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I. The Description of Queen of Cups Deviant Moon Tarot

The benevolent Queen represents the suit of Cups in Deviant Moon Tarot walking along the coast. She carefully takes every drop of water from the sacred cup she is holding in her hand. From a distance, a lighthouse shines like a beacon. The Queen of Cups governs the kingdom of emotions. She is a beautiful, introverted woman. The cup is a sign that the Queen’s thoughts emerge from the unconscious and the depths of her own soul. The image of the sea in the scenery and the waves adorning her robe is a symbol of the unconscious mind and water, in general, represents emotions, spirits, and feelings.

Description of Queen of Cups Deviant Moon Tarot

Like all Court cards, the Queen of Cups Deviant Moon Tarot portrays a person in your life or as a part of yourself. She often appears as a mature woman. No one has stronger intuition than her. She is the pure force of water, and her connection to the subconscious world is comparable to The High Priestess. She is like a mirror that reflects the inner side of others so that they can comprehend their mysteries. So the Queen of Cups says you need to trust your intuition and listen to your inner voice. Believe in the feelings and emotions you receive from the outside environment.

II. The general meaning of Queen of Cups Deviant Moon Tarot

Keywords and extensions: Feel safe emotionally, Calm, Intuitive, Compassionate, Emotional feelings, Delicate senses, Other worlds, Perception, Choices based on sincere feelings, Imagination, Memory, Vision, Dreams, Kindness, Spiritual ability, Empathy, Sixth sense, Empathy, Affection, Restraint, Inner consideration, Creativity, Gentleness, Emotion, Benefits, Prophecy, Spirituality, Mysticism, Psychology, Counseling, Atmosphere, Generosity, A dear friend, Heart flutter.

Queen of Cups Deviant Moon Tarot is a symbol of nurture, care, compassion, and sensitivity. She is an exceptional wife and a loving mother because she feels secure emotionally and is able to connect on a high emotional level with others. She is admired for her fairness, honesty, and kindness. She is often a healer, psychotherapist, or psychic; is a woman who makes a clear distinction between right and wrong. She knows exactly the right and reasonable solutions to problems related to relationships, sentiments, and emotions. She easily immerses herself in your emotions and helps you to do it in a gentle and compassionate way. As such, her intuition is very strong and she can sense the energetic flow of emotions.

When the Queen of Cups Deviant Moon Tarot card appears in a spread, it shows that you need to sympathize with others and show true compassion. Focus on the happiness of others rather than on rational or unreasonable explanations. Support and teach others by connecting your own feelings with theirs and coloring their inner picture. Find out what they need to do to cope with life’s challenges and share them with them. Hug someone you love.

One of Queen of Cups Deviant Moon Tarot’s greatest assets is her ability to sense the needs of the people around her. Due to her association with the elements of water, the Queen of Cups is always gentle and listening to others. Her sensitivity attracts suffering people to her. She is a safe harbor for everyone around and can heal their broken hearts. Her warmth and care make her a glamorous lighthouse. Because the Queen of Cups is sensitive to other people’s emotions, she always has to maintain the boundary between herself and others. If not properly protected, she can lose feelings for herself. This is her biggest flaw.

Queen of Cups Deviant Moon Tarot tends to believe in her heart rather than her mind. She may lack awareness and logic but is very intuitive and sometimes poetic. If the current plan is not working, she encourages you to follow your heart. Stay calm and explore your inner self to find the right option. She also represents achievements that can be accomplished using imagination and creativity. This is a very imaginative and gifted woman with artistic, emotional, and romantic talents. She often participates in literary and creative activities. Hence, you can pursue creative projects, especially when it is a way of expressing yourself.

