any time. Its giant body is not inferior to this man, its tail wrapped around the man’s legs, just a little mishandled, it is ready to knock its opponent down.

The body of the beast has golden stripes, the nobility of both the animal and the man who wants to overpower it. On the two wrists of this man, one side wears two bracelets, the other only wears one. Gold bracelets symbolize nobility, and since ancient times, bracelets are not simply a piece of jewelry, but it is also a confirmation of their achievements, as well as distinguishing oneself from others.

Earrings show royalty and men even wore earrings before women. Earrings became fashionable during courtiers and among gentlemen in the 1590s of the renaissance. In the past, piercing was not as simple and quick as it is now, so it also shows the bravery and sophistication of the man.

However, the power does not stop there, it also opens up colorful creative gameplay. Blue covers this entire man as a reminder. Strength is also needed from within. You have to be strong, combined with your physical health, you can win.

To win or not, there is still a need for tactics and calculation, which is why the mysterious black colored this man’s whole body. You need total strength and carefulness or the beast will snap you whenever it can.

On that unique path, only the human and animal are fighting together. Leaving the capital behind, the man searches for his feats. The crescent moon is bright enough to illuminate on his journey. This man accompanies the night because strength does not need show. Sometimes, quiet patience will train yourself more, and if you fail, you gnaw on the pain yourself without affecting anyone. No need for compliments or empathy, you just need you.

On the astrological perspective, the Strength Deviant Moon Tarot card corresponds to Mars – prominent with the volcano, desert on the surface, or in the card is a wild landscape where human conquers wild beasts – in the Lion zodiac the shape of the beast is the symbolic sign of Lion). This is the key to memorize the astrology of this card.

II. The general meaning of Strength Deviant Moon Tarot

Keywords and extensions: Strength, Power from within, Tenacity, Patience, Sympathy, Confidence, Action, Cleverness, Steadiness, Power of judgment, Gentle force, Ability to overcome troubles by willpower, High status, Self-discipline, Trust in your ability, Heroism, Protection, Courage, Energy, Immortality, Nonviolence, Healing, Good health, Recovery, Potential, Empowerment, Self-help, Self-reliance, Politeness, Endurance, Taming the inner beast, Capture desirable instincts, Comparison, Diplomacy.

The Strength card represents nature, wild in its pristine form, but tamed by our more refined selves – our feminine and inner self. Our instinctive will and passion do not need to be broken, but sharpened and brought into consciousness, so that every level of creativity can harmonize.

The female spiritual force contains a compelling power that can nurture and induce cooperation from others, preserving the disruptive energy by reconciling differences in collective goodwill.

III. The reversed meaning of Strength Deviant Moon Tarot

Keywords and extensions: Failure, Surrender, Being bullied, Self-doubt, Fear, Disappointment, Lack of self-confidence, Timidity, Insecurity, Concessions, The surrender of basic desires, Inability to cope with, Lack of determination, Unhappiness, The surrender of fear, Lack of discipline, Anxiety, Dependence, Self-defeating behavior, Bossy attitude, Aggressiveness, Insolence, Abuse of power, Authoritarianism, Hollowness, Hegemonism, False prejudices of power, Indecision, Caricature of inner power, Excessive distance, Rebellion, Passion, Turmoil, Conflicts of interest, Insensibility of emotion, Immunodeficiency.

The reversed Strength card shows you are in a position where you have little power to control your behavior. No amount of model, persuasion, or leadership will affect the uncontrollable, untamed force that is set loose.

Sensitive things are ignored, and instigations that once served the command of reward can be met with contempt. You may have to lower your energy and do what you can to protect yourself, and let this turnaround time end.

IV. The guideline of Strength Deviant Moon Tarot

The Strength Deviant Moon Tarot advises that you be determined to discipline yourself and separate your self-interest from enlightened wisdom. Consciously identify with your intuition, even if it works against the desires of your willful ego.

Ask for and expect the same from others in authority in this situation. You cannot challenge them to live to a higher standard if you have not done so yourself. Influence others by setting an example of integrity. Your self-esteem will increase to the extent that you are successful in your endeavors.

Your life is quite prosperous and you do not have to worry about money. You are quite agile in calculating which leads to increased wealth and money in your hands. However, you should remember that man can make plans, but God has his final say.

Your finances are stable and mostly influenced by relationships. The investment in long-term relationships will make you spend more. The Strength Deviant Moon Tarot card also implies that you are the main breadwinner in the family, whether it is shopping, housing, or vehicle; or that you are the biggest contributor to the family financially.

You have a high awareness of your health and how your life will be affected by it. But you are quite lazy in treatment and sometimes look down on your health. You only need the help of others when you can’t handle it yourself.

You are not predestined to travel, mainly because of work or relationships. Each trip like that also costs you a lot. Therefore, you also limit spontaneous trips.

Your relationships are quite profound and peaceful. Your business partners or capital contributors are generous and willing to pay. You are fair with your circle of friends, however, compliance can sometimes put you at a disadvantage. Legal issues all come from your relationships, but cause nothing out of your control and are soon resolved by you.

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