The Devil – Deviant Moon Tarot Deck

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I. The Description of The Devil Deviant Moon Tarot

Standing on a volcanic ball, The Devil Deviant Moon Tarot danced in glee at the destruction he caused the town. Once a beautiful angel, The Devil has now become the one who sowed the seeds of darkness into people’s hearts and kept their souls under his control.

Description of The Devil Deviant Moon Tarot

The Devil Deviant Moon Tarot carries the appearance of a thief, prowling and lurking on every street. All the features from the face to the figure of a professional thief are shown on the card, with all his tricks and dexterity waiting to rise up. His wicked smile and outwardly pointed chin show intrigue and calculation. His crude nose speaks of how one deals with the harshest of things from the depths of himself. That smile appeared because the darkest corners and deepest secrets were also held by this demon. This demon’s wings, unlike those of an angel, carry a completely different color and meaning. It can remind you that an insidious nature disguises itself as angel wings. Or if the power of the devil is no less than an angel, when evil and good are always on the balance of justice, you have to control it yourself. The more powerful you are, the greater the temptation, the sooner the ego will reincarnate to wait for more outbreaks.

The Devil Deviant Moon Tarot’s long fingers are creeping into every corner without your awareness. That demon is bouncing on your own home and standing no matter where you are, the safest place cannot hide you from him. This demon bears the red color of greed, desire, temptation, and fierceness. He is dancing to his own tune, enjoying the fiery red ground, as if a volcano is just waiting to explode. But he still bounces and hops the way he wants. Hellfire – the fire that he wants to engulf this whole town, where its world is a reflection of the earth, where people know but sometimes deceive and conceal themselves. As a gentle reminder and pleasure of that joy, the demon would slowly burn himself. When the fire reaches its extreme, it is time to enjoy the most blissful moments of his life.

This is where we are like a conductor leading each dark melody deep in people’s hearts, where the soul is obscured by personal interests. You can see the moon in this dead-end because humans are obscured by the devil when reason is overwhelmed by emotion. This card carries the number 15, a combination of an independent number 1 and a comprehensive number 5. While number 1 reminds us of the talented The Magician Deviant Moon Tarot, number 5 is power, focus, rotation, and immortality with a spiritual sound as symbolized by The Hierophant Deviant Moon Tarot. If we add 1 and 5, we will get the number 6 – the position of The Lovers Deviant Moon Tarot – love once again overwhelms reason, the gathering place of all emotions.

Corresponding astrology of The Devil is Jupiter – the ground in the zodiac Capricorn which is clearly shown through the shape of The Devil.

II. The general meaning of The Devil Deviant Moon Tarot

Keywords and extensions: Oppression, Physical bondage, Devilish delusion, Bad desires, Pessimism, Excessive dependence, Strong commitment, Darkness, Tangible assets Assumption, Selfishness, Unhealthy involvement, Greed, Lust, Constraint, Fear, Discomfort, Self-doubt, Hopelessness, Oppression, Binding relationship, Unsatisfied choice, Feeling trapped, Unhealthy dependency, Slavery, Addiction, Sexuality, Brutality, Uncontrol passion, Rottenness, Sexual instinct, Weakness, Carl Jung’s concept of the dark side.

The Devil Deviant Moon Tarot represents the realm of taboo – the culturally indigestible wilderness and darkness that each of us carries within our subconscious. This shadow is truly the core of who we are, something we cannot eliminate and will never succeed in taming. From its earliest version, which depicts a vampire-demon, The Devil evoked the church’s fear that one could lose his soul to wild and frantic forces.

The appearance of the Devil in the mid-1700s gives us a more sophisticated image – the scapegoated goddess, whose esoteric name is Baphomet. Her primordial passion and desire stored in volcanoes empower her to overcome the pressure of stereotyped roles and experience true freedom of heart.

III. The reversed meaning of The Devil Deviant Moon Tarot

Keywords and extensions: Pursue the accumulation of matter, Greed, Superficial control, Face one’s fear, Free from bondage, Break the chains, Abandon bound relationships, Overcome the temptation, Search for enlightenment, Lack of assertiveness, Rigid, Excessive ambition, Unsettled situation, Abuse of power, Stubbornness, The inhuman.

The Reverse Devil Deviant Moon Tarot card shows that you are enjoying creating chaos and resistance for no specific or positive reason. Your sense of humor can be a bit misleading. Your motive may be revenge or you may simply be an irritable one.

The adolescent child who loves to prank within you must be overcome and changed before it gets you into further trouble. Suppress those impulses until you successfully divert from this careless behavior. Such antics will come at a price in the long run even though they may seem amusing at the moment.

IV. The guideline of The Devil Deviant Moon Tarot

The Devil Deviant Moon Tarot card implies that you perform some tricky action. There may be nothing to gain if trying to be clever or strategic in this situation. Your best bet could be to show your true feelings, possibly even anger. While it may not be necessary to express what you feel in all situations, accepting the power and depth of your inner experience will help you live true to yourself.

Never stop being busy with relationships which is your life that The Devil Deviant Moon alludes to. Free-spirited friendship, stable relationships, good at calculating and maintaining relationships are characteristic of you. Wealth is indispensable to this little demon. The only thing that is plentiful is the emotion for the endless parties. Money may run out but will be abundant again because of the cleverness of The Devil’s arrangement. Sometimes, your emotions are sagging after countless fun, but this doesn’t matter much to you.

Due to debauchery, health is one of your weaknesses. Devil’s body in the card is no different from skinny and slim supermodels. You think that the coming death is a natural thing and that cure and prevention are just superfluous, so your illnesses tend to accumulate and cause harm in the long run.

You don’t have many opportunities with trips, they’re just on the mental side. But in times of need to rest and spend time with family, those will be real excursions for you.

In terms of career, you advance quickly and settle into one position. The open-minded and sociable personality gives you the love of your superiors which provides you perks, but you should refrain from becoming too flattering and humble.

Your circle of friends is small, but stable in existing relationships. Although you rarely meet or gather together, these friends are factors that greatly support you mentally.

Law-related issues are less likely to happen to you; if they do, they are also quite clear about the nature of the matter. Your stubborn and competitive nature makes you want to deal with things to the end, but in certain cases, you also have to use material resources to solve problems smoothly and quickly.

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