III. The reversed meaning of Queen of Cups Deviant Moon Tarot

Keywords and extensions: Emotional insecurity, Interdependent, Inequality, Arrogance and conceit, Naive, Underestimation, Exaggeration, Embellish, Exaggerated sensuality, Self-indulgence, Laziness, Absurdity, Self-deception, Chaos, Hesitation, Dreaming, Melancholy, Negative thoughts, Emotional disorders, False hope, Unreasonable, Illogical consideration, Uncontrollable emotions, Flirtation, Perfidy, Less respect for reality, Lack of sympathy, Rumors, Untrustworthy, Irresponsible, Dependence, Perverse, Hysteria, Change in circumstances, Escapism, Unrealistic, Alcohol or drug abuse, Unnecessary sacrifice, Mental illness, Living in the fairyland, Dangerous attractions.

The reversed Queen of Cups Deviant Moon Tarot states that you are feeling disconnected from your emotions or forced to limit your inner listening. You have a hard time expressing yourself and you keep your emotions shut. If you don’t deal with the emotional issues, they will blow up someday. Your stress level can increase and your ability to cope with everyday problems may also be affected.

The reversed Queen of Cups Deviant Moon Tarot indicates dissatisfaction or feelings of disconnection with your spirituality. This is the time to find your own path and establish strong relationships with others. You are allowing your imagination to overwhelm your reason. The worst that can happen is that precious qualities of imagination become your weaknesses, make you someone without stance, swim with the flowing tide, and forever be lost in the world of thought. You can easily be overwhelmed by your emotions, become erratic, unstable, suspicious, and self-contained.

The reversed Queen of Cups Deviant Moon Tarot represents those who are immersed in extreme emotions and become puppets of enchantment and hatred. Your mood swings are making the lives of others miserable, and you are draining the emotions of everyone around you. You can use your feelings of high self-esteem to be beneficial, but you are also anxious and disgusted with yourself.

The reversed Queen of Cups Deviant Moon Tarot suggests that you should stop all efforts to alleviate your pain or distract yourself. Looking the other way won’t help you anymore nor rationalize or control the situation. You must be emotionally honest. Be realistic with yourself and others that may be relevant to what you are going through. If you continue to anesthetize the wound, it will not rise to the surface and be cured. Coping strategies based on distracting yourself from reality aim to entrench problems only.

In a relationship, this signals a hard time when you control and suppress your emotions. Strong feelings overwhelmed both of your minds. In projects or at work, all team members may feel their emotions struggling with stress. Remember, the reversed Queen of Cups Deviant Moon Tarot also warns you against dealing with anyone who appears to take advantage of your guilt or strain your spirits. What they show may just be the tip of the iceberg.

This reversed card declares that you take other people’s reactions and feelings too seriously. This causes you to become dependent, obsessive, and intimidated by them emotionally. Consider your current relationships. Do you and the related people need each other? Are you giving away too much but getting inadequate things? The reversed Queen of Cups Deviant Moon Tarot makes you submissive and blindly plunge into any relationship without considering the consequences. You may have expected too much of your partner. It can also indicate alcohol and drug abuse. In particular, this is driven by your emotional state in which you drink more when you feel hopeless or miserable.

IV. The guideline of Queen of Cups Deviant Moon Tarot

Queen of Cups Deviant Moon Tarot’s caring nature reveals her to everyone else’s feelings and needs. She sometimes has difficulty determining her own interests in the midst of her responsiveness to others. As a result, she often appears a little inattentive or perhaps overwhelmed and fulfilled with spirit. She represents the Queen of the Holy Grail, as well as the Goddess of the Family.

Queen of Cups Deviant Moon Tarot encourages you to be generous, kind, and forgiving. Supports other people’s ability to get what they desire. However, you need to draw clear lines between your limitations and the demands of others. You don’t want your loved ones or teammates to become complacent or dependent as if they might look down on your support without regard to your needs. Cultivating your awareness of love is about giving and receiving freely. In the process, let’s help clarify the important difference between receiving energy and taking it away. Don’t let your willingness to give be misunderstood or abused, as if it is a weakness.

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